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Come Out

The Catholic church was never Pergamos or Thyatira churches in Revelation 2:12-17.

Anyone who teaches this, is teaching a lie.

Why then may I ask, does the UPCI and other Oneness groups teach this lie?

Let me say this: the Holy Ghost does not enter into us so that we may bear witness to lies.

The Holy Ghost is supposed to lead and guide us into all righteousness.

Why then has organizational names such as UPCI, PAW, WPF, ACI, PAJC, COOLJC, ALJC, IMA, AWCF, IPUC, IAFCJ, PCAF, et al: become so powerful that members or each of them believe whatever their group believes is the truth?

Yet why, after over 100 years have they continued to practice Catholic holidays such as Christmas, New Years Eve, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter?

Why then after over 100 years have they continued to follow catholic catechisms that proclaim the name of Jesus means Jehova(h) saves?

Why then after 100 years have they continued to proclaim the name Jehova(h) as the Old Testament name of God when they know this name did not exist until around 1280AD? And that it was invented from the tetragrammaton YHVH by Raymundus Martini?

Why then after 100 years are they following the lies of James Strong Lexicon that the name of Jesus is not Jesus but anciently was Joshua, Jehoshua, and Yeshua? Either Gabriel brought the name Jesus down from heaven or it came from under heaven from the Babylonian Aramaic language. Strong admits that Joshua, Jehoshua, and Yeshua are tied to the Chaldean language.

Why then after 100 years have they all chosen to follow the Catholic tradition of celebrating the Lord’s Supper any time they want just at Rome observes the eucharist several times a day and every day of the year. Knowing that “as oft” does not signify at the will of human choice, .Why has New Year’s Eve communion become a tradition not backed up by Scriptural warrant?

Why do they teach the lies that “breaking bread from house to house” is celebrating the Lord’s Supper when they know this is a lie? This “oft” lie is used to justify Communion every day of the week, Once a week, Once a month, etc. etc.?

Why then do they teach the lie that the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is Lord Jesus Christ? And so claim to fulfill the trinity of Matthew 28:18 just convert it to Lord Jesus Christ as the three-fold name of the trinity: Lord the name of the Father; Jesus the name of the Son; and Christ the name of the Holy Ghost?

Why then are we seeing more and more trinitarian preachers in Apostolic pulpits and being accepted as joint heirs of the Kingdom of God? What happened to the requirement of Acts 2:38 and belief in the Oneness of God before a man was allowed to stand behind the sacred desk? And yet you will put a man in hell and drive him from the church if he wears facial hair. You will allow Jezebels with dangling earrings and lipstick to prophesy to God’s people and you call her an Apostle?

You assemble youth by the tens of thousands to brainwash them to remain in Catholic Pentecostalism when you know it needs dismantled and torn down. And something holy and with the pure word of God preached built up just like the Apostles had,.

I know many of you are squirming. Your tea-kettle is whistling. And you are ready to pronounce me a heretic and a devil. But I am warning all of you: REPENT. Stop; this nonsense before you go so far Jesus will vomit you out.

Resign from your secret orders and depart from your cult affiliations. Some of you God will kill unless you come clean. This is not a game. It is not religious hop-scotch. You don’t get to hop around on one leg and try to get to the moon and proclaim yourself a winner. It is time you go the same altar you have been calling sinners to. And there fall down and get right with God.

None of these political corporate religious organizations will save you. They have all forsaken the right way.They are all of them backslid. Come out from among.

Come out of Pentecostal Catholicism.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made


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In the early years of my ministry (1972-1976) i knew very little about biblical texts. All I knew was the King James version and accepted that there were many other translations. I was taught that all the other bibles were translated from the same Greek and Hebrew text. So it was good enough for me to accept them all as being 100% accurate and just as infallible as the KJV. I preached and taught from the KJV believing it had no errors and certainly not anything added or taken away.

Around 1974 I met a Brother who had gone through a very heart-breaking divorce. He was a minister. While he was on a missionary trip his wife cheated on him with a man in his church. When he came home and it was told to him, he was crushed, hurt, and angry. His wife split and soon after filed for a divorce. He backslid.

I met him after he heard one of my radio broadcast and came to check me out at our little store-front church. We hit it off right way. He was a history buff and so was I. We discussed for hours the champions of our Apostolic doctrine, especially the Oneness/Trinity conflicts. We taught each other what the other lacked.

When we got into the discussion of the King James Version, he was way more ahead of me is research and study. So he became like a mentor to me concerning biblical text. He was so learned I looked up to him. I was not to discover the lies that he put into my head until around 1998 (24 years later). I do not believe he knew them to be lies and was purposely deceiving me. I know for a fact he believed the lies because that was what he learned in his research and he accepted this information as the truth. He trusted the fables of Catholic writers and Jewish rabbis. He did not acknowledge the information he accepted were fables.

What is a fable?

A fable is a literary genre: a fictional story, it is something repeated to be true but it is all false. A fable differs from a parable. A parable contains a mystery that need spiritually understood. A fable is a mystery that cannot be understood but expected to be accepted because of the source of its information.

In the King James Version of the New Testament, “μῦθος” (“mythos”) was rendered by the translators as “fable”.

So, a fable is a myth.

