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I am right. 100% RIGHT

Every day thousands more are added to the Jesus name blasphemers churches and cult groups. These are turned away from the name of Jesus by the tetragrammaton cult members who believe YHWH is the true name of God. They deny Jesus is the true name of God. In fact, they claim the name Jesus is a fake since it does not contain the tetragrammaton. There are hundreds of tetragrammaton cult leaders who are trying to invent new names for Jesus which they claim is his true Hebrew name. In fact, they are great liars. Because the names they are inventing come from the Aramaic Babylonian language of the tower of Babel.

Yes, you read that right. Aramaic may have been a common language in the days of Jesus, but this is the residue of the Babylonian victory over the area of the fertile crescent region. This dominance and control lasted for several hundreds of years. The Hebrew language spoken by Israel was replaced by this Babylonian tongue. It is called Aramaic. Go research it for your self. Why accept the lies of the tetragrammaton cult? These will have you believing that the Babylonian language of Aramaic is the holy tongue of God. It is not a holy tongue. It is a devil tongue filled with mysticism, satanism, and all manner of witchcraft. This is why the Chaldee mysteries are totally contained in the Aramaic language. The use of numerology, gematria, and other occult practices were developed into the Jewish Kabbalah by reprobate satanic rabbis and priests. While this is hard for some to swallow, it is nevertheless the truth. It was this snake throne system of Babylon in control of the temple in Jerusalem that plotted to have Jesus crucified. This fulfills Genesis 3:15.

I am not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the true Lord. He is the true Christ. He is the one and only true Lord Christ. This is why the name of Jesus is above all names. No other name can be called both Lord and Christ.

All the tetragrammaton cult liars cannot make YHWH both Lord and Christ. They can pervert, they can deceive, they can cast their Aramaic Babylonian spells upon the minds of the slothful, the ignorant, the novices, and the wanna-be prophets: but they will not be allowed to deceive all people. It is the power of the Holy Ghost that enables us to defend the name of Jesus above all names. By the name of Jesus Christ we have salvation. There is no salvation in YHWH or any other tetragrammaton name that comes from the Babylonian language.

Stand up for the name of Jesus Christ.

Stop accepting tetragrammaton lies.

Withdraw from all tetragrammaton cults.

Have no fellowship or communication with those who hate the name of Jesus and who are tetragrammaton cult members.

Rebuke them. Do not allow them to spread their lies. If they come into the church, cast them out. Tell them to go back to their own Babylonian cult. These have the spirit of witchcraft. Demons are with them.

The tetragrammaton cults now accuse us of making an idol out of the name of Jesus. I do not excuse their ignorance. Jesus is not an idol and therefore his name is not an idol. The mere stupidity of these cult members saying we have made the name of Jesus into an idol is shocking. No, rather, it is the tetragrammaton YHWH they make into an idol. These letters do not even make a name until vowels are added. They are no more the name of God then ABCD. Yet the fools of the cult religion of Babylon think we will fall in love with their mystery name and mystery religion.

No, we will not accept anything from Babylon. We will not accept the Aramaic tongue. We will not accept the mysteries of Nimrod. We will not accept the trinity. And we will never accept that Jesus had a Babylonian name. Got that? We will never accept any invented name for Jesus that comes from the Babylonian language of Aramaic.

Follow the Apostles in the New Testament.

No where did they call Jesus Jeshua (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Joshua (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Jehoshua(h) (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Yahshua(h) (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Yeshua (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Ishoo (an Aramaic name).

No where did they call Jesus Isa (a Muslim name).

Millions are turning from the New Testament and accepting interpolations, perversions, and corrupt invented names for Jesus that are not Hebrew. They come from some other language like Aramaic or Arabic.

The war began when the Apostles were told not to speak any more in that name.

For the name of Jesus they were persecuted. Some were put to death. All Christians were hated because of that name.

And here it is happening all over the world again.

And many ignorant preachers now claiming that Jesus is not the true Hebrew name of Jesus but one of these other Aramaic or Arabic invented names. If they believed their own lies how come they do not baptize:

in the name of Jeshua Christ;

in the name of Joshua Christ;

in the name of Jehoshua Christ;

in the name of Yahshua(h) Christ;

in the name of Yeshua Christ;

in the name of Ishoo Christ;

in the name of Isa Christ;

These deceivers claim the Greek bible contains a false name of Jesus because it is spelled IESOUS. They claim this Greek name is false. Well, the Apostles used it. So it is not false. What is false? What is false is to claim IESOUS is a Greek name. The fact is, it is a Hebrew name spelled with Greek letters. IESOUS is the same as JESOUS. But the liars will not tell you that. JESOUS is the same as JEHSOUS. But the liars will not tell you JE and JEH are pronounced the same and the H is silent in JE. The liars will not tell you that JESOUS is the same as JESUS. They do not want to admit that Jesus is a Hebrew name. Many liars, including so-called scholars, pervert the truth about the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But here on this blog, you will read the truth.

