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I want to be their dad.

FB_IMG_1477959712146.jpgThere they were, two little girls and a little boy, playing in the middle of a traffic island at 7:30am. Begging for coins. Many people passed by ignoring their begging plea as they pointed to their mouth signaling hungry. We sat there by the window in McDonald’s on Colon Street in Cebu City watching them. In the 45 minutes we watched them they collected very few pesos. People do not care about these street orphans. These were about 6-8 years old. Have been on the streets for a few years. Sleeping on the sidewalks. All those years begging outside of McDonald’s and had never been inside.

I watch with an eye of pity. Dirty clothes. Dirty bodies. Unwashed faces. The girls with unwashed ratted hair. I watch them jump and play together. Pointing to their mouth begging as crowds passed by.

I could not bear it any more. I sent Jielah to go get them. Bring them across the street and into McDonald’s. They followed her with skipping feet. At last reaching the door. The two girls were afraid to come in but with Jielah coaxing they did. The little boy pulled back to run and Jielah grabbed his hand and pulled him in. She brought them to my table and Danilo helped them get seated. They looked around with big eyes. They talked and giggled. Jielah bought them chicken and rice with gravy and orange drink. I held their hands and prayed for the food. They began to eat. They had no skills or manners. They ate very little and were full. Jielah got them to go boxes. She and Danilo took them outside and off they ran. I will be back there in Cebu the evening of November 7th. If they are there I will feed them and buy them ice cream.

They have no mother or father. Street orphans. They cannot read. They do not go to school. They are forgotten and unwanted children.

As we were leaving a group of 8 more came running up. Ages ranging from about 13 down to a baby about a year old on the hip of a girl about 12. I gave them all the coins I had.

No moms and no dads. How can a 12 year old girl care for a baby on the street that some mother just laid on the sidewalk and walked off.

Some day I hope Mt. Jesus can have an orphanage. And at least some kids can have a mom and a dad. I want to be their dad.

Please support Mt. Jesus temple building project. Mt. Jesus, the first and only mountain in the world named Jesus. For Pastors: please ask your members for a monthly offering for the next three months. Two other projects are scheduled after the temple is completed: a bible school and an orphanage. Please help me.


November 1, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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  1. pastor please pray the situation i have changes very soon and i can help .. you have the info on it etc… sis b

    Comment by hebrews1 | November 2, 2016

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