The trinity doctrine is a myth and therefore a fable. No matter who invents a fable and tries to give it the scale of Truth, it was born a myth and will always be a myth no matter how many times it is repeated over the centuries. The Apostle Paul did not use Jewish myths or any other religious myths of other nations in his preaching the Gospel. His doctrines on Christ and God are clearly founded upon the Scriptures he believed represented the preserved Word of God at that time. The Jews had already developed in Babylon many myths concerning the Scriptures. Their greatest literary genre was the Kabbalah. A complete satanic compilation of fables of all manner. It was these Jewish fables that Paul warned about in Titus 1:14. There are other sources of fables (1Timothy 1:4, 7; 2Timothy 4:4, and 2Peter 1:16).
In 1974 I had no comprehension of this important biblical problem. I was taught to respect Jewish rabbis like they were prophets of God and were not to be questioned. I did not know anything about the Kabbalah and its satanic inventory of lies and myths. I knew nothing about the Zohar. I knew nothing about Toldoth Jesu. I had a blank mind when it came to Kabbalistic symbols, numerology, and gematria. I would not learn of these until around 1988 (14 years later). My minister friend did not tell me about them although he knew. I was instructed about this Babylonian black satanic world of mysticism by a man named Robert Yearicks. He sent me some information that blew my world apart. This came at the same time I received the revelation of the Israel of God. It helped me understand why those Jews who rejected Jesus were not his Israel. The Israel, the Jews, over which he was born and crucified as King.

The next five years would be traumatic. I shared my new information with my minister friend. At first he was reluctant. But after a couple years he came around and saw the Israel of God. He also accepted that the Kabbalah, Zohar, and other Jewish mystic books were devilish. But the most important subject of Jehovah and the tetragrammaton he balked on and has not budged in over 20 years. In fact he is now my enemy over this subject.

It was around 1982 that I was confronted with the tetragrammaton not being the name of God. In my church in Terrell, Texas I had painted it on the wall behind the pulpit in large gold letters. I used the letters as found in Strong’s Lexicon “יְהֹוָה.” These symbols translated into YHVH and by some as YHWH. But, to me they meant YHVH and JEHOVAH.

I had believed Jehovah was the Old Testament name of Jesus. I was taught this by the UPC. The UPC books said Jesus was Jehovah come in the flesh. They said the name of Jesus means “Jehovah Saves.” They said Jehovah was an ancient name of God before Jesus name was revealed. They said the name of Jesus was not revealed in the Old Testament. They also said Jehovah was a name and in some cases said it was just a title. Confusing…

I met many Jehovah Witnesses in those years. I even debated in a Jehovah Witness church about miracles, speaking in tongues, and baptism in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38). But it never occurred to me that I did not challenge them on the name Jehovah. We both believe Jehovah was the name of the Father in the Old Testament. Unknow to me I had been brainwashed to be a Jehovah name witness. I would later repent of this sin.

It was around 1998 my friend and I had a head-on collusion over the tetragrammaton (יְהֹוָה). I already had been told years earlier that it was not the name of God (1982). I was so disturbed by what I discovered in a book I found (Morals & Dogmas by Albert Pike), that I painted over the tetragrammaton יְהֹוָה and refused to use it or respect it any more. The fact it was the centerpiece of Kabbalah cemented more in my spirit that it was evil. I learned later that all the satanist used it. All the mystics used it. All of the cults used it. How is it possible that a witch could chant יְהֹוָה and the devil show up in the ritual if it was the name of God?
In 1998 my friend split fellowship. Although we have met up a couple times after this: the tetragrammaton became a burr under his saddle and he would not forgive me of slandering what he considered to be the name of God before the name of God became Jesus.

Why was he so adamant against me? Why has he traveled miles after miles to tell people I am not only wrong but I am a false prophet?

Here is the Truth. He lied to me.

At the time he did not know them to be lies. But I showed him what he told me was all lies. I am not sure if I offended him in telling him or he was so bound in the Jewish fables of the tetragrammaton he could not get free. What ever the case, what he told me and taught me were lies. Lies I had to overcome.

Concerning biblical text, he taught me that the Old Testament descended to us in the KJV from the holy Masoretic scribes. He was very learned about this. I never heard the name Rabbi Aaron ben Moses ben Asher. I did not know he led a school of scribes in Tiberias who allegedly reconstructed the Aramaic bible used by many rabbis in Babylon and Israel in the time of Jesus. So, I was easy prey for all the lies he had learned and was defending.

Lie #1
The Masoretic text was pure, infallible, and the preserved Old Testament.
Lie #2
This text contained the tetragrammaton יְהֹוָה in over 5,000 places and was pronounced Jehovah.
Lie #3
Although the KJV only had Jehovah in 7 of these 5,000+ places it was still an infallible bible to which nothing had been added or taken away. Confusing…
Lie #4
That Jesus and the Apostles had used the tetragrammaton יְהֹוָה and pronounced the name as Jehovah.
Lie #5
That the Greek translators as well as the New Testament writers deleted יְהֹוָה from their quotes of the Old Testament because they did not want anyone to try and pronounce it and profane it (so how could they say Jehovah and not violate this censure)?
Lie #6
The Jews would not pronounce the name Jehovah from יְהֹוָה because they respected it so highly and did not want any Jew or Gentile to hear it and use it in an evil manner.
Lie #7
The rabbis would read the scrolls and when they came to יְהֹוָה they would not pronounce it but instead substitute Lord (adonay or Kurios).
Lie #8
The New Testament in places like Acts 2:21 or Revelation 4:8; 11:17; 19: indicates LORD and Lord in these points to the Jehovah name.
Lie #9
The rabbis took the vowels from Adonay (Adonai) and inserted them into יְהֹוָה to come about the pronunciation of the name Jehovah and restored it to the correct spelling. Fact is, it was catholic monk Raymundus Martini who did this around 1260-1280AD.
Lie #10

Yahweh is now a better rendering of יְהֹוָה than Jehovah. And it is okay to now put Yahweh in over 5,000 places where the KJV has the error of LORD or Jehovah.
It was not until I got the revelation that the Masoretic text was nothing but an invention from the Babylonian Aramaic text (300BC): and that Jesus and the Apostles did not use it, that my eyes came completely open. From 1994 until 1998 I tried to educate my minister friend to no avail. He continued to call the Aramaic language Hebrew. He continued to call יְהֹוָה the Hebrew letters of the name of God.
Aramaic is not Hebrew and never will be Hebrew.

