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In the early years of my ministry (1972-1976) i knew very little about biblical texts. All I knew was the King James version and accepted that there were many other translations. I was taught that all the other bibles were translated from the same Greek and Hebrew text. So it was good enough for me to accept them all as being 100% accurate and just as infallible as the KJV. I preached and taught from the KJV believing it had no errors and certainly not anything added or taken away.

Around 1974 I met a Brother who had gone through a very heart-breaking divorce. He was a minister. While he was on a missionary trip his wife cheated on him with a man in his church. When he came home and it was told to him, he was crushed, hurt, and angry. His wife split and soon after filed for a divorce. He backslid.

I met him after he heard one of my radio broadcast and came to check me out at our little store-front church. We hit it off right way. He was a history buff and so was I. We discussed for hours the champions of our Apostolic doctrine, especially the Oneness/Trinity conflicts. We taught each other what the other lacked.

When we got into the discussion of the King James Version, he was way more ahead of me is research and study. So he became like a mentor to me concerning biblical text. He was so learned I looked up to him. I was not to discover the lies that he put into my head until around 1998 (24 years later). I do not believe he knew them to be lies and was purposely deceiving me. I know for a fact he believed the lies because that was what he learned in his research and he accepted this information as the truth. He trusted the fables of Catholic writers and Jewish rabbis. He did not acknowledge the information he accepted were fables.

What is a fable?

A fable is a literary genre: a fictional story, it is something repeated to be true but it is all false. A fable differs from a parable. A parable contains a mystery that need spiritually understood. A fable is a mystery that cannot be understood but expected to be accepted because of the source of its information.

In the King James Version of the New Testament, “μῦθος” (“mythos”) was rendered by the translators as “fable”.

So, a fable is a myth.

The trinity doctrine is a myth and therefore a fable. No matter who invents a fable and tries to give it the scale of Truth, it was born a myth and will always be a myth no matter how many times it is repeated over the centuries. The Apostle Paul did not use Jewish myths or any other religious myths of other nations in his preaching the Gospel. His doctrines on Christ and God are clearly founded upon the Scriptures he believed represented the preserved Word of God at that time. The Jews had already developed in Babylon many myths concerning the Scriptures. Their greatest literary genre was the Kabbalah. A complete satanic compilation of fables of all manner. It was these Jewish fables that Paul warned about in Titus 1:14. There are other sources of fables (1Timothy 1:4, 7; 2Timothy 4:4, and 2Peter 1:16).
In 1974 I had no comprehension of this important biblical problem. I was taught to respect Jewish rabbis like they were prophets of God and were not to be questioned. I did not know anything about the Kabbalah and its satanic inventory of lies and myths. I knew nothing about the Zohar. I knew nothing about Toldoth Jesu. I had a blank mind when it came to Kabbalistic symbols, numerology, and gematria. I would not learn of these until around 1988 (14 years later). My minister friend did not tell me about them although he knew. I was instructed about this Babylonian black satanic world of mysticism by a man named Robert Yearicks. He sent me some information that blew my world apart. This came at the same time I received the revelation of the Israel of God. It helped me understand why those Jews who rejected Jesus were not his Israel. The Israel, the Jews, over which he was born and crucified as King.

The next five years would be traumatic. I shared my new information with my minister friend. At first he was reluctant. But after a couple years he came around and saw the Israel of God. He also accepted that the Kabbalah, Zohar, and other Jewish mystic books were devilish. But the most important subject of Jehovah and the tetragrammaton he balked on and has not budged in over 20 years. In fact he is now my enemy over this subject.

It was around 1982 that I was confronted with the tetragrammaton not being the name of God. In my church in Terrell, Texas I had painted it on the wall behind the pulpit in large gold letters. I used the letters as found in Strong’s Lexicon “יְהֹוָה.” These symbols translated into YHVH and by some as YHWH. But, to me they meant YHVH and JEHOVAH.

I had believed Jehovah was the Old Testament name of Jesus. I was taught this by the UPC. The UPC books said Jesus was Jehovah come in the flesh. They said the name of Jesus means “Jehovah Saves.” They said Jehovah was an ancient name of God before Jesus name was revealed. They said the name of Jesus was not revealed in the Old Testament. They also said Jehovah was a name and in some cases said it was just a title. Confusing…

I met many Jehovah Witnesses in those years. I even debated in a Jehovah Witness church about miracles, speaking in tongues, and baptism in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38). But it never occurred to me that I did not challenge them on the name Jehovah. We both believe Jehovah was the name of the Father in the Old Testament. Unknow to me I had been brainwashed to be a Jehovah name witness. I would later repent of this sin.

