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In Jesus Name

The wickedness behind the changing of the name of Jesus by Jewish rabbis.
Why are there so many names for Jesus throughout the world when the name given to Joseph and Mary by Gabriel was one name?
Why is it that this one name can now be changed into hundreds of names, some of which have no connection to the original name of Jesus?
Does the scriptures contain lies:
In his name (singular) shall the Gentiles trust? (Isaias 42:4 Septuagint and in Matthew 12:21 and Romans 15:12).
What about Zacharias 14:9:
And the Lord shall be King over all the earth: in that day sall there be one Lord and his name one.
What about Acts 4:12:
Neither is there salvatioin in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
What about Acts 9:5:
And he said,, Who art thous, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus…
What about Revelation 22:16:
I Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things…
We do not need an abundance of scripture to prove that the name of the Lord is Jesus.
And we most certainly do not need Jewish rabbis telling us what the name of Jesus is. We have the record of the Apostles and this is our rule of faith. We cannot turn from the record of the Apostles and start going to apostate rabbis for the name of Jesus.
But that is what many are doing.
Did you know that the rabbis have their secret writings on changing the spelling of names? Did you know they believe altering a name can express what they believe is divine disapproval. Look at what it says in the satanic Talmud:
Arachim 32b
He Ezra had prayed for mercy because of the passion for idolatry and he removed it, and his merit then shielded them even as the booth. That is why the scriptures reproved Joshua, for in all passages it is spelled Jehoshua, but here Joshua.
You can see here that Joshua is a name of disapproval. You can see the rabbis claim it was originally Jehoshua. But to show him God’s disapproval of his idolatry his name was altered from Jehoshua to Joshua. Joshua is then a name that reflects upon his idolatry. In plain language the Talmud tells us that the name Joshua is connected to idolatry.
You may think this is not an important matter. But when these same rabbis tell us the name of Jesus is really Joshua, you get the truth behind why. The name Joshua applied to Jesus implies that he also is guilty of idolatry or why bear this name that means this?
Why would God tell Gabriel to bring the name Joshua to Joseph and Mary if God knew it meant idolatry? Or is God guilty of not knowing what the Jews had in their Babylonian Talmud?
You will recall that the original name of Joshua was Oshea (see Numbers 13:8 and 13:16). In the text Moses changes the name of Oshea and adds “Jeh” which is a contraction of Ehjeh asher Ehjeh. This is found in the original text of Exodus 3:14. But the rabbis and translators changed it to I AM that I AM. Ehjeh appears to mean “everlasting God.” Oshea originally meant deliverer. By adding “Jeh” to Oshea and forming Jehoshea, his name now means the everlasting God is the Deliverer.
There is no question if the rabbis love the name of Jesus. There is no rabbi I have ever met or encountered who rejects the Talmud. I had a discussion with Jacob O. Meyer of the Assemblies of Yahweh about the Talmud and he said he accepted it.I asked this because he was a principle Gentile proponent for the name of Yahshua(h) to replace the name of Jesus. Following the Talmud runs strong among those who hate the name of Jesus. The Talmud is considered by the rabbis and many Jews to be more authoritative then then Old Testament scriptures. And since around 90AD they specifically place the Talmud higher than the Greek Septuagint used by Jesus and the Apostles.
In the Talmud we discover several name changes for Jesus.
He is called Ben Stada (son of Stada. Mary is called Stada and in some cases it seems to refer to Joseph);
He is called Ben Padira (Pandira is the name of the alleged Roman soldier with whom Mary prostituted herself);
That Egyptian (in reference to Jesus being a sorcerer);
Joshua ha Notzri (Joshua the Nazarene);
Jesu (same as Yshu or Yshv sometimes abbreviated to YS. This name is derived from the first letters of Yimakh-Shemo-Ve-Zkro which means “MAY HIS NAME AND MEMORY BE BLOTTED OUT.”
He is called Yeshu ben Pandera (Avodan Zarah 16b-17a);
He is called the sorcerer (Sanhedrin 43a);
Yeshu(a) is an alternative form of Yehoshua and Joshua according to the scholars but they do not tell us that all of this changing of names is by rabbis to blot out the true name of Jesus from Israeli history and the world.
According to present rabbis, Yeshu(a) is the ONLY RECOGNIZED NAME for Jesus. Now you know why Strongs, Gesenius, Thayers, Brown-Driver-Briggs,and other cryptologist claiming to be correcting reporting the etymology of words and names from Hebrew are all deceived by trusting the rabbis and their claims on the names Yehoshua, Joshua, and Jesu,Yeshu or Jesus.
