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Standing When No One Else Will

In 1993 when I first debated the Yahweh cult over the tetragrammaton in Covington, Georgia before 300 people: I had no idea i was going to start a world-wide inquiry into the names of Jehovah and Yahweh that would result in hundreds of people standing up for the name of Jesus.

When I proved the tetragrammaton was a Jewish lying deception and all names invented from it was false: I stood alone. I thought Pastor Kirkland was with me. He sat at my table at the debate. 21 years later in 2014 he informed me he was not on my side in the debate. He told me he was for the other side. I was so shocked. That in 21 years he never told me.

So, in all actuality I stood alone like Elias on Mt. Carmel (1Kings 18:1-46).

I proved that YHWH was the name of Baal. Baal is the name of the god who was also called “lord” in the Canaanite language. If you want to know if Baal is Jehovah go to Strong’s # 1180 and see that Baali is the same as Yah and Jehovah. Here is the link:

I stood alone in this debate. I debated this cult three more times and defeated them each time. Of course they brought a table full of books from Rabbis, Monks, Scholars, Preachers, and a host of misfits who could do nothing but quote the lies of generations. But I proved all these books were filled with lies.

I began publishing my research in many different bible studies. And I distributed these studies around the world. But it was not an easy task. I became hated by Pentecostal and Apostolic preachers. A hate that still exists today in almost every country. My biggest enemies came from among the United Pentecostal Church. There are a few from the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World; from the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship; from the Apostolic Churches International; from the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ; from the Pentecostal Church of God Seventh Day; and from all the Philippine Oneness groups. There is not a single Oneness group in the world who agrees with me that the name Jehovah was invented by a Catholic monk named Raymundus Martini. Not a single one agrees that Jehovah is the same as Baali or Baal. Not a single one agrees that Baal (which means lord) is the same god as YHWH.

But, am I discouraged? No.

When I was invited to stand up and defend the name of Jesus Christ I did. It is now 24 years since that historic day, Before me there was no man among the Apostolic Oneness churches who stood against the Catholic false Jehovah name. And for the next 17 years I continued to stand alone. Slowly men inspired to stand for the name of Jesus above the invented names began to stand up. They began to publish the truth. And they became hated in South America, in Europe, In Mexico, in the United States, in the Philippines, in England, in Canada, and every where they stood up. It made many men crawl back into their churches afraid to stand up for the name of Jesus against these fake tetragrammaton names. They did not want to suffer ridicule and hate for the name of Jesus. So they hide today ashamed to say Jehovah and Yahweh along with the tetragrammaton are all false.

I am here in the Philippines building the only temple to the name of Jesus in all the world where these fake names will never be praised or worshiped. This temple will be dedicated to the name of Jesus only. Other temples and churches have already been defiled with these false names in worship and they have not been cleansed of these idol names.

I am very proud of the men who stand for the name of Jesus. I will not here list their names because I do not want to flag them out for attacks. I will let them identify themselves.

Yes, some went back to Jehovah and Yahweh names. Yes, some went back to halleluyah screaming. Yes, some went off the chain and are trying to invent their own guess name for God that is not Jesus. Yes, some who were once with me are now against me and seeking to develop some new name for God from the Babylonian Aramaic language. But I consider them nothing but Baal play boys who cannot be a prophet and cannot stand as did Elias on Mt. Carmel.

It is now December 31 here in the Philippines and all the Pentecostal churches are planning their Catholic New Year’s midnight mass of praying the old year out and a new year in. They can advertise it any way they want. But to celebrate Jehovah and Baal as your lord at midnight will never be accepted by Christ no matter if you speak in tongues or climb all over your altars in your dancing and leaping. It’s almost like the Baal false prophets climbing and leaping all over their altar and hooting it up: except among them there is no Elias to close out the show with fire from heaven.

My new Year will begin on Passover on the full moon in Jerusalem exactly where God stopped time and started it all over again as Jesus hung on the Cross. On April 10, 2017 I will be in Jerusalem to celebrate the true New Year. I will be the first Apostolic Oneness Minister to do this in over 1900 years since the days of the Apostles. Joining me will be Pastor Anibal Calder of Mannheim, Germany. The first two Apostolic Oneness Ministers since the days of the early Church to celebrate the Passover of Jesus and the bringing in of a new year, a new day, a new future for the world.

