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The Failure I Do Not Regret

failureOften times people feel if they are a failure at something that this means they are less a person as those who seem to succeed. But I do not see this as always true. Sometimes failure is the stepping stone to success. They say that Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, failed over 3,000 times until he learned how to construct a carbon filament and used an oxygen free environment. His failures did not make him quit.

Success is not always measured by how much a person does or accomplishes. Success spiritually is determined by one single fact.

What does God think about our efforts, labors, works, and accomplishments? After all, we will be rewarded by our works by him, not by what people think about us.
And what some count as success is really failure.

For instance there are several world religions that boast of success, great temples and churches, and billions of dollars in worth and cash reserves. Yet, they will never be accepted by God. These are human efforts to spread religions God will not approve and will accomplish nothing. All the people deceived by the glandular temples and fancy dressed priests and priestesses, will be lost forever. God will not make excuse or provision for an escape from eternal hell for those who accept both these religions and their religious practices. All a failure.

With a world today of 7.4 billion, many have failed in the most basic knowledge of human existence. They do not know the true God. All they know is idols, falsehood, paganism, heathenism, ritual, and practices that are contrary to the ways of God.
To all of these religions I am a failure. I have not achieve among them the recognition as a religious person. I have failed to accept their traditions, their customs, and their conduct and order.

I do not regret being a failure when compared with these religions.
Let me fast-forward to modern Pentecost.

To all modern Pentecostal I am a failure. I have not achieved among them recognition as a great religious person. I have not moved through the chairs to lofty hierarchal positions. I have failed to accept their traditions, their customs, and their conduct and order: and so I am to be punished from any and all recognitions. I am not counted as a Brother, Pastor, Bishop, Elder, or a member of the Ministry.
I do not regret not being counted by them unacceptable and being a failure when compared with these religions.

Let me fast-forward to modern Pentecost.

To all of these religions I am a failure. I have not achieved among them the recognition as a religious person. According to them I am not saved. I am lost. Jesus is not my Lord and Savior. They have judged all this of me. All because I have failed to accept their traditions, their customs, and their conduct and order.
I do not know of a single Pentecostal movement or organization that is not Pentecostal Catholic. What do I mean by “Pentecostal Catholic?”

All of the trinity Pentecostals are only a few steps away from the doors of Roman Catholicism. They think because they reject some Catholic traditions and speak in tongues that this makes them a valid protestant reformation movement. In what way have they reformed the Catholic church back to the first century model? They boast of themselves as being the bride of Christ whereas the Catholic church is the great whore of Revelation 17. They do not acknowledge nor accept that being a part of the one doctrine of trinitarianism makes them a daughter of the great whore (see Rev. 17:5 “mother of harlots).

Having encountered the radical trinitarian Pentecostal Catholics, and being rejected by them as a failure on several doctrines: I am not ashamed to be a failure in their eyes. They say I have not achieved “main-stream” Protestant orthodoxy. I am lost and on my way to hell unless I come among them and accept their traditions and doctrines. I refuse.

Now, let’s jump to the Oneness Pentecostals. Yes, I am talking about the Oneness Pentecostal Catholics. True they have rejected the trinitarian doctrine in part. They have continued to teach that the names of the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is Lord Jesus Christ (Name of the Father is Lord. Name of the Son is Jesus. Name of the Holy Ghost is Christ). True they have rejected trinitarian baptismals in the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and replaced it with Lord Jesus Christ name of the trinity. And true, like their trinity Pentecostal sisters, they have also rejected some other Catholic traditions. But they have absolutely refused to depart from mama Rome and many of her other unbiblical doctrines, traditions, and practices. Oneness Pentecostals have generally refused to step any further away from Rome then the trinity Pentecostals have. These two doctrines are the only things that separate Oneness from trinity Pentecostals. This is why the late Nathaniel Urshan met secretly with the Assembly of God to see if there could be a unity between these two large Pentecostal Catholic organizations.

