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Jesus, Name Above All Names


When in Rome I did not care to see the Vatican, the Cistine chapel, or the old Roman empire ruins. I wanted to see one thing.

The place Apostle Paul was buried.

I visited the tomb built by the Catholic Church. After all, no protestants cared to locate or preserve the place. I guess they considered respect for the dead the same as saint worship. Some still do.

I went to the massive tomb. It was indeed very impressive building. But I was there for one purpose.

I do not know if the bones or tomb box for the bones is that of Paul. I did not know they had found a bone box with his name on it. I was very surprised to learn it. I went to the place where they claimed to found them. They had built a special addition to the already massive building.

There, not more than 10 feet away laid the possible remains of the great Apostle to the Gentiles. There, I realized my name Paul placed upon me a special spiritual seal. Gary is my Gentile name and Paul is my Jewish name. Yes, I know Paul’s use of Paul does not make it Jewish, but a Jewish man used it in his missionary journeys. That makes it Jewish enough for me and apparently my mom and dad.

There, about 10 feet away from the bones of Paul, I dedicated myself to the gospel and truths he taught and preached.

I was not near him in life. But I was there in his death.

These past weeks I have traveled from island to island, just like Paul. Today as I was on ship, I bowed my head and prayed I would do what Paul did. I would stand for the truth.

Those ministers who know me personally, know my spirit and heart. They know my sincerity in the gospel. And they know my preaching.

On Pentecost I dedicated myself to the Church.

I refuse to be a Pentecostal Catholic.

I will never reach many of you. Because I am not a liberal charismatic sermonizer. I do not put on a show or theater production. I do not promote sports or teams. I want no part dark. I want to remove everything that does not BELONG.

Self righteousness? No.


Adam, Eve:

Where are you?

Have you eaten of the tree I commanded you not to partake?

I am on Camotes Island and can feel the hand of Lucifer trying to discourage me. But I will overcome.

Jesus is with me.

This I know, because I am part of the family in heaven and earth.

I am wheat.

I am in the harvest.

I am a man God made for his glory and witness.

Mock me, scandalized my name, ridicule, find fault, smear my ministry: but I will not forsake the name above all names or deny the power of God in my life.

Pastor Reckart
Man of God’s household of faith…..


June 17, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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