While we are not the two witnesses of Revelation 11, I do plan to prophesy in the vicinity of the temple mount that they are coming. If I can, I want to pierce the veil of darkness hanging over Jerusalem with the name of Jesus. I want to request Jesus to send his witnesses soon.

Proud to be Jesus name only,

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


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If you learn and get knowledge you will be a danger to the walking cadavers. Cadavers are the walking dead Jesus described in Matthew 8:22, 23:27; Paul in Ephesians 2:1-5, Colossians 2:13),

I marvel that those dead in sin do not have a mind to think spiritually. And yet much of our beliefs come from these walking cadavers.

If you come to your water baptism properly you come as a cadaver. You come as one dead in your trespasses and sins. You come to be resurrected into a new life. You make a decision never to go back to any part of your cadaver life. This is a decision that should bring you before the throne of Christ.

Why then are ye partakers of the world of the cadavers? Why are ye partakers in their sins and customs? Why are ye friends with the world as if these cadavers give you a special spiritual level of fellowship.

Oh, so you do not like me using the word “cadaver.” Why?

I have been preaching to cadavers for nearly 45 years. Some I have been able to bring to Christ for a resurrection. But go and learn what that means. Some of you have never brought a single soul to Christ for the true resurrection.

Why you do not even believe baptism into the resurrection of Christ should be done in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38). In fact, you will use the name of Jesus Christ in your religion in praying for people, in casting demons, and in healing the sick. You will prophecy in that name. You will use it in your literature. But you refuse to be baptized in that resurrection name. All because the cadaver churches claim baptism is not salvational.

Oh my, how much more of your doctrine comes from cadaver churches?

Today we will be embarking on a new revival of God. Not a revival of hooting and hollering, Not a revival of prophets prophesying lies. Not a revival of building massive churches so all the cadavers can come and enjoy the theatrics and the shows. But a revival of the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the true motivator of missions that have a purpose.

The cadavers who will not hear will remain dead in their sins and trespasses.

If you are one of those who ministers to cadavers just to get their cash, you are robbing the dead and cheating them. You take their money and give them not the things they need for their salvation.

Shame on the cadaver raiders. Shame.,,,,,

Bishop Reckart
A man that God made……

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Some of you are so shallow in the Word of God you cannot walk in faith. That is why you walk in religious traditions. You do not even know what faith is, unless you try to make your traditions into faith. Faith in lies is not faith. Faith in traditions is not faith. Faith in religion is not faith. Faith in occult practices is not faith. Faith in people who are not people of faith is not faith. Faith in rituals is not faith. Faith in false doctrine is not faith. Faith in a Jesus who is not the Jesus of the Apostles is not faith.

I feel like I should preach a little right now about those who are so shallow in the Word of God they cannot have faith.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

If what is preached into your ears is not the pure Word of God, the sermon you heard, the rant you listened to, the philosophy you let enter into your ears: CANNOT produce saving faith or the faith that will take you to heaven.

Just how many religions today are called religions of faith?

Or they are called faith based religions.

And there is no Jesus Christ even among them.

Any yet their whole religious system is now called a faith.
Have you also been deceived to think your faith is the correct Bible Faith?
Examine yourself and see if:

You are in the FAITH.

Bishop Reckart
A Man that faith has inspired

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Midnight Mass

img_20161227_042907What about your Catholic New Year midnight mass?

Daniel 7:25 “change times.”

Did you know it was pope Gregory who made January 1 the beginning day of the Catholic year?

Did you know January is named after the Roman god Janus?

Did you know Janus was a two-faced god?

Did you know Janus was the god of doors?

Did you know he is the god worshipped as the opener and closer of doors?

Did you know he closed the door on the past year and opened the door to the coming days of the new year?

Did you know what day or month the year began before pope Gregory changed it? How come you do not know? How come all our Pentecostal Catholic pastors and bible schools never told you? How come you never had enough Holy Ghost to discern this night had an evil origin? Or do you not have the Holy Ghost just a tongue talking religious spirit?