Many years ago I had to take a look at the United Pentecostal Church and other Pentecostal organizations. I realized I could no longer be a marginalized Pentecostal, controlled from way up the ladder of hierarchy at the top of this Babylon. I had to come out to move up in the knowledge and revelations of God. When I made this step of faith in 1972 I knew not where I would go and to which group I would affiliate. In 1974 I tried the Church of Jesus Christ in Cleveland, Tennessee under Boyd Lawson. But soon became dishearted when I discovered the whole organization was based upon Freemasonry lodge symbolisms. My thanks to the late retired Army doctor, Dr. James Zink who forty four years ago walked me around the national Headquarters and pointed out the lodge symbolisms. When I visited the Hawthorne cemetery in Inglis, Florida and saw the Masonic tomb stone of founder Ben Hawthorne I let my license expire and never went back. I looked into the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (Catholic robes and worldly), Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ (mini UPC), the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Chris (mini UPC)t, the Ministerial Apostolic Association (at that time the best I could find), and the International Ministerial Association (very worldly). All were Oneness groups. I joined the Ministerial Apostolic Association. But soon discovered I was not welcome because I did not accept pagan holidays and the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.
I remained independent until I joined the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship (AMF). I thought this was the answer to unity with strong Brethren. I could not remain among them over the same issues but this time also women preachers. Pastor Murray Burr from Port Arthur, Texas was my mentor. I could find no flaw in his writings about independent antonymous churches. And his anti-hierarchal power of pastors over pastors patterned after Rome. Pastor Burr and I disagreed on three major issues. The first was women preachers, the second was Christmas, and the third was the pre-tribulation rapture. I could not convince him and neither did he convince me. But we remained friends. The last time I talked with him on the phone he said he was passing me his pen because I was the only one at that time writing about the same issues he championed. I have a beautiful wood ink pen with the name Burr on it.
After a convention at the Church of Pastor B. A. Spell in Baton Rouge, Louisiana I departed from the AMF in 1983 and have remained independent ever since.

I am constantly attacked by many followers of the Oneness organizations claiming I opposed them because the UPC and others refused to give me a license. They spread the lie that I could not join the UPC and other groups because I was not subject to authority. And I was additionally attacked being called egotistical, egomaniac, self-centered, irrational, delusional, and a false prophet because I refused to take the oath: “not to contend to my various views to the disunity of the body.”
This was the manner in which the great horn-spoons tried to force me to fit into their Roman made religious boots. But having my Murray Burr Texan boots, I kicked my heels into the dirt and like my mentor declared that the day I went back to the UPC and or these Pentecostal Catholic organizations would be the day I ate crow. He never ate crow and neither shall I.

Pentecostal Catholics have the following traditions they need to address:
1.) Lord Jesus Christ as the threefold name of the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
2.) The name of God being Jehovah (which name was invented by a Catholic monk around 1260-1280AD);
3.) The name of God being Yahweh (which name was invented by another Catholic monk around 1565AD);
4.) The name of Jesus in Hebrew is Joshua or Jehoshua (but refuse to baptize in the name of Lord Joshua Christ);
5.) Celebration of Christmas;
6.) Celebration of New Year’s Eve (began when Pope Gregory changed the calendar making January the first month of the year);
7.) Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (St Patrick used the green shamrock to teach the trinity to Ireland and converted many away from the Oneness people;
8.) Celebration of St. Valentine’s Day (a Catholic monk and pagan Cupid day);
9.) Celebration of Easter and holding sunrise services;
9.) Celebration of Halloween renaming it Trunk-or-Treat, Holyween, Fall Festival, Spook Nite, and a host of other creative substitutes;
10.) Acceptance of Allah as a name for the Jewish God in Arabic;
11.) Singing songs that include Allah and Jesus in them;
12.) A non-holiness standard of outer dress and attire exactly like that practiced by members of the Catholic church.
13.) Systematic spreading of hate and lies against men who stand up against Catholicism and its Pentecostal daughters.

So, I am a failure because I refuse to compromise.

I am a failure because I do not share any rank in the chairs of political hierarchy.
I am a failure because I cannot ascend up to the high places of Pentecostal Catholic pulpits and be welcomed as a Minister or a Missionary.