If you love Jesus, love his name. If you do not love his name, you do not love him who the name represents. If you deny his name you must deny him. If anyone does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh he is an antichrist. Jesus Christ is not YHWH come it he flesh. That is a Catholic and Pentecostal lie. They make Jesus a Babylonian god who came in the flesh. Do you accept this nonsense?

Some of you hate me because i am not one of your tetragrammaton cult friends. Sorry about that. Hate me till you die. I will lift up the name of Jesus Christ above all names. Yes, I am not ashamed to die this way. I am not ashamed to go before the throne of my God and fall down and call him JESUS. I am not afraid.

You who hate the name of Jesus better be afraid.

You who hate me because I am not a member of your Pentecostal Catholic organization, better be afraid.

But then, if you are not afraid in all your backsliding, unholy living, and worldly sinful homes: have a seared conscious. I do not expect you to be afraid. I warn you. I warn you that if you reject the name of Jesus Christ in all of its honor, all of its glory, all of its power, you will be lost and burn in hell for ever.

For me, no other name, but Jesus Christ, just as you read in Acts 2:38.

Call me anything you want. I am a man made by God to worship his name. What other man in the world is saying these things?

Bishop Reckart


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The Sins Of Law Keeping

The sins of law-keeping.

Believers are being told they cannot be saved unless they begin law keeping. This starts out as Sabbath and dietary keeping. Can go on to circumcision and other law keeping acts. They are told the Catholic church led Christianity away from law keeping. This scares a lot of people. They are fed stuff about Sunday being a pagan day and church on a pagan day is really, really, a bad sin.

They are told the sacrifice of Jesus alone cannot save anyone. That a person must also keep the law. As one law keeper preacher said:

The sacrifice of Jesus plus law keeping saves us.


The sacrifice of Jesus alone cannot save anyone.

They say Calvary plus law keeping saves us.

There are many sins in these lies.

The first sin is to deny the sacrifice of Christ paid all the debt for sin.

The second lie, is that the blood of Christ alone cannot save us.

The third lie, is that we are not saved by faith in Christ alone, but we must also keep the law.

The fourth lie, is that our works of the law helps to save us. This is called performance salvation. If you perform the traditions and rituals of the law it helps God to save us.

The  fifth lie, is that the law did not end on Calvary.

The sixth lie, is that Jesus kept the law and this means we should also.

The seventh lie, is that the New Covenant did not replace the Old Covenant.

They claim Paul was a devil and led people away from law keeping and that he will go to hell. Most law keepers hate Paul.

Law keeping is not of faith in the finished work of Calvary.

We are not saved, justified, or sanctified by the works of the law.

In Acts 2:38, the plan of salvation, there is no law keeping.

Let me say here, the New Testament does not cancel out holiness standards. We still have valid interpretation of text for proper male and female dress codes. The law brings us to Christ and after this we are no  more under the law but under the law of Christ.

The lies of law keeping shall not deceive you.

Pastor ReckartIMG_20160927_181859.jpg

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Catholic Terrorists Killers

img_20160926_004458Pedro Menendez de Aviles, papal hired Jesuit Catholic terrorist.

Mission: The first objective of the mission was to eradicate a French Huguenot settlement called Saint Johns. It was located in the vicinity of what is now renamed St. Augustine.

He was to either force them to become Catholic or kill them.

He arrived off the coast of St. John’s the morning of September 6, 1565.

Early that morning, the Huguenot men went south to hunt for meat. While hunting they noticed smoke billowing up from their little village. Pedro had landed and attacked, his Jesuit killers setting it on fire. The Catholic terrorist raped girls and women and cut off the heads of the infidel men.

As the men rushed back to the village to see what caused the fire, they met Pedro and his band of Catholic terrorist. They stopped.

Pedro took his sword and drew a line in the sand. He announced: who ever crosses this line will either confess allegiance to the pope and the holy Catholic church or die. A couple men fled rather than accept the ultimatum. All the others crossed the line and refused to be terrorized to become Catholic. There, Pedro and his terrorist invaders chopped off their heads. Their blood filled the sea water. It was named Matanses Bay (sea of blood).

Two of the escaped men eventually made it back to Europe to tell the story. The Catholic church and subsequent liars have painted their own story to justify the terrorist slaughter of the Protestant Huguenots.

The girls and women were captured, raped, and sold as sex slaves in Cuba and other places. St John’s was replaced with St. Augustine. A Jesuit priest with the terrorist held the first Catholic Mass there. A cross was errected where the bloodshed of the Huguenots took place and were destroyed.

And we think Islam alone conducts terrorist atrocities. Muslims have had good Catholic teachers.

Pedro Aviles is worshipped in St. Augustine, Florida as a great man of God. He is praised every day by the train drivers who give their tourist memorized comments.

September 6th came and went and still Rome has not confessed its role in the massacre. It has not repented and come clean on this horrendous human genocide wiping out the Huguenots.

A few years ago a mass grave was found on St. Augustine beach. They found the skeletons of the massacred men. But they chose to quickly cover up the bones and hide the exact location. The discovery would blow the lid off of a centuries old crime. The spin doctors reported the grave had to be covered up because of fears the bodies were contaminated by a deadly virus.