No where in the New Testament did the Apostles or writers ever use the names Yeshu or Jeshu. As to the New Testament record, there is not one time Yeshu or Jeshu were translated into Greek or Latin as IESHU. The absence of IESHU in both Greek and Latin manuscripts proves they either did not exist at the time of their writing the New Testament or they ignored them as attempts to blot out the name of Jesus by rabbis. The record will reflect that at no time did the Apostles use Yeshu or Jeshu in their vocabulary or in their writings.
According to the blasphemers against the name of Jesus there could not be a name Jesus because there is no letter “J” in the Paleo-Hebrew or Babylon Aramaic alphabet. Let me turn this on its head. In both Paleo-Hebrew and in the Babylon Aramaic alphabets there also no letters “Y-S-H-U.” When I pointed this out in my debates with the Yahwehs in 1993, 94, 95 and 96 they were gobsmacked. I out up the Paleo_Hebrew and Babylonian Aramaic alphabets and challenged them before over 300 people to come up and show us the letters. They sat there like frogs in a hail-storm. When it came their turn they got up and said I was correct but there were symbols with the sounds of Y-S-H-U. But denied there was any symbol that represented the J letter sound. When it was my turn again I proved there was a J letter sound symbol all the way back to the Cuneiform language. To this day no one has proven me wrong. So the claims by the tetragrammaton cults that there was no letter J so there could not be a name Jesus in his day is all lies.
In 1963 Jerry Kirk who debated for the Yahweh cult showed me a 1611 King James Version of the Bible and ask me to pronounce IESUS in Matthew 1:1. I told him Iesus was pronounced Jesus. He walked away and said I was lying. In that debate and in subsequent years I have more than proved that Iesus was pronounced Jesus. But this trick and lie about no letter J or J letter sound existing in the days of Jesus is absolutely false.
It is calied by the tetragrammaton cults that the name Jesus came from Zeus which means little horse. This wind of doctrine lie blows a lot of people straight out of the church right down to hell. Check out Acts 14:12-13. In these two verses we have Barnabas being called Jupiter and the priest of this god called priest of Jupiter. This was in the city of Iconium. This city has a Roman name because it was part of the Roman Empire. The people here were generally bilingual. They spoke both Latin and Greek. Jupiter is the Latin name for Zeus. But according to the ancient records Zeus was not spelled Zeus but rather spelled Dyeus. This same Jupiter is the origin of the name Jove (Jo-veh which plays a part in the development of Jo-vah our Jehovah).
It is only by using the rabbi method of changing a name from Jesus to Zeus that we see again an effort to make idolatry associated with the name of Jesus. It is this trick that causes many thousands to cast down the name of Jesus and begin abusing it and blaspheming against it.
What has amazed me over the 24 years I first debated the tetragrammaton cults spewing this idolatry accusation, is the leaders of the Apostolic Oneness people have not stood up against it but in fact agree with it.
David Bernard who is considered the icon of Oneness theology and apologetics has openly repeated the lies of the rabbis and the tetragrammaton cults as being true. He even went so far as to say the name of Jesus is just an English name and the true Hebrew name of Jesus was Joshua. He openly spouts off about God;s name being Jehovah or Yahweh. AS the leader of over 5 million Pentecostals they march behind him in lock-step. And from the midst of the UPCI has fled many thousands of members over into the ranks of the Jesus name blasphemers.
I can assure you the name of Jesus is a Hebrew name spelled with Latin letter in almost perfect Paleo-Hebrew pronunciation.
Yehshas/Jehshas (Jeh-shas);
Iesous (there is no “sh” in Greek Iesous is the same as Ieh/Jeh-sous or Jeh-soos);
Iesvs/Iesus (From Greek Iesous: which means it has the same pronunciation as Jesus).
Jesus is derived from the one name on the Cross spelled phonetically with letters to give it the best pronunciation possible.
It is not how the letters are arranged in order or even the number of letters, it is how they are correctly pronounced.
Jesus is the Latin, not the English name of Jesus,
The name Jesus is not four times removed from the name on the Cross. It is the name of Jesus upon the Cross.
I have written this information so that it may inspire bold men to stand up and defend the name of Jesus greater and better than any other men of our present generation of Apostolic preachers and pastors.
Let me warn you: if you are inspired by the greatest revelation of the name of Jesus you ever heard; you will be attacked and put down by men you respect and love. They will turn on you like vipers. They will scahdalize your name. You will fall among those who are:
Hated for his name sake (Mark 13:13).
Are you a man who can take it? Are you a woman who can take it?
If you are not prepared to be crucified over this issue of the name of Jesus, do not pick up this Cross and follow him.
Because on his Cross his name meant he was dying for our salvation. And in this name the Gentiles would trust.
First trust,
Second, fall in love with Jesus,
Third, defend his honor, his glory, his majesty, his power.
May Jesus add a blessing to your life if you respond: I will stand up.
Bishop Reckart
A man God made


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