I am a failure because I cannot call men great who are not great except among the ranks of the Pentecostal Catholics.

I am a failure because I refuse like many other Ministers and Missionaries to play the “hush-mouth” game of not preaching the truth because of the money that will flow from the coffers of the Roman daughters.

I am a failure because I will not be bought and paid for by the money of millionaire pastors who just want validation from visiting preachers and missionaries that they are great.

I am a failure as far as these Pentecostal Catholics are concerned.
But to Jesus, I am not a failure.

I am a success. My whole life has been one of blessing after blessing. Even as I write this from my hotel room just a short distance from Mt. Jesus: I am a success.
What other man among the ranks of these Pentecostal Catholics ever bought a mountain top of any size and named it Mt. Jesus?

What other man among their organizations have ever built a temple solely for the enshrining of the name of Jesus as the name above all names?

What other man among them has openly taken a stand against the thirteen things I have listed above?

Name me just one.

I am not a failure.

In fact, I am a man Jesus made and Jesus does not make failures.
Do I care if Pentecostal Catholics reject me?
Since none of them died on the Cross for me, cannot make me a heaven to go to, cannot put me in hell, and none of their little popes will sit on thrones in heaven to judge me:

I do not care.

On judgment day when the King sits upon his throne we will see who is the failure.

Pastor Reckart
A man Jesus made


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A mountain named Mt. Jesus.

20161123_123554.jpgSlowly the untouched unnamed mountain is being transformed. A temple specifically for the name of Jesus rises from the ground. I am happy Jesus is allowing me to be the first man in the world to build a temple for his name on a mountain named Mount Jesus. would you like to share in this great building?

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Mt. Jesus Update

carry-cement-top-headGreetings in the name of Jesus. Carrying 80lb sacks of cement to the mountain top.

I send this email reaching out to those who love God and Jesus name.

I have 32 days remaining here before I must return home to the United States.

We are digging the foundation and starting to set up the columns for the temple. It is very hard work. Most of the mountain is solid lime rock. The members are so faithful in working very hard. I have sent only a few pictures. Because the email will not allow more.

Our special thanks to Pastor John Duran and his church in Miami, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship In The Apostle’s Doctrine. We were able to buy 30 bags of cement, 100 pcs of 5/8 rebar, two loads of sand for cement, and two loads of gravel for cement. We will be able to pour the slab floor of our temporary church. We will be able to set up half of our temple rebar columns, and pour half of the column bases. We appreciate their $1,000 donation. Thank you Pastor Duran and Cornerstone Church members.

On Thursday November 17, 2016 we set the rebar for the first concrete column that will bear the name of the Apostle Peter. The members afterward poured the cement up to the level of the footer for the concrete block walls. Peter was the first Apostle mentioned in the Apostle’s list. There will be 12 of these, six on each side of the temple. Each bearing the name of an Apostle.

This temple will incorporate the testimony of Jesus and his Apostles. The first such temple in the world. The land owner requested I build a Cross on his mountain if he sold it to me. I promised the land owner to build it. It will measure 33.5 feet in height from the top of the slab. One foot for each year of the life of Jesus. At the base of this Cross we will build our baptismal pool. Most of the pool will be in sold rock just like the pool of Siloam. We will trouble these waters every time a person is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

I cannot send videos by email. I cannot send many pictures by email. If you have Messenger, I can send some via that media. Or send me your cell phone number so I can text them to you one at a time. I have a Drop Box account and can send you a link to the folder showing some of the progress. Each day I add a few more pictures. You can follow this great work of God.

I am already out of money. I am borrowing now to finish the setting of the remaining columns. I will borrow more to build the stem wall so we can pour the slab. I will borrow more until the walls are built and the concrete bond beam is framed and poured around the top. After this, I have no choice but to come home to work and raise the money to put the roof on. My budget for this building was $22,000. I have raised only $8,700 of this amount. This is why I must borrow money. You are not just helping build a temple, you are helping save many souls in this nation. Souls that are in bondage to heathenism, paganism, native witchcraft, and false religions like Catholicism, Islam, Iglesia ne Cristo, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, and a host of trinitarian Pentecostals. Please sow some seed faith into this great work of the endtime days. The poor must have the Gospel preached to them.

