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Jesus, Name Above All Names

1Corinthians 16:22

The name of Jesus will be great in all the earth although many will hate it.

While the tetragrammaton cults increase hate against the name of Jesus, it is still the greatest name above all names throughout many nations of the earth.

Many do not know about the war of the tetragrammaton cults against the name of Jesus. This is a good thing in some ways. But dangerous in others. The reason is, because when a tetragrammaton cult member infiltrates a congregation and starts spreading lies against the name of Jesus the members are not equipped to face them. Many are deceived.

They creep in unaware and begin by saying since the letter J and its sound are only four hundred years old the name of Jesus could not be with the letter J and its sound.

Then they produce a copy of the 1611 KJV that shows the name of Jesus was spelled Iesus with the letter “I”. And then ask people to pronounce it. Befuddled they cannot. And instantly they are convinced with just two sligh tricks that the name of Jesus is false.

Then the tetragrammaton cult member will show in the King James Version where the name Jesus is used for the name Joshua in Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8. By this error of the KJV translators (corrected in many other translations), the tetragrammaton cult member will claim the true Hebrew name of Jesus is Joshua. This is backed up by grabbing a Strong’s concordance and flipping to #2424 where it says “Jesus or Joshua.”

Once this is put into the minds of the victim of deceit, the tetragrammaton cult member will then say, the name of Jesus comes from Zeus. He or she will point to the 1611 KJV in Luke 4:27 where the name of Elias is spelled “Elizeus.”

From this, the leap is made that the name Elias here as Elizeus proved the name Jesus comes from Zeus. So Jesus is then said to be the name of a devil god in disguise. Instantly many begin rebuking the name of Jesus as the name of the devil.
These simple tricks have swept many thousands into a Jesus name hating tetragrammaton cult where they will begin using Yahshua or Yeshua, or Jeshua, or some other guess name. They will then turn to the Aramaic translations by the Jewish rabbis who will call this Aramaic Babylon language Hebrew. Yes, they will call the language of Babylon Hebrew and then place before the unsuspecting the names Yeshua or Jeshua, or Yehoshua, or even Joshua as the true Hebrew name of Jesus.

Done, they are swept away by clever lies.

Now what follows is departing from the New Testament back under the law to the Old Testament. They begin to teach hate against the Apostle Paul calling him a false prophet. They rip out 13 books of the New Testament or refuse to use them,

Instantly they become worshippers of YHWH or YHVH letters that are said to represent the name of their God the Father. Oneness now become two god. The Father is the tetragrammaton god and Yahshua his son becomes another god. Some call God the Father Jehovah. Some call him Yahweh, Some call him Yahuah. There are over 120 guess names for the tetragrammaton god. Each cult of the tetragrammaton has its own Baal-Shem (master of the name).

A convert to the tetragrammaton cult must now begin keeping the sabbath day, practicing circumcision, dietary laws, and spiritualizing all the feast days, Some of the men will start sporting beards. They will begin wearing the talit along with strings with knots tied to their belt loops. Women will begin adopting the laws of separation. Some even go so far as to sacrifice sheep and goats. They will start learning the Babylonian Aramaic language and call it Hebrew. They will delve off into numerology, gematria, and Kabbalah.

If you are not aware of the tetragrammaton cults and their perversions, you could fall prey to their lies. You could be turned into a blasphemer of the name of Jesus. You could be turned into a mystery Babylon worshipper of false gods and not know it.
If you cannot be turned away from the name of Jesus by clever cult tricks, you can make it on into heaven. Follow the Truth. It will lead you to the throne of Jesus.
Yes, the name of Jesus is the true Hebrew name of Jesus.

It is the name above all names.

It was written on the cross in three languages but pronounced the same.

Iehshas (Paleo-Hebrew Jesus)
Iesous (Greek Jesus)
Iesus (Latin Jesus)

The letter “I” having the J letter sound.

Yes, the letter J sound is very ancient. Although the symbol representing the sound is different in ancient languages, it is still pronounced with the sound now given in the lette “I” in the three languages upon the Cross.

If you research this honestly you will discover this truth.

The name of Jesus is the name above all names because it is the name above all names on the Cross.

He is our Lord Jesus Christ…….


Bishop Reckart
A man God Made


January 15, 2017 - Posted by | Apostolic Messianic

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