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The Truth About Liberalism/Laodicaeanism

Quite often the Holy Ghost leads me about spiritual matters. I try to follow the leading of the Spirit and allow myself to be drawn into an area of Godly conscienceness.  Then I see!  Such happened to me recently concerning liberalism/Laodicaeanism.  As I begin this page I desire your patience until it is completed. I will edit and re-edit until I am sure what I see is made as clear as I can make it.  I will be putting together some graphics which I hope will illustrate some of what I see.


1.) Self Will;
2.) Non-Conformity/Disunity;
3.) Compromise;
4.) Lawlessness;
5.) Worldly Conformity;
6.) Anti-Holiness;
7.) Manifestation Of The Son’s Of God;
8.) Unity Of The Faith.

The true Apostolic believer learns early in their salvation experience that the old carnal will of the flesh is not the will of God. Self-will is here clearly identified as the will of the flesh.

In Alice and the Wonderland the caterpillar ask her: “WHO ARE YOU?” She replied: “I – I HARDLY KNOW SIR!” Apostolics have arrived at the place in Laodicaeanism that many do not know who they are.  The most of this can be blamed on a condition called “self-deception.”  We have scriptural warning not to be deceived and not to deceive ourselves. When a man or woman wants to know themselves according to the carnal flesh they have only to look at their sinful life (present or past). Look into the mirror and ask yourself: “WHO ARE YOU?” I am not asking you to pronounce your name but to identify your nature.

We Apostolics are people of great worth. Do we calculate this value according to the flesh or the Spirit? Those Apostolics who now walk after the flesh have given up their worth.  They indicate this when they reveal their self-deceptions living by rules and codes of their own making thinking they are escaping legalism. The value of an Apostolic must be in his or her Spiritual maturity and walking with the Lord in pure holiness.

I have observed that good Apostolics develop a personality of love for God and for Truth.  One of the first spiritual evidences of salvation is the desire to be in unity with the congregation and with the Pastor. What has happened after this spiritual achievement is that many allow themselves to be impressed to follow their personal feelings and desires.  We hear it all the time now: “NO MAN IS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO!” Self will is now in charge.  The Holy Ghost is no longer in control.  The flesh makes it’s boast.

Lucifer opposes legalism

Lucifer opposes legalism

But how did the flesh come to this decision? The spirit in the rebellion comes from Lucifer whose main objective in rebellion against God was his desire for self-will.  He wanted to end God on the throne as judge. His spirit was projected in his attitude: God will no longer tell me what I can and cannot do.

Man was created to live in a natural world but he possessed a spiritual ability to live above it. He and God had fellowship in the cool of the day. God’s law was a fence of protection around him. Eden was a paradise where the will of man was subjected to the will of God. In this holiness of spirit, Adam and Eve enjoyed eternal life. But, Lucifer had plans to change all of this and bring his spirit of self-will and transfer it to them. He would tempt them to put self-will above their spiritual humility of subjection totally to God.

Man was created in the image and likeness of God.  This means he was given rational, moral, self-transcending, personal power to distinguish himself from animals.  Adam and Eve knew they were not the same as the serpent.  They wanted God’s will but now they were being told to use their self-will, oppose God’s commandment not to eat of the tree, and partake!  The words:  “You shall be as gods“, was a promise of self-subsisting without any exterior authority saying do this, don’t do that; that is good, that is bad; this is holy, that is not holy, eat of these trees but not of that tree.  The modern trends of Apostolic Laodicaeans is exactly this.  They are led into self-will and rejection of humility to God so that they may live by their own liberal codes, rules, laws, and standards. They have become gods, self-subsisting, and boast no man of God will tell them what to do. The Apostolic who is true to God confesses they are utterly depending on Him to instruct them in all things.  They believe the Ministry is a special work of God to give them spiritual covering and protection.  A true Apostolic will not rebell against their holiness Pastor who is trying to deliver souls safe to the throne of God.

Self-will must be crucified!  The will of the flesh must die!  The carnal mind must be transformed.  Only when we surrender back to the perfect will of God will we be Apostolics of worth to the Kingdom of God in these last days.  There will be churches of the flesh and Churches of the Spirit in these last days.  The ones of the flesh will produce Laodicaeanism and the ones of the Spirit will produce the Bride of Christ.


And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God (Romans 8:29).

The battle is at the church door. Who will live for God and show it by refusing to be a non-conformist to the world?  Who will refuse to bring the world into the Church and parade it into a pew, on the platform, or in the pulpit? 

The true Apostolics of faith, practice, conduct, and order will seek conformity to a biblical standard of holiness and Godliness.  They will desire to he holy in all things.  This Godly people will not conform to the world no matter who brings it into the Church?  They will pack up and leave if the Pastor does not keep the Church on a Spiritual level opposing the world and all the evil within it.  The liberals (tares) whom satan sows among the wheat will begin their carnal battle to overcome the wheat, but harvest time is coming.  The disunity caused by the liberals manifesting their will of the flesh is affecting many Churches.  When they cannot have their way they try to destroy the Church, the Pastor, and other members.  They then leave and run to a liberal church where they can easily conform.

Be back soon!


Pastor Reckart


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