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Following false prophets to hell

Sounds like the devil laughing

This is Kenneth Hagin. He is now dead (2003). He was a leader in the “Word of faith” movement (name it claim it). He was one of the first to start the kundalini invasion of Pentecostal churches. He pioneered the holy laughter movement that was taken over by Howard Rodney Brown. People thought he had supernatural powers and he could spit on them, blow upon them, point his finger at them, wave his hand over or toward them, and they would go nuts.

All of these people are deceived and following hypnotic demon spirits. Hagin was demon possessed. Videos of him with Kennth Copeland have them mocking speaking in tongues and acting drunk. Both of them called the pope “holy father.”

Many Oneness evangelist now try to copy-cat these reprobates. People go for it. They want theater. They want music and dancing. They want worldliness and miracles even if the miracles are false as in Peter Popoff, Paula White, Benny Hinn, and the whole horde.

The antichrist will come doing miracles and calling fire from heaven. These people are set up to fall for him. We are not to follow signs and wonders or people who perform them. Signs and wonders are to follow us. We follow after holiness and if a man or woman does not display holiness we are not to follow them or allow them to project their doctrines into our ears.

This is a straight and narrow way. Few find it. And few remain in it.

I do not attend these miracle crusades or word of faith seminars, revivals, or camp meetings.

Hagin was here showing off in 2007 in Tulsa Campmeeting. And 6 years later he is dead.

He rejected Acts 2:38
He rejected Oneness
He rejected holiness

Where did he go for all eternity?

Follow men like this and you will go where he went.

Pastor Reckart


June 1, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic


  1. Bishop reckart..i see this even in some apostoluc jesus name churches …

    Comment by hebrews1 | June 3, 2016

  2. These may be some ex apostolic, before the change devil agents come in:

    Comment by praxis412 | June 5, 2016

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