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Understanding The Grace of God

Misunderstanding the grace of God is why so many are falling prey to liberal backsliding within the Apostolic Pentecostal ranks.  Indeed, if ever I have seen people subject themselves to destruction through ignorance it is today.  God said it best:  “My people are destroyed for a lack of k nowledge.”  What God here is saying is that the people’s ignorance was causing them to accept ungodliness and sin being informed by others they are ok.

I am a witness of the Apostolic movement since 1949.  I have seen a fantastic dumbing down of God’s people.  I can remember many Wednesday night Bible studies where the Pastor taught on doctrine and explained in detail our faith.  I can remember lessons on free will.  On predestination. On grace. On obedience of faith. On faith. On holiness. On the future rapture (coming of Jesus). On the issue of holiness standards. On the tabernacle plan. On the plan of salvation.  On what Baptist believe, Methodist believe, Church of Christ believe, Catholics believe, Presbyterians believe, Mormons believe, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, United Brethren believe, Free Will Baptist believe, about the trinity docrine, about pagan holidays, about separation from the world, about the name of Jesus, about living by faith, about tithing and offerings, about love, about faith in Jesus alone for salvation, about the true meaning of repentance, why we baptise in Jesus Christ name, why we believe in the gifts of the Spirit and infilling of the Holy Ghost.

We were not a dumbed down people.  We didn’t get programed to be knuckleheads thinking Church was all about jumping, shouting, running the isles, and dancing.  Our Church was not an intertainment center where the pulpit became a stage for all kinds of acting, choirs, dance teams, and preachers who turned into unanointed story tellers or experts in sermon speeches.  What some call church now use to be out in Las Vegas on the strips where there were all kinds of concerts and debuts of actors and singers putting on a show.  I have seen Sunday nite services become stage shows all because the television cameras were now rolling in the Church and everything had to be chorographed and syncronized into a perfected program that was on cue by the seconds.  The stage now has one or more projector screens where all sorts of mind pleasing colors are flashed, twirling and flickering and fading to this and that and back and forth between all sorts of images.  It is almost like sitting in an old movie house and being hypnotized by the action on the screen.  Yes, the art of mind and eye control is reaching its peak in Chuches today as people fall more and more into stupidity and ignorance.

What in the world would they care about doctrine when they are already backslid?

Why would they want a preacher up there making plain the Word of God and teaching Apostolic Pentecostal faith, when they no longer believe there should be a difference between Oneness and Trinitarians?

Why trouble the Church with such matters as faith, works, grace, free will, when all we have to do is love one another and stop criticizing one another?

And what need is there for an altar in the Church when people are told they are saved by accepting Jesus into their heart.  We don’t need altars in the Church where people pray through to the Holy Ghost.  Why we don’t need the Holy Ghost in the Church any more, we have rock n roll to get us to dance and shout.

The reason the post modern Apostolic Pentecostals are easy prey for conversion to Islam, to Mormons, to Jehovah’s Witnesses, to Trinitarian churches, to Baptist, to Evangelicals, even to being Catholic: is all because of modern day preachers.  Many modern day Apostolic preachers are putting on one of the biggest fake jobs ever in their preaching.  They are the central idol of the show now.   Men love to be the idol of the best religious show of Apostolics in their city.  They are lifted up in pride and pomp.  They cater to the flesh, to the sensual, to the carnality of members, and everything is structured to support these conditions of spiritual decline.  They will not preach against sin and name it.  They will not preach on holiness.  They will not preach on separation from the world.  They will not come against the women wearing pants, cutting their hair, wearing makeup, putting on earrings, and strutting their stuff to cause visual adultery.  In fact many of the Pastor’s wives look like the corner women in New York all dressed and manicured up to make a thousand dollars for the night.

We cannot roll back the clock thirty years or I would.  Since many did not live back then they have nothing against which to measure the present backslid generation of Pentecostals.  So, they measure themselves by themselves.

Were it not for the fact that I am attacked on my doctrine, perhaps 80% of what I write and have written would not exist.  I cannot bear the liars who try to make out that Apostolics were as backsliden in olden days as they are now, so what’s the fuss.  I cannot bear the backsliders who would never live up to Apostolic standards anyway, act like now that they have churches they can fit into, that the old-timers like me should shut up and disappear.  Yes, I resent the gainsayers who tell lies on me and others like me to bring against us railing accusations to mock us.  But at the same time, I know there will be betrayers in the endtime and so I expect it from antichrist.  And yes, many Apostolic Pentecostals have made themselves into their own kind of antichrist.

I recently received emails from a man claiming to be Apostolic Pentecostal.  His puke with me was that I should stop standing for the Acts 2:38 doctrine of water and Spirit new birth salvation.  He tried to convince me that Frank Ewart and G.T. Haywood were responsible for this false doctrine and before they were used by the devil, the Pentecostals all believed in one step salvation, accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. He wanted me to go back to the Trinitarian one step doctrine and give up the Oneness doctrine of Acts 2:38 water and Spirit new birth.  Well, I was not easy prey although he tried to use every possible way to convince me to accept Baptist doctrine.

Because some of his falsehood was about the grace of God and performance works, I decided to write a study on this subject.  This is not for all Apostolic Pentecostals.  It is for the ones who still have a brain and who wants to use it to be saved.  It is for the ones who are not backslid.  It is for the ones who love Truth.

(Restoration of Biblical understanding of free will and God’s Grace) 


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