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Catholic Terrorists Killers

img_20160926_004458Pedro Menendez de Aviles, papal hired Jesuit Catholic terrorist.

Mission: The first objective of the mission was to eradicate a French Huguenot settlement called Saint Johns. It was located in the vicinity of what is now renamed St. Augustine.

He was to either force them to become Catholic or kill them.

He arrived off the coast of St. John’s the morning of September 6, 1565.

Early that morning, the Huguenot men went south to hunt for meat. While hunting they noticed smoke billowing up from their little village. Pedro had landed and attacked, his Jesuit killers setting it on fire. The Catholic terrorist raped girls and women and cut off the heads of the infidel men.

As the men rushed back to the village to see what caused the fire, they met Pedro and his band of Catholic terrorist. They stopped.

Pedro took his sword and drew a line in the sand. He announced: who ever crosses this line will either confess allegiance to the pope and the holy Catholic church or die. A couple men fled rather than accept the ultimatum. All the others crossed the line and refused to be terrorized to become Catholic. There, Pedro and his terrorist invaders chopped off their heads. Their blood filled the sea water. It was named Matanses Bay (sea of blood).

Two of the escaped men eventually made it back to Europe to tell the story. The Catholic church and subsequent liars have painted their own story to justify the terrorist slaughter of the Protestant Huguenots.

The girls and women were captured, raped, and sold as sex slaves in Cuba and other places. St John’s was replaced with St. Augustine. A Jesuit priest with the terrorist held the first Catholic Mass there. A cross was errected where the bloodshed of the Huguenots took place and were destroyed.

And we think Islam alone conducts terrorist atrocities. Muslims have had good Catholic teachers.

Pedro Aviles is worshipped in St. Augustine, Florida as a great man of God. He is praised every day by the train drivers who give their tourist memorized comments.

September 6th came and went and still Rome has not confessed its role in the massacre. It has not repented and come clean on this horrendous human genocide wiping out the Huguenots.

A few years ago a mass grave was found on St. Augustine beach. They found the skeletons of the massacred men. But they chose to quickly cover up the bones and hide the exact location. The discovery would blow the lid off of a centuries old crime. The spin doctors reported the grave had to be covered up because of fears the bodies were contaminated by a deadly virus.

The image of the Jesuit terrorist killer is posted here for literary purposes.

I posted this story because no one else in America cares that the oldest city in Florida was destroyed by Catholic terrorist and replaced by Pedro de Aviles with St. Augustine.

Pastor Reckart


September 25, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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