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Cain Psychopathy

Cain Slaying Abel by Jacopo PalmaAnti-tithing is founded in the spirit of Cain. It is a hateful spirit. It does not have the love of God. It’s purpose is to tear down and destroy faith. It has a killing spirit.


Cain was older man;
Abel was the younger;
Cain was bigger and more powerful;
Abel was smaller and no match for his older brother;
Cain was mean spirited, ruthless, and vicious;
Abel was good hearted, kind, and a gentle man who loved his sheep;
Cain was a tyrant in attitude, would destroy anything or anyone who showed him up;
Abel was a righteous man just looking for ways to please God with his faith;
Cain wanted his unrighteous way to be accepted by God, but it was rejected.

Faith tithers, do not allow modern Cains to stop your faith.

Why did Cain kill Abel? It was because Abel offered his tithe firstfruits to God and God honored his faith. Cain offered whatever he wanted and did not use the firstfruit tithe method. God had respect to Abel’s offering but not to Cain’s.


The anti-tither Cain people want to invent their own offering method just like Cain. Anyone who gets in the way of their method they will attack. And if the tither is destroyed, they are happy. The Cain spirit is among us.

Remember tithers, give your faith firstfruits like Abel. Abel was not under the Law. Faith tithing needs no law to authenticate its practice. It needs so scripture. Abel had no scripture. And God said he was righteous. But to Cain, the anti-tither, he was counted unrighteous by God’s measure of judgment.

Let the anti-tithers rage and rampage. Let them puke all manner of hate and contempt. Let them pervert the scripture to their own destruction. They are neither righteous or holy.

The scripture still says: if the firstfruit is holy the lump is holy. If you want to know what Paul meant, he was saying, if The tithe is holy all the rest is holy. Any other interpretation is false.

Tithing does not need a law in the New Testament. It needs only faith. With faith all things are possible. And blessings through faith tithing still comes to us because of God’s respect for firstfruit givers.

As for those with the spirit of Cain, count them doubting fools just like God did Cain.

Faith firstfruit tithing, be proud to honor God and give it.

Ignore the hate filled lies of anti-tithers.

Pastor Reckart
A man God made who gives faith tithing


July 7, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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