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Old Testament Manuscripts

Original was written in Paleo-Hebrew. You must Google Paleo-Hebrew alphabet to notice the shape and form. The Paleo-Hebrew was translated into two languages: 1) Greek around 300BC in Alexandria, Egypt by 70 rabbis; 2) Babylon Aramaic around 300BC in Babylon, Iraq by unknown rabbis.

We are told that one copy of the Paleo-Hebrew original was kept in the Jerusalem temple. All others through out the world ceased to exist over time because of lack of use. They in fact rotted away. The one remaining copy we are told was captured in 70AD and carried to Rome where it disappeared never to be seen again.

All of the Old Testament was now translated into Greek and Aramaic. Because the Paleo-Hebrew was not kept by God the Aramaic came to be called the Hebrew bible. What they mean is, that the Babylon translation in Babel Aramaic was used by those Jews coming back from Babylon and referred to as the bible of the Hebrews. The Aramaic alphabet was then also called falsely by the name Hebrew. Most rabbis, Catholic and Protestant scholars; refer to the Aramaic as the Hebrew language. This is very confusing because on the Strong’s “Hebrew” and Greek lexicon, the alleged Hebrew is referred to as “CHALDEAN.” By Chaldean Mr. Strong means Aramaic, the language of Chaldea and Babylon.

This is important to know because we cannot know precisely from these Chaldean words in the Aramaic translation if they correctly transfer the word meanings of the ancient Paleo-Hebrew. Since there is no existing Paleo-Hebrew bible in the world, there is no way to check the accuracy of the translation. What the alleged scholars have done is take a word, sentence, or part of some profane artifact of a pagan culture or nation and use these to try and explain what was translated in the Babylon Aramaic bible. By “profane” I mean the source did not come from God or from the hands of inspired writers (Moabite Stone for example).

There is absolutely no proof the Aramaic Babylon bible was ever used in the Jerusalem temple or the many scattered synagogues. It is often claimed by the Aramaic/Hebrew scholars that the Babylonian Aramaic tongue was the “lingua franca” of the region of Israel and the east during the time of Jesus. This is absolutely false. What is true, is that Jews returning to Israel from Babylon would naturally speak Aramaic since they lost the Paleo-Hebrew language 400-500 years prior. These returning diaspora Babylonian Jews would speak only Aramaic. So there was in Israel this returned remnant who spoke Aramaic. But they were not in the majority in the time of Jesus.

The History of Israel is that it was conquered by Alexander the Great around 330-325BC. Every where he conquered he established the Greek language. But Greek is not all that foreign to Paleo-Hebrew. Greek is the Paleo-Hebrew language written backward. Greek letters are nothing but backward Paleo-Hebrew alphabet. We may assume that although written backward they were never-the-less still pronounced the same. In fact, a simple look reveals the Paleo-Hebrew letters have the very same sounds as the Greek letters. Over the 300 years from the Greek/Hellenistic conquest of Israel to Jesus, the nation’s lingua franca was really Greek.

Greek was so widely used that the majority of Jewish boys and girls were given Greek names. Some of these corresponded with more ancient names in Paleo-Hebrew translated into Greek. We have then in the Greek Septuagint translated around 300BC many of these Hebrew names. These names will always remain Hebrew even if they are spelled with Greek letters. In following centuries as Greek develops and changes, many of these names were then pronounced with these newer Greek letter sounds. But those who knew the original intentional translations keep the older Paleo-Hebrew pronunciations and do not refer to them as Greek names but rather Hebrew ones.
“The Persian era, and especially the period between 538 and 400 BCE, laid the foundations for the unified Judaic religion and the beginning of a scriptural canon.[Kottsieper in Lipschits 2006, pp. 109–110] Other important landmarks in this period include the replacement of Hebrew as the everyday language of Judah by Aramaic (although Hebrew continued to be used for religious and literary purposes)”[ibid].