Please send by Worldremit
Gary Paul Reckart
address: 1 Jesus Street
Barangay Prenza
City: Balamban
Province: Cebu
Zip Code 6041
phone number: +63-906-085-4115
Payout bank: M Lhuillier
Purpose: friend or family

You may only send a maximum of 50,000 pesos (approximately $1,000.00) per transaction. Multiple transactions are allowed but may need to be verified by a phone conversation with a customer representative. They will either email or call you. Please send me by text the control number for pick up as well as the amount in pesos you have sent.
Please let me hear from you today.

Pray for us here as we labor in the Lord

Pastor Reckart
From Mount Jesus

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my-handI have no idea when this picture of my hand was taken. When I came to the hotel to upload pictures for the day, it was there between the videos and the pictures. It really looks cool. Like the glory of God has come down and touched my hand.

It is just an awesome picture. I am not making this out to be something supernatural. I’ll just leave it that it was a picture I did not purposely take. How, where, when, I do not know except that it was on Mount Jesus. That is the only place I took pictures yesterday.




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Generational Ungodliness

hate-godUnto the 3rd and 4th generation (Exodus 20:5).
Unto the 10th generation (Deuteronomy 23:2).
A crooked and perverse generation (Deuteronomy 32:3-4).

From the time of Adam unto Noah, each person in the genealogy represented a generation. A generation is not always a time span of 30, 33.5,, or even 100 years. Why this generation ban? Why must seemingly innocent children and family be prohibited from worship among the holy and righteous? Why does God reject whole generations of people. All of Cain’s generation perished in the flood. All because of their mindset and evil deeds. Noah’s brothers and sisters also died in the flood because they refused to live by the moral and behavior code of the lineage of Seth. God can and has rejected whole and partial generations of people who reject him.

It’s called mindset and generational prejudice of past family. You inherit more than you eye, skin, and hair color from your ancestors. You could have been raised in a family environment of heathenism, paganism, amoralism, anti-christian or racist beliefs. Many are damned and railroaded to hell because of how they were raised and influenced.

I have traveled to several countries. I have visited people living in criminal areas, in cult areas, and in peaceful gentle areas. I am a witness that being in the vicinity of evil people you can experience all manner of vile and hateful attitudes. I was once in Kingston, Jamaica: I was taken trough an area predominately Rastafarian. I was not allowed to depart from my vehicle because I was warned I could be attacked or killed. The Black men here with their matted long dreds and believing the white man was the devil would have threatened my life. So we did not stop as we passed through. I visited an area called the hood in Chicago. It was dark outside and about 10pm. I was told do not look at people; do not get out of the truck, do not stop at any gas station or store; if you come to a traffic light and it is red, if anyone approaches your truck, run the red light. You could be robbed or killed. Same thing in Miami in some high Cuban areas. I am not sure if any of these conditions continue. But I am witness that among generational people who were passed down all manner of hate and anti-christian attitudes and beliefs there is no safety.

I think the bible calls this “an untoward generation.”

It is a generation of people who have no direction TOWARD God on his pattern for human behavior, conduct, and mental attitude. An untoward generation will not be found in the house of God. They have no empathy for the hurts, injuries, or deaths of believers in Christ.

I remember as a youth being in church and our building was attacked by Baptist, Methodist, and unsaved men and women throwing rotten eggs, rocks, and yelling all manner of hateful cursings (even calling us holy-rollers). As a child between the age of 8-10 years old I was afraid. I was afraid to leave when the service was over. My mom would take us kids out and quickly go down the railroad tracks along the river toward Montana Mines. The further away we got, my anxiety and fear departed. We were going home to a peaceful community.

