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Generational Ungodliness

hate-godUnto the 3rd and 4th generation (Exodus 20:5).
Unto the 10th generation (Deuteronomy 23:2).
A crooked and perverse generation (Deuteronomy 32:3-4).

From the time of Adam unto Noah, each person in the genealogy represented a generation. A generation is not always a time span of 30, 33.5,, or even 100 years. Why this generation ban? Why must seemingly innocent children and family be prohibited from worship among the holy and righteous? Why does God reject whole generations of people. All of Cain’s generation perished in the flood. All because of their mindset and evil deeds. Noah’s brothers and sisters also died in the flood because they refused to live by the moral and behavior code of the lineage of Seth. God can and has rejected whole and partial generations of people who reject him.

It’s called mindset and generational prejudice of past family. You inherit more than you eye, skin, and hair color from your ancestors. You could have been raised in a family environment of heathenism, paganism, amoralism, anti-christian or racist beliefs. Many are damned and railroaded to hell because of how they were raised and influenced.

I have traveled to several countries. I have visited people living in criminal areas, in cult areas, and in peaceful gentle areas. I am a witness that being in the vicinity of evil people you can experience all manner of vile and hateful attitudes. I was once in Kingston, Jamaica: I was taken trough an area predominately Rastafarian. I was not allowed to depart from my vehicle because I was warned I could be attacked or killed. The Black men here with their matted long dreds and believing the white man was the devil would have threatened my life. So we did not stop as we passed through. I visited an area called the hood in Chicago. It was dark outside and about 10pm. I was told do not look at people; do not get out of the truck, do not stop at any gas station or store; if you come to a traffic light and it is red, if anyone approaches your truck, run the red light. You could be robbed or killed. Same thing in Miami in some high Cuban areas. I am not sure if any of these conditions continue. But I am witness that among generational people who were passed down all manner of hate and anti-christian attitudes and beliefs there is no safety.

I think the bible calls this “an untoward generation.”

It is a generation of people who have no direction TOWARD God on his pattern for human behavior, conduct, and mental attitude. An untoward generation will not be found in the house of God. They have no empathy for the hurts, injuries, or deaths of believers in Christ.

I remember as a youth being in church and our building was attacked by Baptist, Methodist, and unsaved men and women throwing rotten eggs, rocks, and yelling all manner of hateful cursings (even calling us holy-rollers). As a child between the age of 8-10 years old I was afraid. I was afraid to leave when the service was over. My mom would take us kids out and quickly go down the railroad tracks along the river toward Montana Mines. The further away we got, my anxiety and fear departed. We were going home to a peaceful community.

I have visited Indonesia where Muslim hate of Christians can be severe. I was not allowed to go out of the Church. Muslims would stand outside and yell things. It was a fearful thing to be among people who are cursed with generation anger, beliefs, and anti-christian hate. Calling us Cross worshipers. Actually, the majority of Christian sects do not worship the Cross like Catholics and some other denominations. It is just a symbol of Jesus dying for our sins and his love for us to help us go to heaven. The Cross is hated by many (it is not allowed in a Masonic lodge. This is where Charles Taze Russell got his anti-cross doctrine)). It is a generational hate that is shared by Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults and haters. The Cross is a symbol and nothing more. But the hate of what it represents is generational.

If prejudice can be a generational psychological attitude, so can sin and its practices and those who defend them,

The election for instance is over. Riots broke out in the streets. Fires were set. Stores were looted of nearly all merchandise. Hateful shouts of Kill Trump filled the air. The cry was heard from many different segments of society that there would be a WHITE-LASH, and white people would be killed for electing Donald Trump. As if no Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, and Muslims voted for him. The “white-lash” screaming and talking heads said with absolutely no empathy that innocent white men, women, and children will suffer and be killed. None of these people who are spreading this “white-lash” can be a true Christian. They are in fact the the “untoward generation” of those cursed by their ancestors unto the 3rd, 4th, or 10th generations. No one can educate this prejudice or hate out of their hearts or minds. If they are not born again and get a changed mind, they are all damned.

It is a peaceful thing when a person can experience the tranquility of love, kindness, and empathy from being born again. It is these kinds of people who move about the United States to find locations where they can live in peace and harmony with others. Soon the world will offer no place of such solitude. The time will come when all Believers must move out of the cities. Take their children out of public schools, and get out of backslid churches.

We as believers must ask Jesus to come quickly and take us out of this generational hell hole. We no longer want to live among the ungodly and those whose minds are seared with a hot iron and reprobated to the point God does not want them.

Let us work while it is day, because the night cometh.

The night cometh when no man can work.

All church services will end.

All missionary work will cease.

No more open revivals.

No more theater and actors putting on shows in the house of God.

No more fake evangelists, false apostles, idiot prophets/prophetess, no more backslid pastors, no more greedy fund raisers, no more mega TV fakes, no more screaming a million halleluyahs and then live like demons with vile blasphemous mouths.

All the fake empowerment meetings will be over.

All the wealth of glamour and architecture gone.

Are you ready to redeem the time and get back to the basic old fashion preaching of the Acts 2:38 Gospel and living holiness inside and out?

Or will you be found in the midst of an “untoward generation” who have inherited damnation because they are the 3rd, 4th, or 10th generation of them who hate God and know not his ways of behavior. Who do not want to know God?

You play, you will pay..

Bishop Reckart
A man Jesus made

I dare you to print it out and pass it out in your church…Double dare…..


November 9, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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