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Aramaic Is Not Hebrew

There is a mad rush to speak in tongues. No, I am not talking about Acts 2:4. Many think if they learn modern Hebrew as it is called they can get closer to God. They believe this language is the tongue of God. They claim this was the holy tongue of Jesus and the Apostles. And they claim since it was the original tongue of the Jews all the way back to Abraham, we should also have a deep hunger and desire to speak the same tongue. After all they say, it is the language of heaven. When everyone gets to heaven they will speak and sing in this Hebrew tongue.
What is the real truth?aramaic-language-franca

Is this language called Hebrew really Hebrew?

No, it is not.

This tongue called Hebrew is actually Aramaic. Modernly,it is a mixture of Jewish Aramaic and Arabic Aramaic under the clever hand of Eliezer Ben Yehuda (1858-1922).
Here is what we learn:

“Ben-Yehuda insisted with the Committee of the Hebrew Language that, to quote the Committee records, “In order to supplement the deficiencies of the Hebrew language, the Committee coins words according to the rules of grammar and linguistic analogy from Semitic roots: Aramaic and especially from Arabic roots”
Yes, you read that correctly. Modern Hebrew would be fabricated from Babylonian Babel Aramaic and Arabic.

Many do not know that Arabic is actually modified Aramaic. Its modern calligraphy bears no remembrance to its ancient Aramaic mother. But, do the research and you will see I am 100% correct.

It is claimed by many that Aramaic was the language franca of a large swath of land and nations. This is absolutely a lie. It is not true. Look at the map. Aramaic was the language of the Babylonian empire under several kings. Its borders are well known. Only within this region did Tiglath-Pilesor III (754BC), impregnate Aramaic. He was replacing the more ancient Akkadian.

The Chaldean Babylonian empire spoke the Syriac tongue. Read 2Kings 18:26 where the Jews requested Rabshakeh not to speak in the Jew’s language but in the Syrian language. Obviously the language of the Jews and the language of Babylon were not the same tongue. So. no matter how many liars spin the falsehood that modern Hebrew is the holy language of the ancient Jews, we know it is nothing but Aramaic, a modified Aramaic mixed with Arabic.

James Strong in his Hebrew/Greek lexicon marks these Aramaic words with “Chal” which is the abbreviation of Chaldean. If you will high-lite these many Chaldean words you will find hundreds of them together with their roots. This is not Hebrew. This is not the language of 2Kings 18:26 called the Jew’s language.

It is also claimed that Jesus spoke Aramaic. This is all a tidy little falsehood. Jesus actually spoke seven words in Aramaic. Perhaps ten if we add three words from Matthew 27:46. Paul appears to have used Aramaic one time:

Talitha cumi (Mark 5:41)
Hosanna (Mark 11:9);
Ephphatha (Mark 14:34);
Abba (Mark 14:36);
Raca (Matthew 5:22);
Rabbouni (John 20:16);
Eli-Eli Sabachthani (Matthew 27:46).
Maranatha (1 Corinthians 16:22)..

Of 27 books in the New Testament, only 4 may have Aramaic words. How can this be if the primary tongue of the Apostles was Aramaic? It does not add up. So, a new lie was fabricated by an old enemy of mine. He claims the original New Testament was written in Aramaic and translated into Greek by Gentile Christian pagans who did no understand or speak Aramaic I challenged this How could they translate something they did not know or speak so accurately? No, the New Testament was not written completely in Aramaic. All lies by the Yahweh cults

The first possible Aramaic words tell a girl to rise. We would expect Jesus to speak the language the girl understood. This does not mean Jesus spoke exclusively Aramaic. Other words which are said to be Aramaic could be Paleo-Hebrew and not Aramaic at all. After all, Paleo-Hebrew was used in the days of Jesus jointly with Paleo-Hebrew evidenced on all the coins that were minted from 300BC-100AD. None of them have Aramaic.. None!

So, Paleo-Hebrew was spoken in the days of Jesus. More importantly, none of the above words can be found in any Aramaic writings of the first and prior centuries. Certainly not in Babylon. To claim they are Aramaic to stage this language as the holy tongue of God is constructing an ant hill into a mountain.
It is estimated of the more than 20 million people then living, less than 600,000 spoke Aramaic. That is not lingua franca.

With the conquest of Israel by Alexander the Great (325BC), Greek became the lingua franca of Israel. It was so predominate that the warning sign at the temple for strangers (Gentiles) not to enter, was written in Greek. And so widespread that all the synagogues had only the Greek Septuagint scrolls from 300BC to 100AD. None of them had any Aramaic Babylon scroll in the synagogue. Jesus never referred to the Aramaic bible translation as Scriptures. He only referred to the Greek Septuagint as scriptures.

Consider, that if Jesus spoke Aramaic, how come there are not hundreds of verses, complete parables, using Aramaic?

I will remind all of you here that four languages were spoken in Israel: Latin, Greek, Paleo-Hebrew, and Aramaic. And the name of Jesus was written in three of them. It was not written in Aramaic. The Word of God says: Greek, Latin, and Hebrew (Luke 23:38, John 19:20). Do not make this Hebrew into Aramaic. Jesus absolutely DID NOT have a Babylonian Babel Syrian Gentile name.

I know the liars will spin their falsehoods. I know many will be deceived. I know many will cast down the name of Jesus for some alleged Hebrew name. But they will all be damned. This is another Jesus. A Babylonian Chaldean Syrian Babel Jesus they call Yahshua(h), Yeshu, Yeshua, Jeshu, Jesu, Jeshua, Joshua, et al. .
His name JESUS does matter.

Acts 4:12 does not refer to a Babylonian Babel Syrian Gentile name. Do not buy into the modern speaking in tongues chase after a pagan language.

I can promise everyone: the language of heaven will not be the Babel-Babylonian Syrian Gentile tongue many now call Hebrew.

From Mt. Jesus, Prenza, Balamban, Cebu,Philippine Islands
Bishop Reckart
A man Jesus made

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