Go ahead, do it. Add to your holiday sins of the pagan saturnalia. You already have enough sins of idolatry to go to hell. Adding one more festive idolatrous night won’t thrust you deeper into the fires of hell.

Maybe this year I can evangelize you and get your heart and soul turned 100% to Jesus Christ.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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What Do You Know About The Bible

What do you really know about the bible?

Did you know the name of Jesus mentioned in Acts 4:12 cancels every name for God throughout the world in every religion, and in every bible, in every religious holy book, and in every language?

Did you know the New Testament and the Old Testament were not joined together into one book until around the 12th century AD?

Did you know the New Testament replaces the Old Testament in matters of faith, doctrine, practice, conduct, and order?

Did you know the Old Testament ended at Calvary when Jesus said it is finished?

Did you know when Jesus read from the bible scroll in the synagogue he was reading from the Greek Septuagint and not from the Babylonian Aramaic text?

Did you know the Apostles never used the Masoretic Babylonian Aramaic text?

Did you know the 39 books of the Old Testament in the Bible is the source of the prophetic foretelling of 353 prophecies Jesus fulfilled? Did you know these prophecies are the inspiration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Do you know that all names for God, invented, or otherwise placed in any bible in the Old Testament is canceled and counted as naught by the revealing of the status of Jesus name in Acts 4:12?

Did you know you can be saved even if the Old Testament never existed?

Did you know it is not a book that saves us but a person who is the Lord Jesus Christ?

Did you know that Jesus Christ is the only holy, perfect, without error, infallible, Word of God?

Did you know that Jesus and the Apostles never used the names Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahush, Yahshua, Yah, and Jah?

Did you know the Masoretic Babylonian Aramaic text contains the tetragrammaton YHWH and the Greek Septuagint Jesus used did not?

Did you know the New Testament reveals the true interpretation of the Old Testament?

Did you know the Apostle Paul was the greatest rabbi ever produced from the Pharisees?

Did you know the Apostle Paul was greater then Hilliel and Gamaliel?

Did you know the New Testament replaces the Jewish religion completely?

Did you know according to prophecy and Jesus himself, he as David’s seed owns the temple mount in Jerusalem?

Did you know according to the New Testament neither Saturday or Sunday is the sabbath, but the sabbath is a person: the Lord Jesus Christ?

Did you know that in Revelation 1:8 someone took out the word “God”? Totally deleted it. here is how it is in the King James Version:

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Here is how it is in the Greek:

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord God, which is,, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Why is this important? It is important because this proves the speaker is God. The speaker is Jesus. To remove God is to reduce him only to being a Lord and a second person of a trinity. But more importantly, someone took out of the Word of God and they are cursed evermore to hell.

Did you know that the original Matthew 28:19 did not contain the trinitarian clause. It said instead: Go and baptize in my name.

Did you know that 1John 5:7 was added to the bible and is not in the oldest Greek manuscripts.

Did you know according to Pastor David Bernard, leader of the UPC, the real name of Jesus is not Jesus. That his Hebrew name is Joshua. And that it is ok if someone wants to baptize in the name of Joshua Christ or the Lord Joshua Christ. According to him, Jesus is only an English name. And that all the hundreds of names for Jesus like the Muslim Isa is acceptable. This is in direct contradiction to Zecharias 14:6 that through out the world the Lord would be one and his name ONE.

Did you know the name Allah is not found in the Old Testament or the New Testament. It is invented from the Babylonian Aramaic Masoretic text? It was never used by Jews from 1400BC to 500AD as the name of God. But now, because of the Masoretic Babylonian Aramaic text, both Jews and most Christians accept it as a Hebrew name of God.

Did you know Pastor David Bernard also accepts Allah as the true name of God saying it is just and Arabic equivalent?

Did you know the entire bibe is being altered to change God into Allah? Did you know the Gideon bible makers have already done this in over 50 different translations of the bible that is now being used in over 50 countries?

Did you know the word LORD as found in Genesis 2:4 is an interpolation? It should be removed so the text simply say:

“in the day God made the earth and the heavens.”

Did you know LORD (YHWH) was interpolated 165 times in the book of Genesis? It was interpolated 32 times in Exodus 1-6. DId you know God told Moses in Exodus 6:3 He had not been known by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by the name YHWH which was changed to LORD? How then can it be in the mouth of Abraham in Genesis 22:14?