Aramaic is a Babylonian Gentile language.

The ancient language of the Israelites and the Jews was Paleo-Hebrew. It is on all their coins in the time of Jesus. Paleo-Hebrew was upon the Cross. Aramaic was never upon the Cross. The name of Jesus so far as we know was never translated into Aramaic in his life time. What has happened is the rabbis took Aramaic and attempted to construct invented names for Jesus from Joshua, Jehoshua, Yeshua, and so forth.
None of these names are Pale-Hebrew/ None of them.

Today after 20+ years of attacking me behind my back over the tetragrammaton and the Masoretic text: we are no longer in agreement to the point we can walk together. Although I have invited him many times to come with me on the mission field he has refused. He would come if I would allow him to teach that Jehovah and יְהֹוָה are the true names of God. But, I will not allow it.

I was told lies by him.

I have been free of them now many years.

Many of you are also bound by the lies. You are still ashamed to stand up and say Jehovah is a false name. If you did you would find out your friends would close their pulpits to you. So, compromise, its the spirit of the age.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Passover In Jerusalem

I plan to be in Jerusalem for Passover this year. While many have gone there over the centuries, most Oneness did not go there to celebrate the Passover of Jesus on the Jewish Passover. All of you do know that Jesus instituted the first Lord’s Supper on the Jewish Passover RIGHT?

I may be the first Apostolic in hundreds of years to actually hold the Lord’s Supper in Jerusalem on the Jewish Passover.

Totally awesome to do another spiritual event that no one else has done in our generation. Even David Bernard, pope of the UPCI has never done this.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Standing When Others Run

If Jesus already returned in 70ad as claimed by many, what all came to an end?

Acts 2:38 ended.
The Lord’s Supper ended.
Holy Ghost baptism ended.
The Kingdom of God ended.
Being born again of water and Spirit ended.
Miracles have all ended.
Casting out demons has ended.
All gifts of the Spirit have ended.
The church ended.
The five-fold ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers ended.
Deacons, Elders, Bishops ended.
Tithing and offerings ended.
Revivals ended.
Funerals with promise of the resurrection ended.
The blessed hope ended.
The great tribulation is already past and ended.
The man of sin, the antichrist, the beast 666 is already happened and ended.
The seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls of wrath is past and ended.
The 144,000 and great number saved out of great tribulation is over and ended.
All church services are ended.

According to a group of prophecy interpreters, the church age lasted 40 years from 30ad to 70ad. They claim the resurrection of the dead in Christ took place in 70ad. They claim all the scriptures speaking about the rapture are already fulfilled. They claim the millennium began in 70ad and is not 1,000 years long but an indefinite number of years. They claim only the last two chapters of the book of Revelation remains unfulfilled.

Some of you are being suckered into this prophecy cult called Preterism.

They teach against the future rapture and refuse to use the word to describe the coming of Jesus. Jerry Moon who is in this cult claimed Jesus came back on the day of Pentecost. When I challenged him to prove 1Thes 4:16-17 took place on that day, he then attacked me for having his picture on my wall of shame.

Simple reasoning here. If Jesus already came in 30ad on the day of Pentecost, why is Paul writing 1Thes 4:16-17 around 60ad?

Look at all that I must defend and how many will hate me.

Do not bite the bait of the sucker fishermen.

