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jesus-is-not-godSunday morning here at Mt. Jesus in the Philippines.

Here, Jesus is exalted. We are building a temple here to the name of Jesus only.
As I visited upon this mountain Friday, I was visualizing the temple in its completion. I felt so honored to be building this first church ever built upon a mountain dedicated to the name of Jesus. The only mountain in the world anointed and dedicated to the name of Jesus alone. As I meditated upon this great task, I thought upon Jesus as Lord. This would be a temple built for this Lord. No other lord. I could imagine the people coming through the gates of praise (yes, I will have a gate of praise at the entry). I was trying to imagine what I will say at the dedication. One thing came into my mind:

I know one thing I will say. I will say this to those who come to Mt. Jesus:
“Come, join me, to worship the Lord of this house.”

This morning I was again drawn to the false doctrine sweeping the world that Jesus is not God. That his eternal beginning was in the womb of Mary and born in Bethlehem. And that as a man he died. That according to many, he was not God manifest in the flesh. He was not before Abraham.. He was not the Father in the Son. He was not the Creator of all things. He was not in heaven as God.

This doctrine is not new. It is ancient. It was started by the Jews. It was picked up by a cult in Petra. It spread to a group identified as Dynamic Monarchians. From this seedbed of lies and deceptions it spread up to Mohammad’s time. He accepted it. And in Islam today, Jesus is not God. They claim he is either no God at all or that God adopted him and gave him eternal life at his resurrection and now sits in heaven on the right hand of the only God, the tetragrammaton god. There is now two Gods, God senior and God junior. One eternal God and one man promoted to be a junior God.
There are many among the Yahweh cults, Jehovah Witness cult, the Yahuah cults, and other tetragrammaton name cults: who deny Jesus is God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last (see Revelation 1:8).

Religion has taken a turn into theatrics with actors and stage performers putting on show after show. This is not New Testament church. Preach on holiness and repenting of sin and the crowds will flee like flies shooed away from rotten meat.

Professional religion is what the multitudes are being trained to accept as Church. Those who lead these are not real Christians. They are actor christians who do not really believe in the real Bible Jesus. Neither Jesus or his Apostles put on these sham meetings.

I think today of the 12 Apostles in Matthew 10. Sent out. But not sent out to put on shows and institute theatric performances. They had a purpose and who ever received them were blessed and those who did not were cursed. Today, few can leave a real blessing of God behind them and certainly they would not curse the ones they seek to get money from.

I want it to be known, by all people, that on Mt. Jesus there will be no actors and no theatrics. This will be a place where the Lord of the House will be praised and worshiped. A place where sinners can find their way to heaven. A home for the soul. Where Jesus is truly Lord and Christ. A house of prayer for all nations.

Bishop Reckart
A man Jesus made

Please make a donation today to help me build the first Church ever on a mountain named after Jesus. I am in need of raising $17,000 dollars. I must depend upon my friends and those who love the name of Jesus. I cannot repay you. But Jesus can for honoring his name with us.

You can give through Worldremit. I will help you if you need assistance in filling out the required entries. Pastors, please receive a donation from your members for us for the next three months.

Jesus bless is all…..


November 6, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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