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Opening The Gates To Hell

The door to hell can be opened by grandparents and kept open by their children who give shelter to a homosexual spirit.

More than 30 years ago two grandparents walked out of my church over a message I preached on the sins of depravity. I mentioned homosexuality as the curse of hell for rejecting the will of God.

That evening on Loop 12 in a little delapidated country church, I preached my heart out. I was trying to establish a spiritual covering that only following the will of God could provide. I was shocked after service to be told I did not have the love of God. My preaching was to course and harsh. I was overbearing and a dictator. All because of my strong message about the curse of parents upon their children because they gave place to demons in their home. I tried my best to transfer the blessed Truth that parents who follow God with all their heart, mind, body, and soul: put up spiritual walls around their children. Walls that will stop the spirits of homosexuality.

After I was lectured about how wrong my spirit was, and they would not be back to sit under my ministry: the grandparents spoke to their two children in attendance and got in their car and left. When they did this, something happened this night that would bring a curse upon their grandchildren.

Mental depravity:

The price you pay when you walk away from the Truth, will be more then you can afford.

The night they drove away in 1979 they opened the gate to hell that their son and daughter would never close. A homosexual spirit came into two homes within three years. It was never conquered because the son and daughter departed also to take a journey of life that fell way short of God’s standard for living by the Word of God.

The moment the demons of hell comes upon a family is when they reject the will of God to go their own way. When a homosexual spirit comes into a family it’s because they missed God and refuse to return to the shelter of the preached Word of God. Preached Word will drive demons from the Church and the home.

The price to pay for attacking a man of God will always be hell. When the sorrows of hell falls upon the children of rebellious parents, who can turn the judgment hand of God? Two angels could not in Sodom. Abraham could not. All he could do was bargain for a few souls if there was any left who could be spared. Spared: an amazing word.

The curse of a homosexual spirit has not departed from those who heard my message. And is now manifested in the grandchildren of the man and woman who drove away after accusing me before God of not having love and being a harsh dictator. Their mean words pierced my heart. After they departed I went home. With the departure of those grandparents I could no longer afford the rent of the little church and closed down the work. I went home blessed. They went home where the homosexual spirit took up a welcome. A spirit they transferred to at least two grandsons.

Now, two families are required like Lot and his wife to become supporters of a homosexual invasion. The curse is upon the families who cannot shut the door two grandparents opened.

Be careful what you say when you think you can say anything to a man of God against his preaching. The price you will pay when you walk away from the shelter of the preached Word, will be more than you can afford.

Sorry, while some homosexuals may find redemption: a reprobate cannot be redeemed by the blood of Christ once they have been given over to a reprobate mind.

And no amount of love parents have for homosexual children, will ever save them and bring them back into the shelter of the preached Word of God.

They are lost forevermore.

Before you walk, you might want to consider the curse of the gates of hell you just invited upon your children and grandchildren.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


December 20, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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