Did you know the golden calf is called YHWH or LORD in Exodus 32:1-5. Where he makes the golden calf and then tells the Israelites they will worship at a feast the next day to YHWH (LORD) and it was the calf they would worship. YHWH is then seen here as a false god.

Did you know there is not a bible any where in the world that has the Greek Septuagint as Jesus and the Apostles used that is the Old Testament?

Did you know there is not a single bible in the world that is totally correct?

Did you know many of the new versions are all from the Babylonian Aramaic Masoretic text that dates back only to about 900AD?

DId you know the New Testament does not have YHWH in it anywhere?

Did you know that the name of Jesus is above all names upon the earth regardless of nation or country?

Did you know Jesus is a Hebrew name and not an English name?

It is time you educate yourself out of and away from the lies of the YHWH cults.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Lord, Lord…..

Honestly, can you give God glory with lies?

Is this to deep for you?

How can you come before him with thanksgiving when you sing, shout, dance, scream Jehova, Allah, Yahweh and halleluyah: and then tell lies?

I am amazed how far religion has taken people from God with their traditions.. All they remember is the music, ringing of the altar bells, a few domino, domino, domino (holy, holy, holy); make the sign of the cross, have a theatrical presentation: and none of the lies afterward matter at all. They had church and their church is all they want.

Lord, Lord: I casted out many devils using your name. I prayed for people and they fainted and crashed down to the floor. I did many miracles using your name. I fed the poor and visited the widows and orphans. I did many wonderful works using thy name. I told all of them about you and that I was a Christian.

Lord, Lord….

Why Lord, Lord, we deserve to come in even if we told lies. Let me glorify you now with the lies I used on earth. I am sure the angels will be impressed.

Lord, Lord….

No one showed me the way. No one told me all my lies were lies.
Lord, Lord: my pastor approved.

Lord, Lord: my religious group approved, gave me a robe, a certificate, and took pictures with me.

Lord, Lord…

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Turn Away

Turn away time is here.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
These times are upon us.

Everyone of these kinds of people will go to hell.

God will not be mocked. To fight against the purpose and work of God, a person or group of people will fall under the judgments of God.

What a shame that people get so wrapped up in themselves they fall into the sins listed by Paul to Timothy.

Di you have the courage and love of God to turn from destructive people?
These are the last days

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Sabbath Keeping What Abouts

Sabbath What Abouts

One of the unique gifts given to me by Jesus is to bring into discussion subjects no one else will touch, And if they attempt to touch them, they resort to Jewish and Catholic doctrines and traditions, They are good at using these profane sources against the Truth, But they are not good at a real revelation of God or his Word.
I have been attacked recently over law-keeping and specifically sabbath day keepers and those who refuse to eat pork and other Old Testament unclean meats. I am called all sorts of names because of my stand on Romans 7:4. Of course I have other scriptures concerning Gentile law-keeping such as Acts 15:19-29.

But what about the sabbath?

Here are some statements I want you to think about. They come from the sabbath keeper mindset:

1) Jesus cannot changed the sabbath because Jehovah gave it and he is not Jehovah God but the second person in the trinity;

2) Jesus cannot change the sabbath because it is in the Ten Commandments and he cannot change the Ten Commandments;

3) The Ten Commandments are still the law of God and since Jesus kept the sabbath that’s good enough for me;

4) Only God is Lord over the sabbath, Jesus is not Lord over the sabbath;

5) Once Jehovah created the sabbath he cannot change it;

6) The sabbath is greater than Jesus;

7) God himself must honor the sabbath;

8) Christians are bound to keep the sabbath.

9) The Old Testament is not abolished and takes authority over the New Testament.

10) The New Testament is an extension of the Old Testament, they are one Covenant. Therefore the sabbath is binding on everyone.

Bishop Reckart Comments:

1) Jesus cannot changed the sabbath because Jehovah gave it and he is not Jehovah God but the second person in the trinity;

There are several things false about this statement.
First, the name of God is not Jehovah. Jehovah name was invented by Catholic monk Raymundus Martini around 1260-1280AD. So before the creation of the seven days there was no God named Jehovah.

