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The Sins Of Law Keeping

The sins of law-keeping.

Believers are being told they cannot be saved unless they begin law keeping. This starts out as Sabbath and dietary keeping. Can go on to circumcision and other law keeping acts. They are told the Catholic church led Christianity away from law keeping. This scares a lot of people. They are fed stuff about Sunday being a pagan day and church on a pagan day is really, really, a bad sin.

They are told the sacrifice of Jesus alone cannot save anyone. That a person must also keep the law. As one law keeper preacher said:

The sacrifice of Jesus plus law keeping saves us.


The sacrifice of Jesus alone cannot save anyone.

They say Calvary plus law keeping saves us.

There are many sins in these lies.

The first sin is to deny the sacrifice of Christ paid all the debt for sin.

The second lie, is that the blood of Christ alone cannot save us.

The third lie, is that we are not saved by faith in Christ alone, but we must also keep the law.

The fourth lie, is that our works of the law helps to save us. This is called performance salvation. If you perform the traditions and rituals of the law it helps God to save us.

The  fifth lie, is that the law did not end on Calvary.

The sixth lie, is that Jesus kept the law and this means we should also.

The seventh lie, is that the New Covenant did not replace the Old Covenant.

They claim Paul was a devil and led people away from law keeping and that he will go to hell. Most law keepers hate Paul.

Law keeping is not of faith in the finished work of Calvary.

We are not saved, justified, or sanctified by the works of the law.

In Acts 2:38, the plan of salvation, there is no law keeping.

Let me say here, the New Testament does not cancel out holiness standards. We still have valid interpretation of text for proper male and female dress codes. The law brings us to Christ and after this we are no  more under the law but under the law of Christ.

The lies of law keeping shall not deceive you.

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September 27, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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