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In Jesus Name

The wickedness behind the changing of the name of Jesus by Jewish rabbis.
Why are there so many names for Jesus throughout the world when the name given to Joseph and Mary by Gabriel was one name?
Why is it that this one name can now be changed into hundreds of names, some of which have no connection to the original name of Jesus?
Does the scriptures contain lies:
In his name (singular) shall the Gentiles trust? (Isaias 42:4 Septuagint and in Matthew 12:21 and Romans 15:12).
What about Zacharias 14:9:
And the Lord shall be King over all the earth: in that day sall there be one Lord and his name one.
What about Acts 4:12:
Neither is there salvatioin in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
What about Acts 9:5:
And he said,, Who art thous, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus…
What about Revelation 22:16:
I Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things…
We do not need an abundance of scripture to prove that the name of the Lord is Jesus.
And we most certainly do not need Jewish rabbis telling us what the name of Jesus is. We have the record of the Apostles and this is our rule of faith. We cannot turn from the record of the Apostles and start going to apostate rabbis for the name of Jesus.
But that is what many are doing.
Did you know that the rabbis have their secret writings on changing the spelling of names? Did you know they believe altering a name can express what they believe is divine disapproval. Look at what it says in the satanic Talmud:
Arachim 32b
He Ezra had prayed for mercy because of the passion for idolatry and he removed it, and his merit then shielded them even as the booth. That is why the scriptures reproved Joshua, for in all passages it is spelled Jehoshua, but here Joshua.
You can see here that Joshua is a name of disapproval. You can see the rabbis claim it was originally Jehoshua. But to show him God’s disapproval of his idolatry his name was altered from Jehoshua to Joshua. Joshua is then a name that reflects upon his idolatry. In plain language the Talmud tells us that the name Joshua is connected to idolatry.
You may think this is not an important matter. But when these same rabbis tell us the name of Jesus is really Joshua, you get the truth behind why. The name Joshua applied to Jesus implies that he also is guilty of idolatry or why bear this name that means this?
Why would God tell Gabriel to bring the name Joshua to Joseph and Mary if God knew it meant idolatry? Or is God guilty of not knowing what the Jews had in their Babylonian Talmud?
You will recall that the original name of Joshua was Oshea (see Numbers 13:8 and 13:16). In the text Moses changes the name of Oshea and adds “Jeh” which is a contraction of Ehjeh asher Ehjeh. This is found in the original text of Exodus 3:14. But the rabbis and translators changed it to I AM that I AM. Ehjeh appears to mean “everlasting God.” Oshea originally meant deliverer. By adding “Jeh” to Oshea and forming Jehoshea, his name now means the everlasting God is the Deliverer.
There is no question if the rabbis love the name of Jesus. There is no rabbi I have ever met or encountered who rejects the Talmud. I had a discussion with Jacob O. Meyer of the Assemblies of Yahweh about the Talmud and he said he accepted it.I asked this because he was a principle Gentile proponent for the name of Yahshua(h) to replace the name of Jesus. Following the Talmud runs strong among those who hate the name of Jesus. The Talmud is considered by the rabbis and many Jews to be more authoritative then then Old Testament scriptures. And since around 90AD they specifically place the Talmud higher than the Greek Septuagint used by Jesus and the Apostles.
In the Talmud we discover several name changes for Jesus.
He is called Ben Stada (son of Stada. Mary is called Stada and in some cases it seems to refer to Joseph);
He is called Ben Padira (Pandira is the name of the alleged Roman soldier with whom Mary prostituted herself);
That Egyptian (in reference to Jesus being a sorcerer);
Joshua ha Notzri (Joshua the Nazarene);
Jesu (same as Yshu or Yshv sometimes abbreviated to YS. This name is derived from the first letters of Yimakh-Shemo-Ve-Zkro which means “MAY HIS NAME AND MEMORY BE BLOTTED OUT.”
He is called Yeshu ben Pandera (Avodan Zarah 16b-17a);
He is called the sorcerer (Sanhedrin 43a);
Yeshu(a) is an alternative form of Yehoshua and Joshua according to the scholars but they do not tell us that all of this changing of names is by rabbis to blot out the true name of Jesus from Israeli history and the world.
According to present rabbis, Yeshu(a) is the ONLY RECOGNIZED NAME for Jesus. Now you know why Strongs, Gesenius, Thayers, Brown-Driver-Briggs,and other cryptologist claiming to be correcting reporting the etymology of words and names from Hebrew are all deceived by trusting the rabbis and their claims on the names Yehoshua, Joshua, and Jesu,Yeshu or Jesus.
No where in the New Testament did the Apostles or writers ever use the names Yeshu or Jeshu. As to the New Testament record, there is not one time Yeshu or Jeshu were translated into Greek or Latin as IESHU. The absence of IESHU in both Greek and Latin manuscripts proves they either did not exist at the time of their writing the New Testament or they ignored them as attempts to blot out the name of Jesus by rabbis. The record will reflect that at no time did the Apostles use Yeshu or Jeshu in their vocabulary or in their writings.
According to the blasphemers against the name of Jesus there could not be a name Jesus because there is no letter “J” in the Paleo-Hebrew or Babylon Aramaic alphabet. Let me turn this on its head. In both Paleo-Hebrew and in the Babylon Aramaic alphabets there also no letters “Y-S-H-U.” When I pointed this out in my debates with the Yahwehs in 1993, 94, 95 and 96 they were gobsmacked. I out up the Paleo_Hebrew and Babylonian Aramaic alphabets and challenged them before over 300 people to come up and show us the letters. They sat there like frogs in a hail-storm. When it came their turn they got up and said I was correct but there were symbols with the sounds of Y-S-H-U. But denied there was any symbol that represented the J letter sound. When it was my turn again I proved there was a J letter sound symbol all the way back to the Cuneiform language. To this day no one has proven me wrong. So the claims by the tetragrammaton cults that there was no letter J so there could not be a name Jesus in his day is all lies.
In 1963 Jerry Kirk who debated for the Yahweh cult showed me a 1611 King James Version of the Bible and ask me to pronounce IESUS in Matthew 1:1. I told him Iesus was pronounced Jesus. He walked away and said I was lying. In that debate and in subsequent years I have more than proved that Iesus was pronounced Jesus. But this trick and lie about no letter J or J letter sound existing in the days of Jesus is absolutely false.
It is calied by the tetragrammaton cults that the name Jesus came from Zeus which means little horse. This wind of doctrine lie blows a lot of people straight out of the church right down to hell. Check out Acts 14:12-13. In these two verses we have Barnabas being called Jupiter and the priest of this god called priest of Jupiter. This was in the city of Iconium. This city has a Roman name because it was part of the Roman Empire. The people here were generally bilingual. They spoke both Latin and Greek. Jupiter is the Latin name for Zeus. But according to the ancient records Zeus was not spelled Zeus but rather spelled Dyeus. This same Jupiter is the origin of the name Jove (Jo-veh which plays a part in the development of Jo-vah our Jehovah).
It is only by using the rabbi method of changing a name from Jesus to Zeus that we see again an effort to make idolatry associated with the name of Jesus. It is this trick that causes many thousands to cast down the name of Jesus and begin abusing it and blaspheming against it.
What has amazed me over the 24 years I first debated the tetragrammaton cults spewing this idolatry accusation, is the leaders of the Apostolic Oneness people have not stood up against it but in fact agree with it.
David Bernard who is considered the icon of Oneness theology and apologetics has openly repeated the lies of the rabbis and the tetragrammaton cults as being true. He even went so far as to say the name of Jesus is just an English name and the true Hebrew name of Jesus was Joshua. He openly spouts off about God;s name being Jehovah or Yahweh. AS the leader of over 5 million Pentecostals they march behind him in lock-step. And from the midst of the UPCI has fled many thousands of members over into the ranks of the Jesus name blasphemers.
I can assure you the name of Jesus is a Hebrew name spelled with Latin letter in almost perfect Paleo-Hebrew pronunciation.
Yehshas/Jehshas (Jeh-shas);
Iesous (there is no “sh” in Greek Iesous is the same as Ieh/Jeh-sous or Jeh-soos);
Iesvs/Iesus (From Greek Iesous: which means it has the same pronunciation as Jesus).
Jesus is derived from the one name on the Cross spelled phonetically with letters to give it the best pronunciation possible.
It is not how the letters are arranged in order or even the number of letters, it is how they are correctly pronounced.
Jesus is the Latin, not the English name of Jesus,
The name Jesus is not four times removed from the name on the Cross. It is the name of Jesus upon the Cross.
I have written this information so that it may inspire bold men to stand up and defend the name of Jesus greater and better than any other men of our present generation of Apostolic preachers and pastors.
Let me warn you: if you are inspired by the greatest revelation of the name of Jesus you ever heard; you will be attacked and put down by men you respect and love. They will turn on you like vipers. They will scahdalize your name. You will fall among those who are:
Hated for his name sake (Mark 13:13).
Are you a man who can take it? Are you a woman who can take it?
If you are not prepared to be crucified over this issue of the name of Jesus, do not pick up this Cross and follow him.
Because on his Cross his name meant he was dying for our salvation. And in this name the Gentiles would trust.
First trust,
Second, fall in love with Jesus,
Third, defend his honor, his glory, his majesty, his power.
May Jesus add a blessing to your life if you respond: I will stand up.
Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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Back To Babel or Go With Jesus