Second, there are not two or three Gods with one God giving the sabbath and another God who keeps it when he visits the earth.

Third, Jesus is the creator God according to John 1:10.
It is s divine fact then that Jesus is the Creator who created all things in the seven days of creation. And it is Jesus who rested on the seventh day after he created everything.

There is no evidence that this seventh day was called the sabbath. There is no evidence the angels observed a sabbath in heaven. All we know is God rested on the seventh day. No record of angels forced to join in. No record it was established by a law that after consecutive six epochs of time there would be a holy seventh day.

In fact, the word sabbath does not appear in the bible until Exodus 16:23.
The laws concerning things performed on the sabbath was not given until Exodus 16:26 when Moses told the Israelites about the collection of the manna.

At this point there is no law given about working or other conducts permitted or not permitted on the sabbath, The commandment to remember the sabbath day and to keep it holy points to the last day of the manna collection week. The sabbath ends the week of six days of gathering manna.

The additional laws of the sabbath are given in Exodus 20:10-16. Verse 15 institutes the death penalty for anyone who breaks the sabbath. The sabbath is not only a day to be observed, it is a day every sabbath breaker is to die.

Additional laws of the sabbath are given in Exodus 31:15 and Exodus 35:2-3. Violators are to be killed.

A law without a penalty is no law.

Jesus gave all these provisions concerning the sabbath day. As the Creator, he is its Lord. He is the King and Lord over the sabbath day and the laws he gave concerning it. As Lord of the sabbath he can do whatever he wants including abolishing it if he wants. Which is what he did when he walked the earth. He could break the sabbath law as God and as its Creator. He would not be a sinner if he chose to be Lord God on that day an do what he wanted. So on the sabbath he healed people, told a man to take up his bed and walk, went through the corn fields and with his disciples plucked corn. He showed the Jews he was Lord by not allowing a day to rule over him. He was the ruler of the day instead.

2) Jesus cannot change the sabbath because it is in the Ten Commandments and he cannot change the Ten Commandments;

Obviously this law keeper does not have the revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus can do whatever he wants. He gave them and he can take them away. He gave them and he can change them.

The Ten Commandments were given to the Israelites and not to any Gentile.
The Ten Commandments were nailed to the Cross and taken out of the way (Colossians 2:14). Anyone who thinks they can pull the nails out of the hands of Jesus and scream at him they will keep the law anyway: has the spirit of his Pharisee murderers.

3) The Ten Commandments are still the law of God and since Jesus kept the sabbath that’s good enough for me;

No, the Ten Commandments are not still the law. Go read Colossians 2:14 carefully. If that is not enough go read 2Corinthians 3:13. Moses had something in his hands when he had the veil upon his face. And it was what was in his hands the Jews could not look to the end of them which Paul said was abolished. Moses had nothing in his hands that day but the Ten Commandments. So we know what Jesus abolished on the Cross.

Did Jesus keep the sabbath? No, he broke it. Just because he went into the synagogues and taught on the Sabbath does not mean he was a sabbath keeper. Actually it shows he broke it by telling a man to take up his bed and walk. Jesus showed he was the Lord of the sabbath by telling them several things: what David did; circumcision on the sabbath; the priest offering sacrifices on the sabbath; rescue of animals; and so forth. It shows all of us that Jesus not only revised the Ten Commandment sabbath law, he removed the death penalty when he died upon the Cross for all death penalty sins including the one for breaking the sabbath. Since the death penalty was removed, the law of the sabbath became null and void.

4) Only God is Lord over the sabbath, Jesus is not Lord over the sabbath;

This is so sad. It its a total lie on many different levels. Jesus said he was Lord of the sabbath in Matthew 12:8. Lord here implies ruler. One who has authority over people, laws, and jurisdictions.

5) Once Jehovah created the sabbath he cannot change it;

This is about as dumb as it gets. To say God cannot change any of the laws he made puts all the death penalty sins back on the table. it means no one who has committed a death penalty sin can be saved. And, churches, groups, cults, that claim this perpetual everlasting law of the sabbath must die. Because none of them can say they kept the sabbath from their youth. Breaking the sabbath at any age requires the death penalty, If law-keepers believed this lie, they would either allow themselves to be killed or do God the honor and kill themselves.

