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The Temple Will Be Built, Jesus Is Doing It


A child shall lead them.

Carrying hollow blocks up to the top of Mt. Jesus. I am thankful for the children. No wonder Jesus said: except ye become as children.

The temple will be built.

The Lord is building this house so the labor is not in vain.

I wish everyone could be a part. But I know they do not love the name of Jesus with the same passion as these children.

Join with Jesus who is building this Temple. Give today (if you can). Go to Paypal. Use my email address: You can use debit or credit card. Fill up the information requested. Click enter. Join in with Jesus. Be his building partner. Say, “Yes Jesus I want in.”

Thanks to all of you.

Isn’t this photo priceless?

Pastor Reckart


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Darkness Shall No Longer Rule

light-on-mt-jesusOn June 28th the mountain top was anointed with pure consecrated olive oil. Many souls were there to witness the celebration. Exactly 50 days later on August 16, 2016 electricity reached the summit and the first light was turned on. 50 is the number of Jubilee.

Have you given your large offering to Mt. Jesus yet? Why not be a part? Now is the time to manifest your love and thanks for the Truth Pastor Reckart has shared with you. Give until it hurts. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten by Jesus.

First mountain top in the world dedicated to the name of Jesus alone.

Go to PayPal. Enter my email address ( Enter your donation amount. Enter your credit card or debit card information. As soon as your donation is processed, your gift will be recorded in heaven.

Darkness will no longer rule over Mt. Jesus.

Praise the Lord God Almighty Jesus

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Lies Of David Bernard

The lies of David Bernard concerning the name of God and Jesus. I will soon deal with his lies.

The true name of God was never YHVH or YHWH. The true name of Jesus was never Joshua Jehoshua, Jeshua, Yeshua, Yahshua, Yahshuah, or Yah.

David Bernard is guilty of purposely lying about the names Yahweh and Jehovah.
David Bernard is guilty of taking his supposed facts from lying rabbis, lying monks, lying scholars, and lying translators. He spouts off statements as truth based upon the lies he lays for his foundation. He is devious. He is crafty. And he at last makes the name of Jesus nothing more than an English pronunciation.

The man will go to hell in spite of his works.

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Mt. Jesus, No Other Like It On Earth

Mt. Jesus project continues. If you have not given please consider doing so.

Being a part of the historical first Mt. Jesus in the world should be on your heart.

Or maybe, just maybe, you will miss this great appreciation project.

We are still in need of $20,000 to build the temple. This amounts to 200 people giving just $100 each. Please make a commitment of your $100.

I want to take your donation with me when I depart to the Philippines on September 14th.

Your name will be made a part of the foundation of the temple. This may be your last chance to do something great. Once the foundation is laid you will have missed this great opportunity.

You can donate using PayPal. Just donate to my email address:

Thank you.

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Repent All You Who Are Going To Hell

Truth will not succeed over lies when liars are believed. But when liars are rejected Truth has a chance of review and acceptance.

The mind is a terrible thing to use in defense of lies. But, if a person’s mind is turned to lies it is because they have already rejected Truth.

Truth is a lie detector.

Reject the Truth and you have nothing to detect lies.

This is why so many follow lies.

They lie about themselves.
They lie about family members.
They lie about their salvation.
They lie about why they can be worldly and still claim to be holiness.
They lie about men of God who stand for the Truth.
They lie about giving tithes and offerings.
They lie about homosexuality and lesbianism.
They lie about race and claim Jesus died for all then tell us only Black Lives Matter.
They lie and tell us they are against abortion and then say they support Hillary who has supported abortion. Abortion such as in New York where more Black babies are aborted then born.
They lie about the name of Jesus, claiming they believe in the name of Jesus while at the same time saying the real name of Jesus is Joshua or Yahshua.
They lie about the name of God saying the name is Jesus Christ, then say no, the name of God is Yahweh or Jehovah.
They tell lies to lost souls to persuade them not to seek or follow the Truth. They tell lies on Pastors and Men of God.

And they think themselves so smart and gloriously saved.

When a person who lives in sin, accepts sin, and promotes sin: thinks they are saved; this is the result of a strong delusion.

All you sinners going to hell, repent.

It won’t be water the next time.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Jesus Christ Made

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