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Sometimes common sense stands in the way of stupidity. It is at this time, that those easily persuaded to support the dark side will take a position against witnesses of Truth. I do not travel down the path of the insane, the perverters, the distortors, and the liars. I have a God-given talent to to get beneath the surface of lies and false agendas and narratives. I am not one of those who is easily turned on a dime to accept fake and lying speeches. If any of you were taken in by the speeches at the DNC, I doubt you have any common sense. Or at least you have no moral foundation where the way of God has any importance. I am surprised at many of you who are easily turned from the truth with lies and liars. Using silly and stupid statements.

One such:

“Pastor Reckart is using deception and extortion to get people to give money to buy this fake Mt. Jesus in the Philippines. Let me tell all of you that God already owns that mountain. Pastor Reckart is deceiving people that he can even buy it. He is stealing money from people to use for himself. He is not sending any money to the Philippines to buy that mountain. I know Pastor Reckart for a long time and he always rejects my opinions. He is full of the devil. Do not be deceived by Pastor Reckart.”

From a UPCI member.

Okay, I cannot vouch for this liar’s knowledge. I can only say that the people in the Philippines can testify if God already owned that mountain or if it was owned by a Philippine national. They can vouch if any money has arrived there. And they have online information with GoFundMe and the amount donated. And then the amount if any that has arrived there to purchase Mt. Jesus.

As for the DNC, if any of you hate me over my statements about Hillary, Black Lives Matter, or any of the other people; or you dislike my rancor, my sarcasm, or my literary political humor: get over it. I do not like liars and people who turn others away from the moral path of God.

If I have lost you, unfriend me. Cast me down. As Jesus said to Judas: “go thy way.”
I may not be perfect, but I am honest. I may be a better man then many of you will ever know or meet.

I speak when others are silent.
I teach when others are silent.
I reach out when others are reaching to put their treasures in their own pockets.
I spend and am spent for the Gospel of God, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Reckart
A man Jesus Christ made……


July 28, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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