6) The sabbath is greater than Jesus;

So dumb, I do not want to comment.

7) God himself must honor the sabbath;

Again so dumb I do not want to comment.

8) Christians are bound to keep the sabbath.

Lie. Read Exodus 31:17 where God says he gave the law to the Israelites. He did not give them to any Gentile. For Gentiles to think they are now the ones to whom the law was given shows a lack of intelligence and honesty.

9) The Old Testament is not abolished and takes authority over the New Testament.
Let me say here, that Jesus did not teach this at the Last Supper. In this Passover celebration he provided the Cup of the New Testament. This Cup did not contain any reference to Law Keeping. Never in the history of the Church was the Lord’s Supper ever taught to be the time to reaffirm the Old Testament or the Ten Commandments, In fact the opposite is true. This Cup represents the grace and love of God to sinners. This is why he said it represented his blood which was shed for the remission of the sins of many. This Cup is not one of condemnation and death. It is the cup of grace and life.

10) The New Testament is an extension of the Old Testament, they are one Covenant. Therefore the sabbath is binding on everyone.

This is false. Jeremias 31:31 tells us of the New Covenant that would NOT BE LIKE the covenant given to Moses.

I will just say in closing this off, that sabbath keeping is not a New Testament requirement of Gentiles or Jews,

Jesus did change the law of the sabbath.

Today, it is not sunday as many claim.

The sabbath is not a day, it is a person.

That sabbath person is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Reckart
A true sabbath keeper, keeping Jesus in my life every day…..

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Opening The Gates To Hell

The door to hell can be opened by grandparents and kept open by their children who give shelter to a homosexual spirit.

More than 30 years ago two grandparents walked out of my church over a message I preached on the sins of depravity. I mentioned homosexuality as the curse of hell for rejecting the will of God.

That evening on Loop 12 in a little delapidated country church, I preached my heart out. I was trying to establish a spiritual covering that only following the will of God could provide. I was shocked after service to be told I did not have the love of God. My preaching was to course and harsh. I was overbearing and a dictator. All because of my strong message about the curse of parents upon their children because they gave place to demons in their home. I tried my best to transfer the blessed Truth that parents who follow God with all their heart, mind, body, and soul: put up spiritual walls around their children. Walls that will stop the spirits of homosexuality.

After I was lectured about how wrong my spirit was, and they would not be back to sit under my ministry: the grandparents spoke to their two children in attendance and got in their car and left. When they did this, something happened this night that would bring a curse upon their grandchildren.

Mental depravity:

The price you pay when you walk away from the Truth, will be more then you can afford.

The night they drove away in 1979 they opened the gate to hell that their son and daughter would never close. A homosexual spirit came into two homes within three years. It was never conquered because the son and daughter departed also to take a journey of life that fell way short of God’s standard for living by the Word of God.

The moment the demons of hell comes upon a family is when they reject the will of God to go their own way. When a homosexual spirit comes into a family it’s because they missed God and refuse to return to the shelter of the preached Word of God. Preached Word will drive demons from the Church and the home.

The price to pay for attacking a man of God will always be hell. When the sorrows of hell falls upon the children of rebellious parents, who can turn the judgment hand of God? Two angels could not in Sodom. Abraham could not. All he could do was bargain for a few souls if there was any left who could be spared. Spared: an amazing word.

The curse of a homosexual spirit has not departed from those who heard my message. And is now manifested in the grandchildren of the man and woman who drove away after accusing me before God of not having love and being a harsh dictator. Their mean words pierced my heart. After they departed I went home. With the departure of those grandparents I could no longer afford the rent of the little church and closed down the work. I went home blessed. They went home where the homosexual spirit took up a welcome. A spirit they transferred to at least two grandsons.

Now, two families are required like Lot and his wife to become supporters of a homosexual invasion. The curse is upon the families who cannot shut the door two grandparents opened.

Be careful what you say when you think you can say anything to a man of God against his preaching. The price you will pay when you walk away from the shelter of the preached Word, will be more than you can afford.

Sorry, while some homosexuals may find redemption: a reprobate cannot be redeemed by the blood of Christ once they have been given over to a reprobate mind.

