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carry-cement-top-headGreetings in the name of Jesus. Carrying 80lb sacks of cement to the mountain top.

I send this email reaching out to those who love God and Jesus name.

I have 32 days remaining here before I must return home to the United States.

We are digging the foundation and starting to set up the columns for the temple. It is very hard work. Most of the mountain is solid lime rock. The members are so faithful in working very hard. I have sent only a few pictures. Because the email will not allow more.

Our special thanks to Pastor John Duran and his church in Miami, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship In The Apostle’s Doctrine. We were able to buy 30 bags of cement, 100 pcs of 5/8 rebar, two loads of sand for cement, and two loads of gravel for cement. We will be able to pour the slab floor of our temporary church. We will be able to set up half of our temple rebar columns, and pour half of the column bases. We appreciate their $1,000 donation. Thank you Pastor Duran and Cornerstone Church members.

On Thursday November 17, 2016 we set the rebar for the first concrete column that will bear the name of the Apostle Peter. The members afterward poured the cement up to the level of the footer for the concrete block walls. Peter was the first Apostle mentioned in the Apostle’s list. There will be 12 of these, six on each side of the temple. Each bearing the name of an Apostle.

This temple will incorporate the testimony of Jesus and his Apostles. The first such temple in the world. The land owner requested I build a Cross on his mountain if he sold it to me. I promised the land owner to build it. It will measure 33.5 feet in height from the top of the slab. One foot for each year of the life of Jesus. At the base of this Cross we will build our baptismal pool. Most of the pool will be in sold rock just like the pool of Siloam. We will trouble these waters every time a person is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

I cannot send videos by email. I cannot send many pictures by email. If you have Messenger, I can send some via that media. Or send me your cell phone number so I can text them to you one at a time. I have a Drop Box account and can send you a link to the folder showing some of the progress. Each day I add a few more pictures. You can follow this great work of God.

I am already out of money. I am borrowing now to finish the setting of the remaining columns. I will borrow more to build the stem wall so we can pour the slab. I will borrow more until the walls are built and the concrete bond beam is framed and poured around the top. After this, I have no choice but to come home to work and raise the money to put the roof on. My budget for this building was $22,000. I have raised only $8,700 of this amount. This is why I must borrow money. You are not just helping build a temple, you are helping save many souls in this nation. Souls that are in bondage to heathenism, paganism, native witchcraft, and false religions like Catholicism, Islam, Iglesia ne Cristo, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, and a host of trinitarian Pentecostals. Please sow some seed faith into this great work of the endtime days. The poor must have the Gospel preached to them.

Please send by Worldremit
Gary Paul Reckart
address: 1 Jesus Street
Barangay Prenza
City: Balamban
Province: Cebu
Zip Code 6041
phone number: +63-906-085-4115
Payout bank: M Lhuillier
Purpose: friend or family

You may only send a maximum of 50,000 pesos (approximately $1,000.00) per transaction. Multiple transactions are allowed but may need to be verified by a phone conversation with a customer representative. They will either email or call you. Please send me by text the control number for pick up as well as the amount in pesos you have sent.
Please let me hear from you today.

Pray for us here as we labor in the Lord

Pastor Reckart
From Mount Jesus

November 20, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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