Paleo-Hebrew became a dead language. No one today could speak or read it. Although it is claimed that this language had no vowels this is false. It is a lie repeated for at least 45 generations. The fact is there are Paleo-Hebrew and Babylon Aramaic consonants that act as vowels (The earliest method of indicating some vowels in Hebrew writing was to use the consonant letters yod י, waw ו, he ה,and aleph א of the Hebrew alphabet to also write long vowels in some cases). What this means is the Paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic did contain vowel symbols. The consonant letters Y or I, W, H, and A were used as vowels. The letter H was also used for the O sound. W was also U. Y was also E. So we have the five vowels A, E, I, O, and U. The repeated claim that the Hebrew had no vowels and then proceed to say the rabbis borrowed vowels from Adonai or Elohim and inserted them into YHWH or YHVH to get Jehovah or Yahweh is a lie (research Hebrew “Mater lectionis”).

The truth is, the Greek translated bible was used in all synagogues and in the Jerusalem temple. The scrolls used were all written in Greek. When Jesus read from the scrolls he was reading Greek not Paleo-Hebrew or Babylon Aramaic. When Jesus quote the scriptures he was quoting from the Greek Septuagint. When Paul or the other Apostles quoted or referred to the Scriptures it was to the Greek Septuagint. You can research this and most scholars including the KJV translators say the Apostles used the Greek bible. This is the bible they called written by inspiration. This is the bible not one jot or tittle was to be wrong. It was not the Babylon Aramaic bible. Jesus and the Apostles never used or accepted the Babylonian Aramaic translated bible. Why should we then accept Aramaic falsely now called Hebrew to give it a holy twang?

The majority of the Babylon Aramaic manuscripts are lost. All they have are a few scraps from rabbinical writings. And we do not know how accurate they are. But we are told to trust these rabbis with our faith and soul or we will go to hell for denying that God used them to preserve his Word. Well, if God used them to preserve his Word, where is the Paleo-Hebrew they preserved? And how come God did not preserve this bible if he was so intent on preservation of the original? Why would Jesus use the Greek, and he being God, and not denounce it as a heathen corruption of the original? We must think logically and rational here.

The King James translators rejected the Greek Old Testament and fetched the Babylonian Aramaic newly invented bible of rabbi Ben Asher and his successors in the Masoretic schools in Babylon and Israel. Yes, they had to invent this new bible which they call Hebrew. Research the Jewish manuscripts and see perfectly that there is no direct line or transmission from Babylon to rabbi Ben Asher and his Masoretic scribes. They cannot lay a hand or finger on an previous manuscripts preserved by God and delivered into their hands. And if there was, why not just give us the preserved scrolls and not the invented and newly constructed ones?

Be not deceived. All invented names of God from YHWH or YHVH come from Chaldea/Babylon and profane rabbis who rejected Jesus Christ and the Apostles.
Now you know why Jesus is the way and the truth.

All that the rabbis presented as truth via their mystic interpretations, numerology, gematria, and so forth come from the Babylonian Aramaic. Their traditions called the “traditions of the elders” is nothing more that satanic verses. Jesus did not accept these traditions of the Babylonian rabbi elders, so why should we? Why must we now accept the Babylonian Talmud? Yes, the most holy book of the rabbis is not the Old Testament in Paleo-Hebrew or in Greek, but the Talmud which they themselves call the Babylonian Talmud? And why must we trust the lies within their gematria and Kabbalah? Why must we get google-eyed of all those fancy images of Aramaic now called Hebrew as they explain all the hooks, crooks, and crannies of the modified alphabet?

The attack against the name of Jesus comes from this source of blasphemy and hatred. If you can be deceived to accept Aramaic by the name of Hebrew; if you can be brainwashed to accept the invented Masoretic bible; if you can be converted to follow rabbis and scholars of the profane institutions of the world; you will deny the name of Jesus and go to hell. You will go back to law-keeping and trying to be saved with works of the flesh and deny the efficacy of Calvary. You will hate me. You will scandalize my name. You will want me dead. You will call me all sorts of names. You will try to replace me and go back and mingle profane history to get others to accept your scholarship.

I sit here today typing out these words to lift up the name of Jesus above all names. That name was written in three languages on the Cross: Paleo-Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. And in each case, regardless of the letter compositions, his name was pronounced JESUS. Anyone who says that JESUS is not a Hebrew name is a liar. I said so……

Trust in the name of Jesus and be saved. Call upon this name of the Lord and be saved. Be baptized in this name and receive remission of sins. Worship in the name of JESUS and give your King the glory due unto his name.

All hail the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names.

Pastor Reckart

May 27, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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