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Go To Hell With Them

First of November and already the stores are full of Christmas stuff. People the world over will prepare for this pagan holiday anciently called Saturnalia. They mix Christ into this pagan annual festival. And out of it is born St. Nicolas or as we now know him “Santa Claus.”

St. Nicolas was born around 270AD and died around 340AD. He was at the council of Nicaea as the bishop of Myra. He was a trinitarian. How then can Oneness people be celebrating this famous trinitarian as Santa Claus?

St. Nicolas was a Turk. He was born in Turkey. It is claimed he gave little children gifts. And from this was developed gift giving at Christmas time to little children.

St. Nicolas never was at the north pole. He did not know one existed. He never saw reindeer in his life. He never dressed in Scandinavian clothing with white fluffy cuffs on his coat or a collar of white fluffy cotton. He never wore a red robe and shouted: Ho, Ho, Ho. He never saw a snow sleigh as now depicted. And we know he never knew about Coke Cola.

The Santa Claus spirit is now cranking up. Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus; jingle bells, Silent Night, I’ll be home for Christmas; Grandma got ran over by a reindeer; and a host of other emotional songs will be blasted out over store speakers soon.

What are we Christians supposed to do?

Your family will get angry if you do not join them. They will treat you bad. Some will choose never to speak to you again. All because of refusing to celebrate with them on a fake pagan holiday.

Oneness churches will put xmass trees in the church, in the foyer, and decorate the halls with boughs of holy. Some will have Christmas banquets where the pastor will dress up as Santa Claus and give gifts to children. One UPCI church in California will spend $60,000 to decorate the church and pulpit and its Christmas program.

How much money over all of Oneness Churches will be spent on Christmas? Many millions of dollars. Add to this the millions of dollars Oneness people will charge up on credit cards.

They say its all above love.

Where is Christmas in the bible? The three wise men? We do not know how many wise men there were. But they did not exchange gifts among themselves. The ones who were there at his birth gave gifts to Jesus. There was no Santa Claus. No Christmas tree. No boughs of holy. No Poinsettia plants. No groups going house to house shaking rattlers or singing carols. No office alcohol parties. No adulterous or fornicating orgies. No one screaming “halleluyah.”

I know for certain that if Jesus comes during the month of December all of those celebrating Christmas are going to hell.

If the devil has the mouth of your pastor he will never openly speak against Christmas. So why are you still going there? Have you no shame? Have you no condemnation? You think you will change these people when in fact they have changed you.

Come out from among them and be ye separate. If you cannot do this, then go ahead and go to hell with them.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made


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