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Jesus, Name Above All Names

Mt. Jesus

On June 28, 2016 I was honored to dedicate the first mountain to the name of Jesus.

On this day in Balamban, Cebu island, Philippines: I anointed the 2,060 square meter mountain top and proclaimed it’s name Mt. Jesus.

With the help of God I borrowed the $22,000 purchase price to make this historic event to happen.

There is no other mountain in the world named Mt.Jesus. This one is the first ever in the history of the world. That is why I was so honored to place the name above all names upon it. It is eternally sealed. It is done.

If you want, you can have a part. There on the top we will now build a church. Upon this mountain, our ensign flag of blue background and gold letters Mt. Jesus, will fly. On this place praises will ascend up. Many souls can find salvation. And Truth will have a temple.

Your donation of faith and love can help us fulfill our holy vision of a place the name of Jesus is honored above all names. You can give via “Gofundme” under the name Mt. Jesus.

Mt. Jesus

Right because it is just so right.

Pastor Reckart


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When in Rome I did not care to see the Vatican, the Cistine chapel, or the old Roman empire ruins. I wanted to see one thing.

The place Apostle Paul was buried.

I visited the tomb built by the Catholic Church. After all, no protestants cared to locate or preserve the place. I guess they considered respect for the dead the same as saint worship. Some still do.

I went to the massive tomb. It was indeed very impressive building. But I was there for one purpose.

I do not know if the bones or tomb box for the bones is that of Paul. I did not know they had found a bone box with his name on it. I was very surprised to learn it. I went to the place where they claimed to found them. They had built a special addition to the already massive building.

There, not more than 10 feet away laid the possible remains of the great Apostle to the Gentiles. There, I realized my name Paul placed upon me a special spiritual seal. Gary is my Gentile name and Paul is my Jewish name. Yes, I know Paul’s use of Paul does not make it Jewish, but a Jewish man used it in his missionary journeys. That makes it Jewish enough for me and apparently my mom and dad.

There, about 10 feet away from the bones of Paul, I dedicated myself to the gospel and truths he taught and preached.

I was not near him in life. But I was there in his death.

These past weeks I have traveled from island to island, just like Paul. Today as I was on ship, I bowed my head and prayed I would do what Paul did. I would stand for the truth.

Those ministers who know me personally, know my spirit and heart. They know my sincerity in the gospel. And they know my preaching.

On Pentecost I dedicated myself to the Church.

I refuse to be a Pentecostal Catholic.

I will never reach many of you. Because I am not a liberal charismatic sermonizer. I do not put on a show or theater production. I do not promote sports or teams. I want no part dark. I want to remove everything that does not BELONG.

Self righteousness? No.


Adam, Eve:

Where are you?

Have you eaten of the tree I commanded you not to partake?

I am on Camotes Island and can feel the hand of Lucifer trying to discourage me. But I will overcome.

Jesus is with me.

This I know, because I am part of the family in heaven and earth.

I am wheat.

I am in the harvest.

I am a man God made for his glory and witness.

Mock me, scandalized my name, ridicule, find fault, smear my ministry: but I will not forsake the name above all names or deny the power of God in my life.

Pastor Reckart
Man of God’s household of faith…..

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Pentecost 2016

Today is the day of Pentecost. Today we will wave the wheat to symbolize we are the harvest.

Here in Philippines it is Sunday morning. I am in Cagayan de Oro. We will celebrate Pentecost at the Church of Pastor Randy dela Rita. Service will begin at 9am.

Our theme is: “Standing With The Twelve.”

I am thankful for our district leaders who still stand for true holiness and the grace of God.

We are just a little flock but we are true sheep of our Shepherd King. We know his voice and another we will not follow.

We are ready:
We are willing;
We are able;
We are dedicated.

Jesus will never have to accept a worldly church here in the Philippines.

Jesus will never have to accept a Pentecostal Catholic church here.

Jesus will never have to accept evil leaders or sinful pastors.

We are the harvest.

We stand firmly with the twelve Apostles.

This is the day of Pentecost. Peter, standing with the eleven opened the gates to the Kingdom.

Bishop Reckart knows the Times. He will not present to Jesus anything except that which is first class saints. So today we make a new commitment. Restore the full Truth. Lift the name of Jesus above all names. Go forth to bring Light to the nations.

At my home in Plant City Florida it is Saturday evening. I send my blessings to my flock.

Thank you my King, live forever…….

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Casius Clay Lost His Greatest Fight

Mohammad Ali lost his greatest fight.

He gave up the New Testament Jesus. Denied his death, burial, and resurrection. He denied all the Apostles and New Testament. Rejected the Holy Ghost baptism was the paraclete. Consequently, he became an unbeliever according to Mark 16:16.

He was deceived to look at God from a racist view point as described by Elijah Mohammad. White people were all of the devil. Their God Jesus made them infidels. As such, because of the slave trade all whites must be now punished or killed.

Being great in the theater among other antichrist is not success.

He never once denounced or repudiated radical Islamic terrorists. The corrupt media never asked the question: WHY?

It was a sad day for a once Christian who recanted and denied the real Jesus, to die.

But he will die again after he stands before Jesus to be judged.

Jesus, please help all those watching the fight of life. We read the back of the book and want to be on the winning side.


Pastor Reckart

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Following false prophets to hell

Sounds like the devil laughing

This is Kenneth Hagin. He is now dead (2003). He was a leader in the “Word of faith” movement (name it claim it). He was one of the first to start the kundalini invasion of Pentecostal churches. He pioneered the holy laughter movement that was taken over by Howard Rodney Brown. People thought he had supernatural powers and he could spit on them, blow upon them, point his finger at them, wave his hand over or toward them, and they would go nuts.

All of these people are deceived and following hypnotic demon spirits. Hagin was demon possessed. Videos of him with Kennth Copeland have them mocking speaking in tongues and acting drunk. Both of them called the pope “holy father.”

Many Oneness evangelist now try to copy-cat these reprobates. People go for it. They want theater. They want music and dancing. They want worldliness and miracles even if the miracles are false as in Peter Popoff, Paula White, Benny Hinn, and the whole horde.

The antichrist will come doing miracles and calling fire from heaven. These people are set up to fall for him. We are not to follow signs and wonders or people who perform them. Signs and wonders are to follow us. We follow after holiness and if a man or woman does not display holiness we are not to follow them or allow them to project their doctrines into our ears.

This is a straight and narrow way. Few find it. And few remain in it.

I do not attend these miracle crusades or word of faith seminars, revivals, or camp meetings.

Hagin was here showing off in 2007 in Tulsa Campmeeting. And 6 years later he is dead.

He rejected Acts 2:38
He rejected Oneness
He rejected holiness

Where did he go for all eternity?

Follow men like this and you will go where he went.

Pastor Reckart

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