I woke up disturbed that people are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. As I began to think on this mass confusion my mind drifted back to Babel in Babylon and the origin of this spirit. I could see how this mental state of deception worked its way into the Jewish people and now into the world via the Catholic church. But many people do not know. They are confused. And who is leading the confusion today but pastors and preachers. So I decided to write something and then go back to sleep.

Here it is:

If you do not know what came out of Babylon, how will you know if part of your religious beliefs is not Babel Babylonian?

DId you know the first triad trinity was Nimrod, Simeramas, and Tammuz? All a human godhead family. This triad was spread by different names when the languages were changed. Each language afterward in their nations and countries had their triad godhead (trinity) with a Father, Mother, Child (son).

Did you know that mysticism was born in Babel Babylon and concealed within its alphabet letters?

Did you know the sacred and holy tongue of the Babylonian mystics was what we know today as Aramaic?

Did you know the alphabet letter symbols of Aramaic were assigned numbers?

Did you know the secret code of the alphabet symbols and numbers assigned is the origin of numerology?

Did you know the secret code of words and names were assigned a numerology identity that is now called gematria?

Did you know the number of the beast said to represent his name reveals the antichrist will use a gematria and mumerology number from the occult of Babel Babylon mysticism?

Do you know why the religious endtime system is called Mystery Babylon?

So, you have rejected the babylonian trinity triad doctrine of the Roman Catholic church.
So, you have rejected the triad trinity baptism in the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
So, you have rejected some of the Catholic rituals and praying to images of the saints.
So, you call yourself Protestant or Pentecostal or Apostolic because you disagree with Roman riddles and religious inventions.
So, you believe you are the pristine and pure people of God yet you believe the Jewish rabbis who use numerology and gematria are great men of God?

Do you know that in the days of Ezekiel there were Jewish leaders involved in a secret order who held lodge meetings underground in Jerusalem? Do you even know what Ezekiel 8:8-12 is all about? Or have you shoved this out of your mind because it will not fit into any of your sermons?

Do you know in Babylon the rabbis adopted the Aramaic language for the Bible and cast aside the Palo-Hebrew scrolls until by the time of Jesus there was only one copy remaining?

Do you know that these same apostate rabbis called this new Babylonian bible the Masoretic text, named after the scribes called the Masoretes?

Did you know these scribes placed into the Aramaic bible secret numerology and gematria codes? The famous biblical
skip-codes” can be traced to these mystic rabbis.

Did you know this whole satanic system is called Cabbalah or Kabbalah?

Did you know that Jesus and the Apostles did not accept or include this mysticism in the New Testament?

Did you know this is the origin of witchcraft with secret chants, runes, mantras, palm reading, horoscope, zodiac signs, amulets, finger rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces: all containing a meaning of witchcraft symbols and numbers: came from Babylon to Jerusalem and into Jewelry by apostates?

How much of your religion and daily practices came from Mystery Babylon?

How many of your annual holidays and celebrations can be traced back to Babel Babylon via the Catholic church?

Do you even care?

Have you been religious brainwashed to believe you are in the bride of Christ when you could be just in one of the daughters of the great whore?

Do you think your speaking in tongues makes all of your Babel Babylonian traditions holy?

Do you believe just because you are not a triad trinitarian that this gives you a wall of protection although you observe as many as 9-12 Roman Catholic Babel Babylonian traditions?

I wonder, as we get nearer and nearer to the coming of Jesus if when he comes, he will find many with true faith upon the earth: the right saving faith?

I did not make this up. I got it from the words of Jesus.