The image of the Jesuit terrorist killer is posted here for literary purposes.

I posted this story because no one else in America cares that the oldest city in Florida was destroyed by Catholic terrorist and replaced by Pedro de Aviles with St. Augustine.

Pastor Reckart

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Upon This Rock

imag1332It is Sunday evening here in the Philippines. Our service is over. We were blessed today with the presence of God on the mountain.

There is this great phenomenon on the mountain. There is a large rock protruding from the ground. It is almost in the center of the temple after entering. This is similar to the temple in Jerusalem where a large stone protrudes also up from the ground.

I believe Mt. Jesus will be a blessed place.

Today, I laid my Bible upon this rock and proclaimed: upon this rock I will build a temple for the name of Jesus. The church members are witness. And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Because this temple will be a part of the Church Jesus said was built on a rock.

If you have not given yet to this great Jesus name temple, please do so today. A new week has begun. I need two people to give $500 each to meet our weekly budget. Please help me build this temple. Of course you could give more.

Your gift of faith and love will help us to keep on working. The engineer is supposed to meet with me tomorrow. I will have to pay his fee.

Give today,

Pastor Reckart

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Mount Jesus

Mt. Jesus

Mt. Jesus

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Mount Jesus

Mt. Jesus is the only mountain in the world that was anointed with holy pure olive oil and dedicated to the name of Jesus. It was named Mt. Jesus on June 28, 2016 by Bishop Reckart.

Your prayers for the building of the temple are appreciated. It is being built to face toward Jerusalem.

Please give today to the building of the temple. You can donate through PayPal. Just type as receiver. It will show up as JMFI. Fill up your donation . Jesus will bless your giving.

We are trying to reach our goal of $1000 per week. I am looking for two supporters to give $500 each.

Please give.

Show your love for the name of Jesus.

Pastor Reckart

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Count Me In Jesus….

Count Me In

Mt. Jesus is a celebration of faith. It has taken priority over the mission work of Jesus Messieh Fellowship International and Jesus House Apostolic Assemblies. These are our two SEC registered groups in the Philippines.

Mt. Jesus is more than just a building project. It is the first mountain in the world that has been anointed and consecrated to the name of Jesus as the name above all names.

There is no other mountain in the world that has this great honor. And while Mt. Jesus is not a high mountain as big ones go, it is still a high summit upon which the name of Jesus has been called down upon.

Mt. Jesus is unique. It gives those who believe in the name above all names an opportunity to participate in this great high place.

Yes, it will be a high place. A place which those in the area all the way to the sea will be able to see. When the Cross is placed upon this mountain as I promised the former owner, it will be seen for miles. We will use this as an evangelizing tool. The picture of the temple and cross upon this mountain will be used to invite many thousands of souls to come to salvation.

From this mountain salvation will issue forth like a river.

I know all of you can not go there. You will never be able to stand upon this mountain. But you can put your name there along with the name of Jesus.

I have asked everyone to give to this worthy project. Some have responded. Many have not. I know for some, the name of Jesus will never be worthy of any support on Mt. Jesus. So, I cannot reach out to them. But I am reaching out to all the rest of you.

I depart to the Philippines on September 15th. I plan to be there by September 18th. And I plan to assist in the building of the temple. The foundation must be laid. And the Temple building built up. So I have decided I need a giving plan. A plan where a person can choose how much they want to give and where they would like their name placed in the temple. So here is my plan:

(Category 1): Names in the foundation with those of the 12 Apostles, a gift of $5,000 US dollars.

(Category 2): Names in the Altar of the Passover Celebration Table, a gift of $1000.00

(Category 3): Names in the Cornerstone Box along with the name of JESUS, a gift of $500.00.

(Category 4): Names at the foot of the Cross on a brass plate, a gift of $250.00.

(Category 5): Names on the gift scroll at the entry of the temple, a gift of $100.00.

Yes, many of you have given. As you give, I will begin registration of your names. I will make this information available with a monthly mail out news letter report. This information will not be posted online. The names of the donors, their comments of 100 words or less will be sent out with the news letter. Only a very few pictures will be posted online from now on. Those who care and share, who love and support, will be kept apprised of the building of the temple. The non-givers and others will just not be a part.

My thanks and appreciation to all who have already given. I have already collected your names and placed them accordingly in the proper category. You will not be forgotten. You can add to your donation to reach the category of your choice. You can send in weekly or monthly amounts toward your place goal.

Jesus bless us all.

Yes, Jesus, you can count me in,

Give today.

Go to Paypal. Enter my email address: as the person you are giving to. It should show up as JMFI. Follow all the prompts and fill in the information. You can use your debit or credit card. If you would like to use Worldremit, you can do so. Send it to the Philippines as cash pickup in pesos. And my name Gary Reckart as the receiver. After you process your donation please copy down and send me the pick up reference number. The cost for this service is very very cheap compared to Western Union and Moneygram. I recommend it for all international transfers.

Jesus bless us all who lift up his name above all names.

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