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Midnight Mass

img_20161227_042907What about your Catholic New Year midnight mass?

Daniel 7:25 “change times.”

Did you know it was pope Gregory who made January 1 the beginning day of the Catholic year?

Did you know January is named after the Roman god Janus?

Did you know Janus was a two-faced god?

Did you know Janus was the god of doors?

Did you know he is the god worshipped as the opener and closer of doors?

Did you know he closed the door on the past year and opened the door to the coming days of the new year?

Did you know what day or month the year began before pope Gregory changed it? How come you do not know? How come all our Pentecostal Catholic pastors and bible schools never told you? How come you never had enough Holy Ghost to discern this night had an evil origin? Or do you not have the Holy Ghost just a tongue talking religious spirit?

Go ahead, do it. Add to your holiday sins of the pagan saturnalia. You already have enough sins of idolatry to go to hell. Adding one more festive idolatrous night won’t thrust you deeper into the fires of hell.

Maybe this year I can evangelize you and get your heart and soul turned 100% to Jesus Christ.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


December 26, 2016 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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