I have visited Indonesia where Muslim hate of Christians can be severe. I was not allowed to go out of the Church. Muslims would stand outside and yell things. It was a fearful thing to be among people who are cursed with generation anger, beliefs, and anti-christian hate. Calling us Cross worshipers. Actually, the majority of Christian sects do not worship the Cross like Catholics and some other denominations. It is just a symbol of Jesus dying for our sins and his love for us to help us go to heaven. The Cross is hated by many (it is not allowed in a Masonic lodge. This is where Charles Taze Russell got his anti-cross doctrine)). It is a generational hate that is shared by Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults and haters. The Cross is a symbol and nothing more. But the hate of what it represents is generational.

If prejudice can be a generational psychological attitude, so can sin and its practices and those who defend them,

The election for instance is over. Riots broke out in the streets. Fires were set. Stores were looted of nearly all merchandise. Hateful shouts of Kill Trump filled the air. The cry was heard from many different segments of society that there would be a WHITE-LASH, and white people would be killed for electing Donald Trump. As if no Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, and Muslims voted for him. The “white-lash” screaming and talking heads said with absolutely no empathy that innocent white men, women, and children will suffer and be killed. None of these people who are spreading this “white-lash” can be a true Christian. They are in fact the the “untoward generation” of those cursed by their ancestors unto the 3rd, 4th, or 10th generations. No one can educate this prejudice or hate out of their hearts or minds. If they are not born again and get a changed mind, they are all damned.

It is a peaceful thing when a person can experience the tranquility of love, kindness, and empathy from being born again. It is these kinds of people who move about the United States to find locations where they can live in peace and harmony with others. Soon the world will offer no place of such solitude. The time will come when all Believers must move out of the cities. Take their children out of public schools, and get out of backslid churches.

We as believers must ask Jesus to come quickly and take us out of this generational hell hole. We no longer want to live among the ungodly and those whose minds are seared with a hot iron and reprobated to the point God does not want them.

Let us work while it is day, because the night cometh.

The night cometh when no man can work.

All church services will end.

All missionary work will cease.

No more open revivals.

No more theater and actors putting on shows in the house of God.

No more fake evangelists, false apostles, idiot prophets/prophetess, no more backslid pastors, no more greedy fund raisers, no more mega TV fakes, no more screaming a million halleluyahs and then live like demons with vile blasphemous mouths.

All the fake empowerment meetings will be over.

All the wealth of glamour and architecture gone.

Are you ready to redeem the time and get back to the basic old fashion preaching of the Acts 2:38 Gospel and living holiness inside and out?

Or will you be found in the midst of an “untoward generation” who have inherited damnation because they are the 3rd, 4th, or 10th generation of them who hate God and know not his ways of behavior. Who do not want to know God?

You play, you will pay..

Bishop Reckart
A man Jesus made

I dare you to print it out and pass it out in your church…Double dare…..

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The Lord of This House

jesus-is-not-godSunday morning here at Mt. Jesus in the Philippines.

Here, Jesus is exalted. We are building a temple here to the name of Jesus only.
As I visited upon this mountain Friday, I was visualizing the temple in its completion. I felt so honored to be building this first church ever built upon a mountain dedicated to the name of Jesus. The only mountain in the world anointed and dedicated to the name of Jesus alone. As I meditated upon this great task, I thought upon Jesus as Lord. This would be a temple built for this Lord. No other lord. I could imagine the people coming through the gates of praise (yes, I will have a gate of praise at the entry). I was trying to imagine what I will say at the dedication. One thing came into my mind:

I know one thing I will say. I will say this to those who come to Mt. Jesus:
“Come, join me, to worship the Lord of this house.”

This morning I was again drawn to the false doctrine sweeping the world that Jesus is not God. That his eternal beginning was in the womb of Mary and born in Bethlehem. And that as a man he died. That according to many, he was not God manifest in the flesh. He was not before Abraham.. He was not the Father in the Son. He was not the Creator of all things. He was not in heaven as God.