If you care about going to heaven, educate yourself. What you learn may lead you from men but the Truth will bear you to the throne of God.

Now I will go back to sleep…..

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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1Corinthians 16:22

The name of Jesus will be great in all the earth although many will hate it.

While the tetragrammaton cults increase hate against the name of Jesus, it is still the greatest name above all names throughout many nations of the earth.

Many do not know about the war of the tetragrammaton cults against the name of Jesus. This is a good thing in some ways. But dangerous in others. The reason is, because when a tetragrammaton cult member infiltrates a congregation and starts spreading lies against the name of Jesus the members are not equipped to face them. Many are deceived.

They creep in unaware and begin by saying since the letter J and its sound are only four hundred years old the name of Jesus could not be with the letter J and its sound.

Then they produce a copy of the 1611 KJV that shows the name of Jesus was spelled Iesus with the letter “I”. And then ask people to pronounce it. Befuddled they cannot. And instantly they are convinced with just two sligh tricks that the name of Jesus is false.

Then the tetragrammaton cult member will show in the King James Version where the name Jesus is used for the name Joshua in Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8. By this error of the KJV translators (corrected in many other translations), the tetragrammaton cult member will claim the true Hebrew name of Jesus is Joshua. This is backed up by grabbing a Strong’s concordance and flipping to #2424 where it says “Jesus or Joshua.”

Once this is put into the minds of the victim of deceit, the tetragrammaton cult member will then say, the name of Jesus comes from Zeus. He or she will point to the 1611 KJV in Luke 4:27 where the name of Elias is spelled “Elizeus.”

From this, the leap is made that the name Elias here as Elizeus proved the name Jesus comes from Zeus. So Jesus is then said to be the name of a devil god in disguise. Instantly many begin rebuking the name of Jesus as the name of the devil.
These simple tricks have swept many thousands into a Jesus name hating tetragrammaton cult where they will begin using Yahshua or Yeshua, or Jeshua, or some other guess name. They will then turn to the Aramaic translations by the Jewish rabbis who will call this Aramaic Babylon language Hebrew. Yes, they will call the language of Babylon Hebrew and then place before the unsuspecting the names Yeshua or Jeshua, or Yehoshua, or even Joshua as the true Hebrew name of Jesus.

Done, they are swept away by clever lies.

Now what follows is departing from the New Testament back under the law to the Old Testament. They begin to teach hate against the Apostle Paul calling him a false prophet. They rip out 13 books of the New Testament or refuse to use them,

Instantly they become worshippers of YHWH or YHVH letters that are said to represent the name of their God the Father. Oneness now become two god. The Father is the tetragrammaton god and Yahshua his son becomes another god. Some call God the Father Jehovah. Some call him Yahweh, Some call him Yahuah. There are over 120 guess names for the tetragrammaton god. Each cult of the tetragrammaton has its own Baal-Shem (master of the name).

A convert to the tetragrammaton cult must now begin keeping the sabbath day, practicing circumcision, dietary laws, and spiritualizing all the feast days, Some of the men will start sporting beards. They will begin wearing the talit along with strings with knots tied to their belt loops. Women will begin adopting the laws of separation. Some even go so far as to sacrifice sheep and goats. They will start learning the Babylonian Aramaic language and call it Hebrew. They will delve off into numerology, gematria, and Kabbalah.

If you are not aware of the tetragrammaton cults and their perversions, you could fall prey to their lies. You could be turned into a blasphemer of the name of Jesus. You could be turned into a mystery Babylon worshipper of false gods and not know it.
If you cannot be turned away from the name of Jesus by clever cult tricks, you can make it on into heaven. Follow the Truth. It will lead you to the throne of Jesus.
Yes, the name of Jesus is the true Hebrew name of Jesus.

It is the name above all names.

It was written on the cross in three languages but pronounced the same.

Iehshas (Paleo-Hebrew Jesus)
Iesous (Greek Jesus)
Iesus (Latin Jesus)

The letter “I” having the J letter sound.

Yes, the letter J sound is very ancient. Although the symbol representing the sound is different in ancient languages, it is still pronounced with the sound now given in the lette “I” in the three languages upon the Cross.

If you research this honestly you will discover this truth.

The name of Jesus is the name above all names because it is the name above all names on the Cross.

He is our Lord Jesus Christ…….


Bishop Reckart
A man God Made

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The Day The Lamb Becomes The Lion

By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright 2009 all rights reserved

“they will fight against the lamb, and the lamb shall overcome them, because he is Lord of lords and king of kings, and those who are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful” (Revelation 17:14).

The war against the lamb is currently directed at those who are followers of the lamb. Those identified as the so-called, chosen, and faithful.

Not everyone who claims to be from this group holy is really one of them. There are tares among the wheat and the time the show through.

The day that Jesus rise from your heavenly throne is the day that the grace is over. This is the day of his trial, his anger and his revenge. It’s a time appointed by an angel with one foot on earth and one in the water (PS 10:6-7), the time or delay won’t be long.

This moment, this great moment of which no one knows the day nor the hour, is called the Lord’s day. It’s the day that Jesus becomes the lion of the tribe of Judah.