It was around 1998 my friend and I had a head-on collusion over the tetragrammaton (יְהֹוָה). I already had been told years earlier that it was not the name of God (1982). I was so disturbed by what I discovered in a book I found (Morals & Dogmas by Albert Pike), that I painted over the tetragrammaton יְהֹוָה and refused to use it or respect it any more. The fact it was the centerpiece of Kabbalah cemented more in my spirit that it was evil. I learned later that all the satanist used it. All the mystics used it. All of the cults used it. How is it possible that a witch could chant יְהֹוָה and the devil show up in the ritual if it was the name of God?
In 1998 my friend split fellowship. Although we have met up a couple times after this: the tetragrammaton became a burr under his saddle and he would not forgive me of slandering what he considered to be the name of God before the name of God became Jesus.

Why was he so adamant against me? Why has he traveled miles after miles to tell people I am not only wrong but I am a false prophet?

Here is the Truth. He lied to me.

At the time he did not know them to be lies. But I showed him what he told me was all lies. I am not sure if I offended him in telling him or he was so bound in the Jewish fables of the tetragrammaton he could not get free. What ever the case, what he told me and taught me were lies. Lies I had to overcome.

Concerning biblical text, he taught me that the Old Testament descended to us in the KJV from the holy Masoretic scribes. He was very learned about this. I never heard the name Rabbi Aaron ben Moses ben Asher. I did not know he led a school of scribes in Tiberias who allegedly reconstructed the Aramaic bible used by many rabbis in Babylon and Israel in the time of Jesus. So, I was easy prey for all the lies he had learned and was defending.

Lie #1
The Masoretic text was pure, infallible, and the preserved Old Testament.
Lie #2
This text contained the tetragrammaton יְהֹוָה in over 5,000 places and was pronounced Jehovah.
Lie #3
Although the KJV only had Jehovah in 7 of these 5,000+ places it was still an infallible bible to which nothing had been added or taken away. Confusing…
Lie #4
That Jesus and the Apostles had used the tetragrammaton יְהֹוָה and pronounced the name as Jehovah.
Lie #5
That the Greek translators as well as the New Testament writers deleted יְהֹוָה from their quotes of the Old Testament because they did not want anyone to try and pronounce it and profane it (so how could they say Jehovah and not violate this censure)?
Lie #6
The Jews would not pronounce the name Jehovah from יְהֹוָה because they respected it so highly and did not want any Jew or Gentile to hear it and use it in an evil manner.
Lie #7
The rabbis would read the scrolls and when they came to יְהֹוָה they would not pronounce it but instead substitute Lord (adonay or Kurios).
Lie #8
The New Testament in places like Acts 2:21 or Revelation 4:8; 11:17; 19: indicates LORD and Lord in these points to the Jehovah name.
Lie #9
The rabbis took the vowels from Adonay (Adonai) and inserted them into יְהֹוָה to come about the pronunciation of the name Jehovah and restored it to the correct spelling. Fact is, it was catholic monk Raymundus Martini who did this around 1260-1280AD.
Lie #10

Yahweh is now a better rendering of יְהֹוָה than Jehovah. And it is okay to now put Yahweh in over 5,000 places where the KJV has the error of LORD or Jehovah.
It was not until I got the revelation that the Masoretic text was nothing but an invention from the Babylonian Aramaic text (300BC): and that Jesus and the Apostles did not use it, that my eyes came completely open. From 1994 until 1998 I tried to educate my minister friend to no avail. He continued to call the Aramaic language Hebrew. He continued to call יְהֹוָה the Hebrew letters of the name of God.
Aramaic is not Hebrew and never will be Hebrew.

Aramaic is a Babylonian Gentile language.

The ancient language of the Israelites and the Jews was Paleo-Hebrew. It is on all their coins in the time of Jesus. Paleo-Hebrew was upon the Cross. Aramaic was never upon the Cross. The name of Jesus so far as we know was never translated into Aramaic in his life time. What has happened is the rabbis took Aramaic and attempted to construct invented names for Jesus from Joshua, Jehoshua, Yeshua, and so forth.
None of these names are Pale-Hebrew/ None of them.

Today after 20+ years of attacking me behind my back over the tetragrammaton and the Masoretic text: we are no longer in agreement to the point we can walk together. Although I have invited him many times to come with me on the mission field he has refused. He would come if I would allow him to teach that Jehovah and יְהֹוָה are the true names of God. But, I will not allow it.

I was told lies by him.

I have been free of them now many years.

Many of you are also bound by the lies. You are still ashamed to stand up and say Jehovah is a false name. If you did you would find out your friends would close their pulpits to you. So, compromise, its the spirit of the age.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


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