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Back To Babel or Go With Jesus

I woke up disturbed that people are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. As I began to think on this mass confusion my mind drifted back to Babel in Babylon and the origin of this spirit. I could see how this mental state of deception worked its way into the Jewish people and now into the world via the Catholic church. But many people do not know. They are confused. And who is leading the confusion today but pastors and preachers. So I decided to write something and then go back to sleep.

Here it is:

If you do not know what came out of Babylon, how will you know if part of your religious beliefs is not Babel Babylonian?

DId you know the first triad trinity was Nimrod, Simeramas, and Tammuz? All a human godhead family. This triad was spread by different names when the languages were changed. Each language afterward in their nations and countries had their triad godhead (trinity) with a Father, Mother, Child (son).

Did you know that mysticism was born in Babel Babylon and concealed within its alphabet letters?

Did you know the sacred and holy tongue of the Babylonian mystics was what we know today as Aramaic?

Did you know the alphabet letter symbols of Aramaic were assigned numbers?

Did you know the secret code of the alphabet symbols and numbers assigned is the origin of numerology?

Did you know the secret code of words and names were assigned a numerology identity that is now called gematria?

Did you know the number of the beast said to represent his name reveals the antichrist will use a gematria and mumerology number from the occult of Babel Babylon mysticism?

Do you know why the religious endtime system is called Mystery Babylon?

So, you have rejected the babylonian trinity triad doctrine of the Roman Catholic church.
So, you have rejected the triad trinity baptism in the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
So, you have rejected some of the Catholic rituals and praying to images of the saints.
So, you call yourself Protestant or Pentecostal or Apostolic because you disagree with Roman riddles and religious inventions.
So, you believe you are the pristine and pure people of God yet you believe the Jewish rabbis who use numerology and gematria are great men of God?

Do you know that in the days of Ezekiel there were Jewish leaders involved in a secret order who held lodge meetings underground in Jerusalem? Do you even know what Ezekiel 8:8-12 is all about? Or have you shoved this out of your mind because it will not fit into any of your sermons?

Do you know in Babylon the rabbis adopted the Aramaic language for the Bible and cast aside the Palo-Hebrew scrolls until by the time of Jesus there was only one copy remaining?

Do you know that these same apostate rabbis called this new Babylonian bible the Masoretic text, named after the scribes called the Masoretes?

Did you know these scribes placed into the Aramaic bible secret numerology and gematria codes? The famous biblical
skip-codes” can be traced to these mystic rabbis.

Did you know this whole satanic system is called Cabbalah or Kabbalah?

Did you know that Jesus and the Apostles did not accept or include this mysticism in the New Testament?

Did you know this is the origin of witchcraft with secret chants, runes, mantras, palm reading, horoscope, zodiac signs, amulets, finger rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces: all containing a meaning of witchcraft symbols and numbers: came from Babylon to Jerusalem and into Jewelry by apostates?

How much of your religion and daily practices came from Mystery Babylon?

How many of your annual holidays and celebrations can be traced back to Babel Babylon via the Catholic church?

Do you even care?

Have you been religious brainwashed to believe you are in the bride of Christ when you could be just in one of the daughters of the great whore?

Do you think your speaking in tongues makes all of your Babel Babylonian traditions holy?

Do you believe just because you are not a triad trinitarian that this gives you a wall of protection although you observe as many as 9-12 Roman Catholic Babel Babylonian traditions?

I wonder, as we get nearer and nearer to the coming of Jesus if when he comes, he will find many with true faith upon the earth: the right saving faith?

I did not make this up. I got it from the words of Jesus.

If you care about going to heaven, educate yourself. What you learn may lead you from men but the Truth will bear you to the throne of God.

Now I will go back to sleep…..

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


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