This doctrine is not new. It is ancient. It was started by the Jews. It was picked up by a cult in Petra. It spread to a group identified as Dynamic Monarchians. From this seedbed of lies and deceptions it spread up to Mohammad’s time. He accepted it. And in Islam today, Jesus is not God. They claim he is either no God at all or that God adopted him and gave him eternal life at his resurrection and now sits in heaven on the right hand of the only God, the tetragrammaton god. There is now two Gods, God senior and God junior. One eternal God and one man promoted to be a junior God.
There are many among the Yahweh cults, Jehovah Witness cult, the Yahuah cults, and other tetragrammaton name cults: who deny Jesus is God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last (see Revelation 1:8).

Religion has taken a turn into theatrics with actors and stage performers putting on show after show. This is not New Testament church. Preach on holiness and repenting of sin and the crowds will flee like flies shooed away from rotten meat.

Professional religion is what the multitudes are being trained to accept as Church. Those who lead these are not real Christians. They are actor christians who do not really believe in the real Bible Jesus. Neither Jesus or his Apostles put on these sham meetings.

I think today of the 12 Apostles in Matthew 10. Sent out. But not sent out to put on shows and institute theatric performances. They had a purpose and who ever received them were blessed and those who did not were cursed. Today, few can leave a real blessing of God behind them and certainly they would not curse the ones they seek to get money from.

I want it to be known, by all people, that on Mt. Jesus there will be no actors and no theatrics. This will be a place where the Lord of the House will be praised and worshiped. A place where sinners can find their way to heaven. A home for the soul. Where Jesus is truly Lord and Christ. A house of prayer for all nations.

Bishop Reckart
A man Jesus made

Please make a donation today to help me build the first Church ever on a mountain named after Jesus. I am in need of raising $17,000 dollars. I must depend upon my friends and those who love the name of Jesus. I cannot repay you. But Jesus can for honoring his name with us.

You can give through Worldremit. I will help you if you need assistance in filling out the required entries. Pastors, please receive a donation from your members for us for the next three months.

Jesus bless is all…..

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I want to be their dad.

FB_IMG_1477959712146.jpgThere they were, two little girls and a little boy, playing in the middle of a traffic island at 7:30am. Begging for coins. Many people passed by ignoring their begging plea as they pointed to their mouth signaling hungry. We sat there by the window in McDonald’s on Colon Street in Cebu City watching them. In the 45 minutes we watched them they collected very few pesos. People do not care about these street orphans. These were about 6-8 years old. Have been on the streets for a few years. Sleeping on the sidewalks. All those years begging outside of McDonald’s and had never been inside.

I watch with an eye of pity. Dirty clothes. Dirty bodies. Unwashed faces. The girls with unwashed ratted hair. I watch them jump and play together. Pointing to their mouth begging as crowds passed by.

I could not bear it any more. I sent Jielah to go get them. Bring them across the street and into McDonald’s. They followed her with skipping feet. At last reaching the door. The two girls were afraid to come in but with Jielah coaxing they did. The little boy pulled back to run and Jielah grabbed his hand and pulled him in. She brought them to my table and Danilo helped them get seated. They looked around with big eyes. They talked and giggled. Jielah bought them chicken and rice with gravy and orange drink. I held their hands and prayed for the food. They began to eat. They had no skills or manners. They ate very little and were full. Jielah got them to go boxes. She and Danilo took them outside and off they ran. I will be back there in Cebu the evening of November 7th. If they are there I will feed them and buy them ice cream.

They have no mother or father. Street orphans. They cannot read. They do not go to school. They are forgotten and unwanted children.

As we were leaving a group of 8 more came running up. Ages ranging from about 13 down to a baby about a year old on the hip of a girl about 12. I gave them all the coins I had.

No moms and no dads. How can a 12 year old girl care for a baby on the street that some mother just laid on the sidewalk and walked off.

Some day I hope Mt. Jesus can have an orphanage. And at least some kids can have a mom and a dad. I want to be their dad.

Please support Mt. Jesus temple building project. Mt. Jesus, the first and only mountain in the world named Jesus. For Pastors: please ask your members for a monthly offering for the next three months. Two other projects are scheduled after the temple is completed: a bible school and an orphanage. Please help me.

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