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First Mt. Jesus In The World

IMAG0880Man with Jewish bloodlines descended from his mother and father has done something no other man in the history of the world has done.

Standing on Mt. Jesus. A mountain of grace and mercy. A mountain of supremacy of the name of Jesus above all names. Since there is no mountain named Mt. Jehovah, Mt. Yahweh, Mt. Yah: we have succeeded where others have failed. Of all the worlds great theologians, popes, monks, priests, preachers, religions architects, organizations, councils, conclaves, palladians, cults, covens, lodges, secret orders, kings, congresses, parliaments, militaries, soldiers, explorers, wealth merchants, bankers, educators, doctors, and all other learned people (both male and female): we ascended above them all and named this mountain MT. JESUS.

You may not be excited. You may be so deep into your own world you refuse to rejoice with a few of us. You may decide you are absolutely not going to give any money to help build a temple for the name of Jesus on this mountain. But you will watch us succeed again and again doing what no other man has done.

I am sure once the knowledge gets out, someone will try to top us and name some mountain after the name of their god. But no one will ever be the first to name a mountain Mt. Jesus. No one……

Once the mountain is finished or as best we can achieve, it will be a place to pray, fast, and draw nigh unto God. We will try to accommodate temporary visitors. But remember, it will not be a hotel and the accommodations will not be good. It will be for those who want to sacrifice to reach a higher place in the presence and Spirit of God.


July 7, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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