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Cognate Lies of Rabbis and Monks

Bold confession in this “People Of The Book” quote.

You need to copy and save what I am about to write. You or a loved one may be tricked into accepting Allah as the name of the Jewish and Christian God.

Cognating Deception Of Rabbis and Monks.

Allah was never used by Jews for over 1400 years of the Old Testament times. There was never any attempt to translate Elohom, El, or Eloah as Allah. No bible translation prior to Mohammad’s invention of Islam contained Allah. Only after Allah became the Muslim god did this name come to the attention of Jews and Christians. It came to them when the hordes of Muslim murderers over ran their villages and towns. Their churches and synagogues were destroyed and they were forced to accept this new god Allah.

It was the Syrian Christians we are told accepted and adapted the Allah name into liturgy and church literature. This includes substitution of Allah for God.

It was this capture of Christians that would afterward alter the course of Christianity. While they made the change they had no biblical or theological authority to switch out the Jewish and Christian God for a Gentile god.

But this lack of authority would be changed. It was the advent of “cognate” trickery and cunning craftiness of a Jewish rabbi that made Allah the valid God of Jews. Once this cognate deception was spread abroad, Christians, believing Jews would never tell lies or accept any Gentile idol god: accepted the clever deception. From that time Christians, and Christian scholars, dropping back to the foundation of rabbi cognation, have pushed Allah as the name of God.

It was around 867-900AD, that rabbi Sadiah Ben Joseph Gaon translated the Aramaic Old Testament into Arabic. He put Allah into the text in thousands of places. Up to this time none of the bible was translated into Arabic.

From what we now know, Rabbi Gaon cognated the Aramaic “ilah” and “elah” into Allah. This is the commonly held origin of the root of Allah. It is repeated thousands of times and has no foundation in prior Jewish or Christian practice.

Cognating ilah and elah into Allah was first just a theory according to Arthur Jeffery in his book: Islam, Mohammad and Islam, page 85.

But now, using the perverted concordance of James Strong, it is looked upon as a historical fact. In this case, all lies. Lying scholars repeating lying rabbis and monks.

El is the root of Elohom.
El is not the root of Allah.

Please note: in thousands and thousands of places you will read and hear “Hebrew language.” This is also a big lie. They are calling Babylonian Aramaic Hebrew. This pagan Gentile language is not Hebrew no matter how many centuries since 600BC the Jews have spoken it. Aramaic is a Babel tongue and is not holy. It is not holy Hebrew.

There are now objections to removing Allah from Christian bibles. When I was in Indonesia and heard Christians singing to Allah I was stunned and shocked. I wanted to jump up and say: no, no, no. But there, Christians will kill you for the Allah name. That’s why Indonesians are afraid to speak against using the Allah name. Even after I taught several people about Allah, I heard them still singing Aku Allah (my god).

Original Arabic has no vowels just like paleo-Hebrew. Muslims used dots and dashes to signify vowels. A practice later Masoretic Jews would borrow. Arabic has at least 26 dialects. In Arabic Allah would be “llh.” It is said to be “l-lh.” Further details ,”l” is “al” and means “the.” “Lh” is “lah” and means god. Allah then means “the God.” There absolutely is no god called “Lah” in the Old Testament. The slick trick of rabbi Gaon is hereby, by me, ….exposed.

There is no name greater than the name of Jesus. It is the only saving name. Allah has no salvation in it. For that fact, even El and Elohim have no salvation in them. So any rabbi cognation of El, Elohim, or Eloah, have no salvation in them.

Pastor Gary Reckart
A man God made



October 10, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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