This is the time and the day that Jesus takes his cane of pastor of iron and come forward to embarrass the nations that have rejected the grace of God (Acts 2:38 salvation, holiness) and to those who turned against the saints For persecuted, imprisoned, and leave them to die.
The day of the Lord is the same day that the prophecy is the day of judgment and vengeance. It’s the day of judgment for all those who opposed it and caused damage and losses to the saints. It’s the moment that Jesus will keep his word, “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

Those who think they can corrupt, corrupt, and fight against the men of God and the saints of the last few days have a day of judgment to come. That’s why, it’s better to hang a millstone around your neck and jump into the sea after vilify and mistreating the sons of God. The day of reckoning is coming. Wait for it, won’t be long, soon will come.
The day of the Lord:

The day of the Lord is called the day of destruction (Isaiah 13:06);
The day of the anger and the anger (is. 13:09);
The day of vengeance against the adversaries: which will include a great holocaust near the Euphrates River (Jer 46:10; see also AP. 16:14);
Day of dark clouds (Ezekiel 30:3);
A day of destruction (Joel 1:15);
There shall be a great earthquake in Israel in the day of the Lord (Joel 2:01);
On the day of the Lord, he will raise his voice (Joel 2:11, see also 1 TS 4:16);
The day of the Lord, he will fight the multitudes in the valley of decision ” (Joel 3:14), the valley of decision is the place where men will make your last battle against God, and they will choose to fight against Jesus. This is also known as the battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:14);
The Lord’s day is a day of great darkness (Amos 5:18, see also Isaiah 13:10 and Matthew 24:29);

The day of the Lord, he will fall over the nations (Obadiah 01:15): by pagans here refers to those who do not worship God, who are not converted, and who have refused to be saved;
The day of the Lord is great and terrible, when he shows up the Prophet Elijah: (the Jews in every Easter continue to believe that when he comes, the returned to God, and give them warning for protection until the day that the Messiah make your redemption (Mal 4:05).
Paul spoke of his joy and the rejoicing of the saints in the Lord’s day (2 Corinthians 1:14);
Paul tells us that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night (1 TS 5:01):

Unexpected, unannounced, without notice, while many are safe and are spiritually asleep, when many haven’t prepared And when a great apostasy has happened.
1) no prepared for the wrath of God.;
2) no prepared for the fierceness of the wrath of God (Seals, trumpets, vials);
3) no prepared for the trial.;
4) no prepared for the time of the great tribulation and darkness.;
5) no prepared for the terrible fear to take over the hearts of all nations.;
6) no prepared to discern the signs of the times.;
7) no prepared for the destruction that will come in the land;
8) without preparation, because it is the pagans who refuse to convert according to acts 2:38 and for the holiness and the righteousness of God.;
9) are not prepared for the sudden arrival of Jesus when he descends with joy.;
10) aren’t ready for the day of the rapture and the anger in the valley of decision.;
The day of the Lord comes in the last of the seven trumpets (the last trumpet) at the end of a period of time during which the united nations have been called to repent and turn to God and be saved. Salvation in the New Testament, it is a message scatological and an offer of grace (Acts 2:38). This is the reason why I made 2:38 starts in the birth of the church and ends on the day of the Lord and his coming .

A person who accepts the grace of God, as it is offered in acts 2:38 it must also accept the truth of post-Tribulation, that this grace of salvation is his release from the wrath ahead in the Lord’s day. The Annual Easter of the true believers in the real day is a celebration of our hope and faith in the finished work of Calvary that will keep us until the day of the Lord and his coming.

The day of the Lord comes after the great tribulation:

There is no rapture preterista, pre-Tribulation, or half-tribulation before the coming of the Lord. Jesus is coming once in the end times and this is after the tribulation of those days that will be the time of the first resurrection, on the day of the Lord. The day of resurrection is the same day on which jesus descends with jubilation, on the same day that those who are alive will be raptured to meet the Lord in the clouds.

This is the hour in which the strong hand will be upon all the nations that do not know God and that have rejected the salvation of Jesus the Messiah. We hope that all religions are represented in the battle of Armageddon (family of a single world of nations): Antichrist Judaism, Islam, Christianity trinitario, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions that reject Jesus as the son of God and As the Messiah of Israel.

Because of the suffering to the saints, the persecution, abuse and torture, killing methods (including cutting off heads see revelation 20:04): on the day of revenge has arrived. Look at this wicked world and their behaviour in the death of the two prophets of Jerusalem in revelation 11:10., the world will rejoice in their deaths. . This type of foolishness will require judgment of God and this will come. The day of judgment will come. The day on which everyone has to answer to God for his hatred, intolerance and anger. The day of reckoning will come, won’t take long, will not be postponed, and there is no repentance of any nation that can stop him. It’s coming. The world will see Jesus coming with his rod of iron and its verdict to execute the death penalty on those who executed his saints. It’s not a lie, when it was prophesied that Jesus would require of nations to those that refused that he should rule over them, and put them to death (see Luke 19,27).

The day of grace and mercy has ended. The day the fierceness of the wrath of God has come.

The enemies of God will be many. The false prophets of the past few days they will not escape. The false teachers shall not escape. The Rookies who get up themselves in pride and those who fall into the condemnation of the devil shall not escape. Those who spill the blood of the saints will not escape. Those who spread hatred, intolerance, lies, deceit, perversion and they come in like lambs when in fact they are ravenous wolves: they shall not escape. The one who betrays the saints to be arrested, put in prison, and even sentenced to death, they shall not escape. Those who turn against fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and other relatives will not escape. Those who do not preach and teach or rules of holiness to be presented to the church without blemish, wrinkle, blemish, or anything like that, they shall not escape. The trial will begin in the house of God, and that means a building. And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where will be shown the ungodly and the sinner? There’s no way they will escape.

Things just have to wait before the day of the Lord:

1.) iniquity abound, because men and women will not see the sin as sin, approve, enable and call it holiness (2 Timothy 3:05).

2.) men and women will reject the pastoral authority and will to govern the church and indoctrinated with “Elders” Controlled Collegiate.