And no amount of love parents have for homosexual children, will ever save them and bring them back into the shelter of the preached Word of God.

They are lost forevermore.

Before you walk, you might want to consider the curse of the gates of hell you just invited upon your children and grandchildren.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Name of Jesus, above all names

Part 1

Misinformation posted by Anthony F. Buzzard was deleted after I posted to it. Below is my post he deleted. Anthony F. Buzzard is part of the wide-spreading tetragrammaton cult.

A lot of misinformation is spreading around the world about the name of God. A lot of missing facts in the short paragraph by Anthony F. Buzzard.

First, the King James government bible was the first translation of the Old Testament that used the Aramaic Babylonian text commonly referred to as the Masoretic text (MT). This MT was created by Rabbi Ben Asher and his assistants in Israel around 900AD. They are called the Masoretics because they allegedly were a Babylonian school of rabbis dating back all the way to the original Aramaic translated bible around 300BC. Prior to this translation, the Old Testament was written in Paleo-Hebrew which is also called the Phoenician language. So, from around 1400BC to 300BC, a time of 1,100 years, the Old Testament as used by all the Old Testament prophets and writers was in the Paleo-Hebrew language.

It was in Babylon by unknown and undocumented scribes that the Aramaic version of the Scriptures was created. It is in this Babylonian language called Chaldea, Chaldean, or Aramaic that the new bible was created. It was in this Babylonian new bible that the symbols representing the letters YHVH first appeared. Many scholars have claimed this god and this name came from Babylon and was not in the original scriptures. It is from this source that the mysteries of Babylon passed into the Jewish people via their occult rabbis. The letter symbols for YHVH is the center of a massive secret Chaldean mystic cult known as Kabbalah/Cabbalah. The world has now been flooded with all kinds of cultic images that portray YHVH as an all-powerful and sublime name of the most holy god of the Jews. Satanic temples and cult lodges, secret conclaves and occult orders: all use the Tetragrammaton as letters representing their secret and evil god. At the center of this worship sits Baphomet the bisexual god consisting of male and female. The god represented by YHVH is male and female.

Interpolating this Babylonian secret god into the Aramaic bible was the occult rabbi’s of saying YHVH is Babylonian equivalent of the ancient Jewish God. It is like other reprobate Jews who claimed that Zeus was also an equivalent of the ancient Jewish God. Since that time many reprobates have attempted to claim the name of the ancient Jewish God could be changed into a pagan name made equivalent. The Jews were the first to do this by taking the name Baal and making this god an equivalent to the ancient God of Israel.

Our focus should be on Jesus and the Apostles: what bible did they use. What Bible did Jesus refer to when he said not one “jot or tittle” would pass from the law (the real bible), until all had been fulfilled? At this time in the history of Israel there were only two bibles. The first is the Babylonian one and the second is the Greek Septuagint translated around 300-280BC, It is possible this Greek translation from the original Paleo-Hebrew came before the Babylonian Aramaic one. It is a matter of argument against the claims of rabbis (Jewish religionist) and monks (Catholic perverters). No matter which happened first, Jesus and the Apostles absolutely DID NOT USE the Babylonian Aramaic text. Many scholars will confess this in may ways. Jesus did not quote a single verse translated in the Babylonian Aramaic text. Jesus and the Apostles did not refer to this bible as the scriptures. They did not consider this Babylonian bible to be a Hebrew bible. Because it was not a Hebrew bible in the original Paleo-Hebrew language. What is called the Hebrew bible today is the Babylonian Aramaic text. Aramaic was not Hebrew when it was invented and will never be Hebrew. It is false to call the Aramaic Masoretic text the Hebrew bible, as if it’s language is Hebrew.

So, if Jesus and the Apostles rejected the Babylonian Aramaic bible, WHY?

This is really no secret.

