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God calls all of us to holiness.  He does not want to leave any of us in a condition of sin.  We know this because at our baptism in Jesus Christ name he washed us from our sins which makes us totally sanctified and holy.  Now there are many who go back to the sins of the flesh they buried when they were baptised. They claim they are under no legalism to the holiness of their baptism. They claim they are free to do as their flesh lusts after:

But you CANNOT!

You begin your new life in Christ manifesting his righteousness.  Old things have passed away and BEHOLD, you see things in yourself that are new.  You are a new creation. You desire Godly things. You want to glorify the Lord in your walk and in your talk. You enter into a worship and praise relationship with Jesus that brings you to tears and humility.  As you grow in grace you will notice that others live worldly.  Some do not care to live a new creation life. They drift back to things of the world. You see in them a wish-washy spiritual life full of ups and downs and failures. They give the Pastor trouble. They disagree with standards and doctrine. They sow discord and think they are just standing up for themselves:

But you CANNOT!

You watch others in their conduct. They want to be seen as religious but they slip around and listen to worldly music.  They sneak off to the movies. They put on clothing that is immodest.  They are quick to judge and condemn others but cannot see their own failures or backslidings.  They want to be used in the Church but never measure up to what the Pastor wants in his team of workers.  They criticize those who stand for holiness to take away attention from the way they are allowing their wife or children to dress.  They are never around to volunteer for the work needing to be done around the Church but ever ready to complain they were not consulted in the changes made.  They will miss church services and never call the Pastor to explain.  And when REVIVAL comes they miss several nights so they are not preached to or called to straighten up and repent.

But you CANNOT!

You will notice how others boast of their material things and like to be show offs.  You will even hear many in their wise-cracks and cutting put-downs speak wrong to others.  They will mix filthy talk in their language and act like it is just nothing.  They can think of the most ungodly things to say of others who make them angry.  Listen to them talk and you know this is a person who is not given to a real prayer life.  You can tell a book by its cover as you observe this is why unbelievers say so many hypocrites go to Church.  You cringe when you hear them boast of those who are evil, like movie stars, sinful musicians, rap performers, rock n roll bands, and hip-hop artists.

But you CANNOT!

You see so many who are lukewarm.  Who are jealous of those who are holy and attack them as being in legalism to break them down to live on their sinful level. These are those who lust after sensual things that lend to sexual misconduct. They are so pleased in their own quest to be beautiful or good looking they forget that the Pastor treaches against prideful behavior. As you look around the Church you can see it is a mixed multitide.  Some are there for a religious feel good session just checking in for a social visit. Others are there because they want to see first hand if there is something going on in someone’s life no one has caught yet. And yes, there are those attending who want a blessing from God because their life is in shambles and they are at their wits end.  These want another touch from God but will return out the doors back to their ungodly ways.

But you CANNOT!

Called to be holy you know what it is to be a real saint.  These others, well even the Pastor cannot refer to them as saints.  And they, well they never refer to themselves as a saint.  Like I am one of the Pastor’s saints over at First Apostolic.  We are now in a Laodicaean time when members have given up and lost a desire to be a Bible saint.  They are content to claim they are sinners saved by grace. But you, you will speak boldly of the joy of your salvation and how you praise the Lord for your walk with him in holiness.




  1. Great post. I am glad I found your site. You are a light shining thru the fog of apostasy that has taken over the church and christianity today. God bless

    Comment by Pete | January 11, 2009

  2. Thanks Pete.

    Come by often when you want to visit. I am always happy to meet a soldier.

    Be encouraged,

    Pastor Reckart

    Comment by acts0412 | January 14, 2009

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