3.) all or most of the doctrines, faith, practice, conduct and the order will be perverted, corrupt, and in its place artificial thing which will appear as the truth, but in reality are falsehoods.
4.) spiritual wars within and outside of the church, where members become victims of the wolves who are trying to destroy and demolish them.

5.) Ecumenism, where there is no unity without a doctrinal agreement.

6.) movements of common purpose, where the doctrine is put to one side and fellowship or the unit manages an agreement on a common purpose that both religious groups defending.

7.) a total chaotic mass of men and women who do their thing without a biblical training and organization. Calling themselves apostles, Bishops, pastors, Deacons: even with false ordinations over them for men are not qualified to sort them in spiritual authority.

8. ) spread of hate and intolerance against men of God who dare to stand up and declare the counsel of God.

9.) the loss of biblical moral values which will lead to the acceptance of homosexuality, Lesbianism And other sexual perversions.

10.) the breakup of the family by the sexual infidelity that leads to adultery, fornication and divorce.

11.) the spirit of party of meals and drinks, where even churches will start lessons in which you will say that it’s okay to drink wine, beer and other alcoholic substances with their lunches and dinners of brotherhood.

The Ministry of recent times:

The Ministry of recent times in the first place will be humble and try to give the glory to the kingdom, and the Lord Jesus.

The Ministry of recent times will seek to work in the unity of the faith, where we can do more together to win souls

In the ministry of recent times arise in every nation of men that God has prepared for this hour. They will receive the truth and remain in holiness and in the message of salvation by grace of acts 2:38. _

The Ministry of recent times will receive and accept the truth that is preached, written by men tested and ordained of God.

The Ministry of recent times will act independently of all other churches and pastors but will get to all those who are of good testimony and which have not been the cause of that the church has divisions, insubordination and rebellion against a pastor

The Ministry of recent times has a vocation, which will be expressed as it represents the Israel of God and the Messianic Judaism of Jesus. Any person or group that opposes this will be declared as false and should not be be communion.

The Ministry of recent times will prepare the saints for the Lord’s day. This is the main objective and purpose of these great men whom the Lord shall raise in the last day.
The Ministry of recent times will understand the importance of eschatological acts 2:38 and the whole doctrine that we teach and we hold.

If you want to be one of the so-called, chosen, and faithful, please let me help you. I want to be your friend I’m set for the defence of this time of the message of God. I am a man who loves and gives glory to the kingdom, the church, and to his Lord, Jesus the Messiah.
You don’t need to be under the ministry of pastor reckart to be a minister of God of recent times, however, you cannot reject the teachings of pastor reckart and be a man of God of recent times, if you want to be ordered by a Man tasted of God, who has been called, chosen and faithful, Holy hands, and be put in charge to preach only the truth: you can ask for interview pastor reckart and see if you qualify for this great honor.

Now, if you are an enemy, I’m going to pray for you. That’s all I can do and the only thing that I’m obligated to do. And if you do not repent and align with the truth, on the day of the Lord, you will be part of the anger and the judgment of God with all the other evil.
The day that the lamb became the lion, is the day of the Lord.

The anointing of the Lord has been very hard on me before I woke up this morning. I had a vision last night in which the Lord’s enemies were defeated. I saw the enemies beaten with an iron rod and fled for their lives. It was awesome. I woke up this morning with the Lord’s day deep in my mind. I called in the spirit this morning to sit and write about the time of the Lord.

Pastor Reckart
A man who loves the lion of the tribe of Judah.

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passover-chartJesus celebrated his last supper according to God’s calendar on Passover evening. Since Passover began at sundown the next 24 hours was Passover day. Jewish days always begin at sundown and last till sundown the next day. So Jesus celebrated the last supper and was crucified and buried on Passover.

This is why Paul could say “Christ our Passover” in 1Corinthians 5:7.

The majority of pastors do not have this revelation and that’s why they do not teach or preach it. Many in over 30 years of preaching never preached on this verse. What a shame.

Passover this year falls on the date of April 10th at sundown (in the Philippines and Indonesia it is on sundown April 11th). I am giving this date so all pastors can schedule it and advertise it. There is no need to ignore this evening. If you do you have sinned against the Passover of Jesus on its correct evening.

If your pastor or church does not celebrate the Passover on this evening, do it yourself with family or church friends.

This year I plan to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem. If possible it will be live via messenger. I will do live messenger photos at various locations. If you are not on messenger you will not receive updates.

Bishop Reckart
A man God Made

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God Made Certain Men

God made certain men to be witnesses of the Truth. These are special men. Before they were conceived in the womb God knew them. Each critical step of their life God watched to see the choices they would make. He protected them. He put good influences in their path. He rebuked anyone who dared to hurt them or lead them astray.

God made men are special. They develop loyalty and honesty with God. They fall in love with the Truth. They study to show themselves approved. They sort through lies like throwing out rotting stinking fish. They do not compromise. They sacrifice of their own time and money. They do not seek acceptance or awards. They are separated men. Holy men. Godly men. They do not make excuses for sin and evil.

They hate the devil.
They hate lies.
They hate perversion of people by false preachers.

These men are chosen to write and publish the Truth. They are gifted writers. They research and come to truthful conclusions. Their love for people compells them to share and transfer what God has revealed to then. They do not invent revelation, they receive it as men God made.

Many men are called to this ministry but many are disqualified because they become compromizers. There are some sins they protect with their fleshly carnality. They fight against men that God made. They love the praises of people more than having pleasure with God in sweet communion.

Men that God has made will stand up and cry aloud. They love God with all their heart.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

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