None of the Jewish synagogues in the days of Jesus used the Babylonian Aramaic bible. None of them. In fact, the Babylonian bible was not even used in the temple in Jerusalem. Scholars admit that from around 300BC until the temple was destroyed in 70AD, the bible used by Jews was the Greek Septuagint translation. When Jesus stood to read in the synagogue from Isaias he was reading the Greek translation. He was not reading from the Babylonian Aramaic bible because it was never used in the worship centers. The Babylonian Aramaic bible was used only by those who practiced the Chaldea secrets becuause it contained the tetragrammaton YHVH. This is why so many cults run to the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essene cult for verification of its use. The tetragrammaton is found in the Aramaic language in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Along with portions of this Babylonian bible there was found also many occult writings. The Essenes were not a holy and righteous group. They were a secret Kabbalistic society practicing the Chaldean mysteries using their Aramaic text. Exactly like the Freemasons today who have their own bible and from it celebrate all their rituals and occult teachings. There are many cults that use the Bible as a source of their secret teachings. Madam Blavatsky is famous for this method of using the Holy to produce the profane. Do not accept that the use of a Bible text makes anyone holy. Or just go join the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Catholic church.

The facts are clear here. The King James (KJV) translators were the first to stop using the Greek Old Testament as the source of the Holy Scriptures and grabbed the Babylonian Aramaic bible and placed it along side the Greek New Testament translation. Here is where a correction needs to be applied. In the KJV the translators would not insert YHVH letters. Actually, we do not know what they put. Because in 1610 King James gave the new translation to Francis Bacon and his Knights of the Helmet secret order. This group had it for one whole year adding Masonic and satanic symbols throughout. If you have never seen the original 1611 KJV you owe it to yourself to go get a copy of the original.. Do not accept a 1611 that has all the Masonic and satanic symbols removed. It was in the bible returned to King James from this secret order that LORD appears as a substitute for the tetragrammaton found in the Babylonian Aramaic Masoretic text.

It is absolutely false and conjecture that the use of Kurios (Lord) in the Greek Septuagint was also a substitute for the tetragrammaton YHVH. This claim is made by the cultist trying to bridge the use of YHVH from the Babylonian Aramaic bible over into the Greek Old and New Testaments. Who is making this claim? It is rabbis and monks and now Protestant scholars. The same source from which flows every false doctrine about God, the interpretation of Scripture and the Scriptures themselves. But we have a more sure word of prophecy here.

Jesus told the rabbi Jews in control of the temple and the religious knowledge of his day:

“Ye neither know me, or my Father” (John 8:19).

If the Jews knew the Father as YHVH and this YHVH was indeed the Father as Jesus called God: then he lied. But, if YHVH was indeed not the true Father and not the God Jesus referred to as Father: but was a Babylonian god, then they did not know God. The god they thought they worshiped as the true God was a Babylonian fake backed up by a 300 year old Aramaic translation. The same translation being used now to foist upon us the many guess names such as Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, and over 100 more invented pronunciations. Any bible that uses YHVH, LORD, or any other substitute for the divine name of God is false. For this reason, we should not accept any name for God and stick to our Apostolic core doctrine that JESUS is the name of God and always has been. And this name of God existed before the foundation of the world. This name is the only name given under heaven and among men for salvation and worship. We must stick to Acts 4:12.

There is much more that can be said about the Divine name of God. But let me assure you, any use of YHVH or YHWH to try and discover the name of God will all end up in failure because the root of it is mystery Babylon.

I urge everyone to do the research and do not be led astray by the tetragrammaton cults and their horrendous volumes of mysticism, art, images, and lies. Do not cast down the name of Jesus which all tetragrammaton cults do. Do not curse and blaspheme the name of Jesus which all YHVH cults do. Do not allow these law-keeping occultist who make great use of Kabbalistic secrets to teach numerology and gematria. Do not call Aramaic Hebrew and fall into the abyss along with rabbis and monks. Stick to the name of Jesus. this is not a time to be playing tic-tac-toe with those who hate the name of Jesus Christ.

The doctrines of YHVH and law-keeping are causing more souls to be damned then the trinity doctrine.

May Jesus grant you understanding.

Bishop Reckart
From Mt. Jesus
Barangay Prenza, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines

I am indeed sorry that Anthony F. Buzzard deleted his entire post so what I wrote above would be censored. I am also thankful to Jesus who I believe spoke to me to save my post. Now that Mr. Buzzard has deleted it, I know why I was encouraged to save it. I did save it and it is reposted here to show you the information he wanted censored. I believe he is part of the wide-spreading Tetragrammaton cult.

Part 2 will be posted next

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