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Truth Has No Equal

If you do not know the Truth, how can you recognize it?

Naturally, you must know the Truth first.

If all you know is half-truth, or lies, it is obvious you cannot know the true TRUTH.

It is the work of satan to confuse and to confound Truth. If you are a wise man or woman, you will know the serpent used confusion to trick Eve to eat the fruit.

“Yea, hath God said.” Then follows the confusion: “Ye shall not surely die.”

God said she would die. The devil said she would not die.

The confusion is if she will die or not die.

The devil lied to her. What was his purpose? That he kill her with a lie. A lie then spoken that is believed will kill her. It will cause her death. The fruit will not kill her. The lie will cause her to die. The lie is only a tool to kill her with. How many people are killed because of lies?

This is why there can be zero tolerance for lies. If a preacher tolerates lies to have a large church congregation or a leader allows lies to have a large group: he is nothing but a spiritual devil. He can speak in tongues. He can dance. He can speak with oratory. He can persuade compromise. He can build consensus with other liars. He can build his own Babel with help of men who are foolish. But then, not all men are called to the Truth. Some men are not called at all they just want a preaching job for the income. Some do it just for position in their group or organization. Some do it because they love greatness and position

Truth has no equal. It is not equal to man-made opinions. It is not equal to organizational handbooks. It is not equal to traditions of men. It is not equal to educational analysis. It is not equal to half-truths. And it is not equal to anything that contains any part of a lie.

For the Apostles to have their eyes wide open they had to be taught the Truth by Jesus. Jesus was the teacher. They were the students (that’s what the word disciple means). For three and a half years they were in disciple Bible school. They did not learn religious politics. They did not learn compromise to have a crowd or large group. They did not learn philosophy and mix it with the Gospel. And they did not make friends with the worldliness and bring it into the body of Christ to defile it.

If you have never been taught the Truth chances are you will reject it. In this case you are no better than the Pharisees and Sadducees. You allow your traditions to set at naught the Word of God.

Some of you are religious and that is all you are. You think because you have a religious spirit that you do not need correction nor do you need to measure up to the high standard that Truth demands. So you are worldly. You allow all manner of sin. You keep your mouth shut for fear of losing members. You do it for two reasons:

1) the esteem of men;
2) the money….

Truth is the very nature of my God. In him there is no lie. How then will you be in him and you are full of lies? In him there is no variable of turning, yet you turn every year to pagan holidays, religious traditions of men, and allow more and more ungodliness and worldliness. Truth has fled from your midst and all you have remaining is dead men’s bones just as Jesus saw the religious hypocrites in his day.

Dead men and women walking.

I urge you to listen to my voice and plea. Turn to the Truth with all of you heart and make no provisions for your flesh.

If you do not know the Truth you cannot recognize it. Do not let the devil and his servants blind your eyes.Do not follow blind leaders of the blind. Seek out the Truth. And if you cannot find it where you are and all you get is spoon-fed traditions of men: Run, Run, Run…..

It is better to dwell at home alone then among a multitude in religious traditions running toward hell full speed.

Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.
But if you call traditions of men the Truth, you will forever be in bondage and your mind sealed up against the Truth.

If the Truth is still out there, it could be because lies are still in your head.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


January 3, 2017 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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